Sunday, April 2, 2006

Pretty uneventful

Nothing much happened yesterday. Went running around with my mom. Various shopping. I returned my Xyron and picked it back up at Hobby Lobby for the $20 cheaper. While there I bought some scrapbook papers since they were 1/2 off. I also picked up Provo Crafts Silent Eyelet Setter. Kind of excited to start paper scrapping again or doing some altering. I looked at several places for Making Memories Book Binding Tape. It looks like I'm going to have to order some online. So now I need to start looking. I am so ready to make the Mothers Journal in Donna Downey's Decorative Journals book. Arg... book binding tape. I might find another little book to alter since I have to find that tape.

My parents came over to our house this time for family night. They brought some bbq and we got the movie. Watched Memoirs of a Geisha. I read the book in February and I liked it, the movie was ok. If I wouldn't have read the book, I might have thought it was great. Interesting about reading books and then seeing the movie is that it's like I've already seen some parts because it was so well explained in the book. The Sumo match part, really felt like I had seen the movie already. I also picked up Just Friends but we haven't watched it yet. We will leave that for Monday night, since Desperate Housewives and Greys Anatomy is on tonight.

Well I'm going to jump in the shower and then we are heading to the park for some pictures. Might post some pictures tonight after DH and GA!


  1. Sounds like a nice weekend. Watching DH & GA right now. I've been around, but we keep missing each other. ttl tonight if you get on.....

  2. Can't wait to see pictures from the park=) BBQ sounds yummy, I can't wait to start using the grill again...I bought out grill for my husband for fathers day last year, we used it all the time, we are having a cold week, but I hope it passes soon!!! Love your Tough Girl that you used blue too, so perfect. What a great picture too.