Tuesday, February 28, 2006

It's Tuesday.. Just thought you should know!

So other than getting up at 6 something yesterday, the day wasn't that bad. Picked MIL up at 7:25, see I could do it. LOL Even got in the shower before hand, didn't get a chance to dry my hair but it was all good. After everything I typed Sunday, I was kind of sad to see her leave. We talked a little bit on the way to the airport. Nothing specific but it was nice. Seriously I think my problem is competing with my MIL for Matt's attention. Maybe that's what makes me want her to go. I don't like my world being controlled by someone else. If she lived here I'm sure I would react differently because she would be in our routine. So that being said, I don't hate my MIL.

Tally had her 12 month appt yesterday too. She is 24lbs (90%) and 31" long (95%). Got the go ahead to stop formula, he said totally, no need to slowly mix them. Also had to buy vitamins for her. She got 2 shots and had to be tested for lead, since we have mini blinds. Poor baby, didn't last long though. Got groceries afterwards. Fun stuff ;)

Matt was home by the time I got here. He had studio lights set up in my dining area, taking pics of one of Tally's dolls. LOL He was happy when we arrived home so he would have a human subject. Nothing special was produced from the pics, he was just practicing. Now today I am finally going to try and get him to the park with Tally so we can get some 1 yr pictures done. It is wonderful outside, high 70's!

Did one Birthday page late Sunday night with Sara Carlings Authentic Kit Love it!!!

Worked on a birthday cake page, did 2 of them but can't decide between the two. So I might post those later or may do another one until I am 100% happy with it.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Back to normal... soon!

MIL leaves in the morning. You know I really am okay with her when she is in California, Yeah my MIL is great when she's at home. When she arrives here, I don't know... it's a different feeling. I could do without the visit but for Matt and Tally, I put up with it. She is nice for the most part but she isn't one to hold back. Sometimes I don't think she puts peoples feelings into effect before she speaks. Seriously she isn't trying to be hateful, it's just the way she is. She is very into herself and thats what she thinks about... herself! So anyways... Guess who gets to pick her up to take her to the airport at 7:30 a.m., ME!!! What did I do to be punished, not for taking her but for having to get up that early. Anyone that knows me, knows that I don't get up that early much less be somewhere by that time. The things I do to make people happy. teehee

So to be nice and show I'm not a total MIL hating person. I made a page with her in it. I used Sara Carlings Authentic Kit which can be bought at The Shabby Shoppe for the next couple of months only. I also used her stitches from the Aero Kit which can be purchased at the The Sweet Shoppe.

In other scrapping news, 2 of my pages where put in The Sweet Shoppe Newletter for this month. If you would like to see them check out the newsletter, which can be found in the forum at the The Sweet Shoppe . Both of the pages feature Misty's cutie Ann Marie.

Ok enough for tonight, I wanted to get a couple of Tally's B-day pics scrapped before I went to bed since I have to be up at the crack of dawn LOL Night all!!!

Friday, February 24, 2006

So glad this day is over...

This was a great day for my princess! Everything went as planned. Was a very nice day but I'm glad it's over. I am beat!

Here little Miss Tally is eating her cake. So delicate, barely getting dirty.
Image hosting by Photobucket

Yummmm, now to get this off of my hands.
Image hosting by Photobucket

Hmmm still not coming off of my hands.
Image hosting by Photobucket

Sure am getting sleepy... ACK my eyes (this is when the crying started)
Image hosting by Photobucket

Woohoo present time!
Image hosting by Photobucket

Ann Marie "Tally let me help you!"
Image hosting by Photobucket

Ooooo drums "Thanks Nana"
Image hosting by Photobucket

Ok.... who put this bow on my head?
Image hosting by Photobucket

Mmm these balloons taste good too!
Image hosting by Photobucket

Yes Miss Ann Marie is a princess too!
Image hosting by Photobucket


So that was our day! Thanks for sharing it with us! I promise to have a longer post after MIL leaves Monday, enjoy your weekend...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Lazy day...

You ever have one of those days that you don't want to do anything, yet there are tons of things that HAVE to be done. Pretty much how I'm feeling today. The only things I've done so far is make the bed and two loads of wash. Which are still in the washer and dryer. So that being said I guess I've only made the bed. Matt came home and of course he is like ... this, this and this need to be done. I understand but I don't like being rushed to do stuff. I now that if he sits down though he won't want to get back up. Then I won't get any help, when no matter what it will HAVE to be done before he gets home tomorrow. MIL will be picked up at 6:30 tomorrow night, so glad she isn't staying with us though. lol

So the party... this is the main reason for the cleaning of the house. I almost want to just do everything at the restaurant but doing that on a Friday night probably wouldn't be such a hot idea. Everything is busy. So we'll leave it at dinner, then back here for some cake, ice cream and of course opening of the presents. (Like she needs more stuff) So I guess it's obvious I won't be around much this weekend. All those pictures that are going to be taken Friday night will have to wait until MIL leaves Monday. Maybe I'll lose a couple of pounds from not sitting in front of the computer all weekend. teehee

Ok onto a little scrappin' ... actually one page. Cause thats all I've done since yesterday. lol This is Sara Carlings new kit Aero Love the colors with this and see how well it goes with a girls pics too. ;) Thanks to Misty for having such a cutie to scrap with. I need some more pictures lady!!!

Yeah and she swears she's not a terror but we all know the truth ;)

Tally is being a good girl today even though her naps were not what I was wanting. Had one early but only slept for maybe 30 mins and hasn't gone back down since. It's now 5pm. I can hear her getting fussy as I type, she's downstairs with Matt. I think it's time to lay her down for I guess another 30mins. LOL

Thanks for listening to me ramble, I'll try to post again during the day tomorrow. That's if I'm not cleaning. teehee

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sooooo excited!!!

Ok I don't think I mentioned that I applied to another Sweet Shoppe designers CT but I did and got the news today that I was accepted... YAY!!! So I am now a CT for Sara Carling. Such exciting news in my little world, since all I do is scrap and chat most of my days. So far Mindy has been a blast to work with and she has definetly lived up to her Sweet Mindy title! I think we have become great friends and I am blessed to be able to work with her.

Tally is still fighting this cold, just won't leave us be. kind of annoying to have a snotty face kid but we are dealing with it. At least her mood has been ok and she's been sleeping at night. Which is great news for people that talk to me daily. lol

Nothing to exciting going on around here just yet. Sorting out details for Tally's little birthday party Friday and picking up MIL at the airport Thursday. Guess this means I need to cook tonight and tomorrow since we will be eating out most likely the rest of the week.

Here are a few layouts I did this weekend... These first to I entered into the contest for Bo Bunny using the Bluebell Road kit by Shabby Princess.

A couple for Mindys new kit Courage and Strength

And the last page... of my grandpa with Tally. Using Gina Cabreras kit Daydreams that can be bought at the Shabby Shoppe.

Last but not least this is what I was putting up with while writing this post.

That's my silly girl. See what I mean when I say she's under my feet... means the same as under my desk.

Thanks for reading today...

Sunday, February 19, 2006

It got better...

I guess. Dropped Tally off at my moms Friday night. Went by to get money for the $1 movies, since they don't take cards. Well it ended up sucking because guess what.... They closed. Ugh Tulsa is falling apart. Now we are going to have to find a new cheap date place. LOL So we went ahead and went to dinner. Chinese our usual place. Then went to Hollywood and rented some movies, Just like Heaven (seen it by dh hadn't), Transporter 2 (not as good as the first, but it was good), and Lord of Wars (ok, not in a rush to see again). It was a nice evening even though during Lord of Wars I just chatted on Matt's laptop the whole time.

Saturday morning... woke up to snow everywhere, which there was a little Friday night. Another thing we woke up to was..... no freaking hot water. Grrrrrrrrr not cool! Luckily a pipe that comes inside from the water heater tank was frozen but thank god not busted. So it just needed to be heater which dh tried with out portable heater and blew a fuse in it. Need to contact the company and find out if we can fix it. So a neighbor whos water heater also decided to mess up on him, lent us his heater after he got his water working. We had the SBC guy coming out to fix our upstairs lines so we can get the fax machine in working order. To which they didn't call or show up. Still pretty pissed about that since they were supposed to come by Thursday and DH missed them by 20 mins when he left them a note saying to try and make us the last stop. Not a very smart thing to be doing considering the cable company does phones now and we could easily get into a package plan to save money. Which at this point as soon as they fix the lines we might do. Suckers....

In scrapping world I did do a couple of pages yesterday. One I can show and the other will have to wait until next month closer to when the kit will be out.

So here is my Valentines layout using Heather Anns True Love kit that can be purchased at The Shabby Shoppe and I used a couple of things from Ronna Penner which can be found at Scrapbook Elements.

So that is all for today, need to go pick up the munchkin at my mom's and then drop off some movies and pick up some yummy shrimp for dinner. Until tomorrow, have a nice day and hope it's better than mine usually is. ;)

Friday, February 17, 2006


Some of yesterday was ok then it went downhill.......

Woke up and other than getting up around 8 things were good. Tally played for a good part of the morning but then didn't want to take her nap at 10-10:30 so I let her fuss herself to sleep. Not full out crying just the on and off again fussing. So while she slept I took a shower and got ready to go to David's, my friend that does my hair. Matt showed up at home right before we were going to leave. He needed to drop off my garage door opener that he stole... ;) We headed off to pick up my mom. Stopped at Sonic on the way cause I needed to eat something for lunch, didn't pick a healthy choice. I got some chicken fingers and fries plus a sweetheart shake. BAD ME!

So we got to David's and he started with my mom first. So Tally and I walked down to the consignment store and picked up a summer outfit for her. There wasn't a lot to choose from in her size. I got a little thin strapped top with some jean capri's. So by the time we got back it was almost my turn to start my color. Tally was a complete angel, most of the time! When he finished with my hair I loved it! I trust David, he's only jacked me up once and that was a couple of years ago. If you know me, you know I get my hair done every 2 months or so and it's usually different every time. Will post a pic later, need a good one and the one handed shot I took yesterday isn't cutting it for the blog world. So I'll take one after I fix it today and post it then.

So here is when my day starts going downwards... I don't know about you but my mom can change my mood like *snap* that. It's nothing she purposely does just the little comments and stuff that drive me crazy. I feel so bad afterwards for snapping at her but at the time I don't know how to control it. So I dropped her off at her car and came home all depressed. Matt met me at the door and gave me a kiss then told me he liked my hair. He could tell I was in a mood. He put Tally down for an afternoon nap. I tried to cheer myself up by going and getting the rest of Tallys birthday gifts plus some necessities from TRU. Got home and Matt is telling me about money, how much we have and don't have. Just kind of annoying when I got a great deal on a little kitchen for Tally. The other things I bought were things we needed. Got out of there spending $43 which I didn't think was bad. So it just annoyed me, but I understand cause we want to go out tonight since my mom is keeping her all weekend. So although we have money I can't go overboard and we still have to get a cake.

So the night continued with me being bitchy, to which I can admit now. ;) Went and picked up some books to read cause I thought that might help... it didn't. Put Tally to bed and was still bitchy with Matt. I swear he is going to leave me one day. I'm a control freak, I realized this today, if things don't go my way when I want them done, I'm hell to be around. So in the end I went to bed at 10 by myself until Matt came up about 30 mins later. I snuggled with him and I think we are fine. So now it's Friday and I am looking forward to my night alone with the man I get pissed off with all the time. Luckily our alone nights usually turn out fine.

Tune in next week for the control freak drama I had over the weekend!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Feeling a lot better!

I seriously thought about deleting the previous post but I won't, it's part of the thoughts that go on in my head so it needs to stay... I guess. Took a nap after I made that post got in close to 2 hrs, not the whole time because the phone rang 3 times while I was laying in bed. Didn't answer it but I heard it. The nap was enough to pull me half way out of my funk.

My friend and I are fine. I over-reacted in my sleepy state of being. So things are ok in the house of Burton so far tonight, please god don't let me jinx it.

In scrapping news today was Mindys birthday I made her a little digi card...

I also made yet another page with one of my favorite kits from her First Blossom this also has MandaBeans (Sweet Shoppe) awesome Aged Polaroid Alpha and some of Ronna Penners stitches which can be found at Scrapbook Elements.

Oh btw... like the new look? Decided since I wasn't in the mood to actually "scrap" today I would update the blog for February. I used Gina Cabreras new kit which can be found at the Shabby Shoppe called Daydreams, Ribbon by Ronna Penner(Scrapbook Elements) and Rebecca DeGrazio alpha (Scrapbook Bytes).

On a side note I did buy a couple of kits at the Shabby Shoppe today, it was my valentines gift from Matt, I told him I would take care of it myself today so don't worry about me. teehee If you haven't checked out her regrand opening... RUN ... Get Over There!!! A lot of cute stuff ppl.

Alright I'm done for the night. Wish me luck on my little munchkin staying asleep tonight and I'll try to update tomorrow and maybe make another todo list! Have a wonderful night!

This isn't going to be a good post...

Well it was a long night in the Burton house last night. Ms Tally is sick/cutting a tooth. She has a wicked runny nose and couldn't sleep because of it even with her mattress elevated. So we were up constantly all night. Matt finally slipped her into bed with us about 1 am but unlike other times we've done that she still didn't sleep well. Finally totally getting up at 5 am. It's noon and she still won't go down for a nap. I'm losing my mind. So I am not the best person to be around today. So I'll explain in the next paragraph...

I upset a good friend today by being my smart ass self when I'm cranky. It wasn't a thought out "oh I want to piss her off" kind of thing. She doesn't like talking to me when I'm like this and I totally understand. In her position I wouldn't want to either. Yet I needed her, not to give me advice but to listen to me. I take things that are meant to be helpful in these times as judgements on my parenting abilities. So now we are both in a mood to which it's all my fault for being cranky. I finally broke down after Ms Tally decided she was going to have a melt down on me. Seriously I am not a good friend or wife and on top of that I am doubting being a good mother. I hate feeling this way. It's 12:30 and Tally is finally asleep on the floor laying on her boppy.

So I am taking a leave from posting on my area moms board which I wasn't doing much of these days anyway. I am also debating on leaving the playgroup we were on. Just not sure what I want to do. I need to shield people from my smart ass bitchy reactions. It's not like I have many friends these days anyways. I'm not happy with myself so how can I keep other ppl happy? So anyway enough of my depressed behavior. I'll keep this updated and stick to my scrapbooking. Other than that I'm going to keep my internet off.

I'm sorry to...(you know who you are)

Monday, February 13, 2006

Ok decided to take a different route!

Figured I would just upload them with my PB account. Wow and they actually have it where you can put a line through the text! I might have to start using this to blog my to-do list daily... LOL

So here they are and if you like any of the kits you can find them at The Sweet Shoppe... blinkie to the left will take you there!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket


It is to early to be up IMO! I got off of the computer around 1am didn't fall asleep until around 2:30-3am, I hate those nights. I guess I need to invest in some more Tylenol PM for these awful nights I can't get my booty to sleep. I just toss and turn for a couple of hours... Irritating especially when you have a daughter that wakes up at 7-8. Plus I think she has a cold right now or something similar. Little bit of a runny nose with a lot of congestion. I am thinking that she has a couple more teeth about to make their appearance. At least I hope that's what it is.

A little bit of exciting news... for me. LOL I made Mindy Terasawa's CT, her designs can be found at The Sweet Shoppe and you can look at the pages I make for her in the gallery under her name. Of course when I think about it, I will also post them on here. I've done a few this past weekend and already filled my quota ;) I was going to show them but blogger is being a punk at the moment. So I'll try to remember to add them later today.

Another good thing is we are getting $2600 back from taxes this year which will be soooo nice. It's going to pay off that credit card we went a little overboard on during the holidays. So it will be excellent to get that paid off. Then it will be used on an emergency usage only or at least that's what we are hoping.

I've been a little bit of a funk lately. Not sure if it's just cause it's that TMO of what. I've been slacking on my weight loss. Haven't gained much back but am getting a little overboard on my eating. Still haven't gotten back into my exercising. As my friend Misty says... Today is a new day and we get to start over with a new batch of WW points. So that is the plan today! I am going to jump in the shower when T takes her nap in the next hour then I am going to throw in my Yourself Fitness and have a workout with Ms. Maya!

Going to try something new today! I have noticed some other bloggers that I read use the bullets and keep track of their to-do list for the day. And as the day goes on they come back and put check mark next to it so that is a plan for me today!

  • Take a shower a
  • Exercise with Maya (whatever I can fit in 15-30) a15 mins
  • Laundry (at least 3 loads) aa
  • Clean Upstairs Bathroom a
  • Organize Desk
  • Fix Taco Soup for dinner r Went out to eat
  • Keep within points and enter them before bed rSee above

I'll be back to post those pages and check that to do list!

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Bad Blogger!

That should be my title almost everytime. ;)

It's been an exciting couple of weeks and then again not. There were a couple of times I was going to post and something else came up. That's my life now... Forgetfulness!

Tally is growing so fast and I am no where near ready for her to be turning a year this month. She has started walking and standing on her own in the past couple of weeks. Already started buying her gifts for her birthday, starting up her Little People collection. I also bought her, her first doll that we are going to give her on Valentines Day. Only 3 weeks away from the big day and Matt's mom will be here the day before, first time she has been here since Tally was a week old. So this should be a nice visit. More things to come as the weeks get closer.

In a previous post I mentioned trying out for Hollys Creative Team. Well I did and wasn't picked. I wasn't as upset about it as much as I thought I would have been. It's really no biggie, I am making my pages for Tally not anyone else. I also applied for a spot on Mindys CTM, should be announced on Friday. If I make it great, if not that's fine. Haven't posted layouts in a while, so here I go! (Won't post them all just a few, also if you are wondering about any of the kits I used just ask me and I'll tell you)

Hope everyones day goes as planned and I'll try to post again soon.