Thursday, April 13, 2006

Good Evening!

So we bought Tally some new earrings yesterday. Little pink hearts. I tried to take a picture but you can't really tell in the pictures that they are hearts. Never found the backing to the other earring. No clue what happened to it. Not to worried about it either since it was just the backing, the earring was still in her ear.

Well both of my designers came out with kits in the past two days. Sara came out with 3 of them. 1 named after her daughter and the other 2 are pet themed. You can view them on her blog here and purchase them here. So I did finish 2 layouts with Grace and Widget. Still working on a layout for Smitten Kitten. So here they are...

Slow Down Credits

Tummy Time with Chance Credits

So Mindy also has a new kit out called Christy Loveable which you can see a preview of here. It will be available at the Sweet Shoppe tonight or tomorrow. I haven't had a chance yet to start a page with it but hope to tonight.

So here's a couple of pictures from today. She is wearing the dress that Nana(Matt's mom) bought her while in Hawaii last summer. In the first picture she is cheezing for me lol and in the second she was talking to grandma (my mom)

One more picture from Tuesday night at Abuelos. This is that dress we bought Monday. Doesn't she just look adorable! Love the bandana on her head, she didn't know it was on there until half way through dinner. Then she ripped it off. LOL (I snuck it on her while she was still half awake)

So thats been our pretty boring day. Might get another page finished before bedtime. We'll see! Oh I did make a new siggie for my mothers message boards. So I'll leave you with a picture of that, which you've seen the picture in a page I did last week but you can still enjoy the style ;) I made it with Studio Chic by Shabby Princess. Need to make an actual page with it. I get so caught up in my creative team assignments I forget about the stuff I buy. So heres the sig and I'll check in tomorrow!


  1. Sounds like a fun day!! Tally is so cute!! I love her outfits!
    Jaxon hates anything on his head too!
    And...the last page of the two of you is adorable!!!
    I'll have to hire you to make some stuff for us!

  2. Beautiful pages! Love both of the dresses and the little "do-rag". AM had a couple of those last year that I just loved.....

  3. I LOVE that bandanna, the whole outfit is adorable!!!