Sunday, April 9, 2006

A normal lazy Sunday

It's been one of those Sundays that planned tons of things to accomplish but didn't get half of them started much less finished. Laundry was on my list and I didn't start one load. Working on Tallys room... didn't even start. My room... HA... didn't start. I did put another coat of spray paint on my projects, but only 2 have at least 1 more to do. I started on my Mothers Journal, not totally satisfied with it but it needs some inked edges and I don't have any ink at the moment. So I may be making a trip to the store tomorrow for some. Trying not to be to harsh on myself since this is the first one I've done. Not really liking the cranberry colored binding so I am thinking about changing that to the white. I am also needing to find a matching ribbon to add along the binding on front. I have already made my first entry to Tally. On the cover is one of my favorite photos of Tally that Matt took of her in the hospital. Such tiny little fingers she had. Here is what I have so far..

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for finishing what I planned on doing. Before I start my light load of clothes I need to put Whink on the ones with rust marks on them. Should probably do that while Tally is napping, since it's poison and very dangerous if gets on skin or in the eyes. When the last coat of spray paint is on the frame and coasters I will get my LO's on the coaster and decide what the exact plan is with the frame. On the way to my parents house Saturday night we stopped by Garden Ridge to see if they had wood letters for Talesia, last time we went each size was missing at least one letter to complete Talesia or Tally. So I am happy to say that I was able to pick up the 9" letters for Talesia! While picking up ink tomorrow, I am going to looks at some papers and decide what colors I want to go with. Something pink, I am sure. I'm all about pink for her, something soft and girly.

We are wanting to paint her room pink to so it will have to blend! The yellow in her room right now just isn't cutting it. We had different plans last year when I was pregnant and now it's time for a change. We were going to move her into here (the office/playroom) when I become pregnant again but I think she is fine where she is at and the baby will be put in here. Matt swears there isn't a difference in size, just layout of the room. I can't believe I am already thinking about being pregnant again, which we aren't seriously going to start trying until August/September. Tally's room will be free'd up of baby type furniture, so her toys will be moved into her room and her baby toys will be transfered into the babys room. The office will be moved into our bedroom next to my scrap area. I think it will all come together nicely in the end or at least in my dreams. LOL

Ok enough about the future addition to the family in over a year. LOL So I didn't make my ham tonight that I bought, to late by the time I remembered I was going to bake it. So we ended up with Taco Soup. I need someone to kick my butt back onto Weight Watchers. Not sure if it's the stress or what but I have been craving sweets. I have got to get control over my body. I'm never going to get anywhere if I keep letting my taste buds get what they want. I CAN DO THIS!!!

So to-do list for tomorrow...

  1. Apply Whink to rust marked light clothing
  2. Laundry
  3. Straighten both rooms
  4. Finish coaster project
  5. Make a plan for frame and letter project, buy supplies for both, plus ink.
  6. Control food intake tomorrow (stay with-in points for the day)
  7. Make ham (refer back up to #5) ;)

I'll post tomorrow to let you know if I did any of the above! HA!

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  1. You can do whatever you set your mind to little step at a time. And good for you for not being so hard on yourself. I think the journal looks nice and is a very cool idea!

    Oh and I'd try to kick your butt back on WW but there are 2 good reasons I can't:
    1. You know that only you can really decide...and stick to it.
    2. I can barely keep my own butt on the just had most of a bag of M&M's while we were sitting here.....shhhhh