Friday, March 31, 2006


So glad this week is over. So I did end up giving the blog a facelift and doing a LO. I did this with Sara's mini kit "In the Garden" that will be in the Sweet Shoppe Assortment Vol 2 tomorrow. The assortment will have 9 mini kits 1 from each designer at the Sweet Shoppe for $2.49. That's a steal considering they are usually that much a piece. So here is the page I did with it.

I bought DMM Spring issue this morning. The kit is awesome in it! Can't wait to use it. I also picked up the Creative Keepsakes April issue and the Scrapbook Answers April issue, which has a cute little kit from Rhonna Farrer in it. So I checked out Donna Downeys Decorative Journals from the library. Let me just say, I LOVE this book and WILL be buying it soon(*edited, I bought this one as well as her Photo Decor and Simple Scrapbooks Scrapbooking Made Easy). So while looking through it she talks about the Xyron 900, she uses it for a lot of her altered projects. Most of my friends know that I kind of got into altered scrapbooking projects over the Christmas holidays. I had the hardest time getting adhesive to do what I wanted. SO... I went to Michaels today and bought the Xyron for $20 more than they have it at Hobby Lobby for. So I will be returning it tomorrow and buying it at Hobby Lobby instead. I found this out because Michaels didn't have the Scrapbook Answers magazine I wanted so I went to Hobby Lobby and while I was there, saw they had it cheaper. UGH!

Mindy has a new kit called Playful. It is great for kids layouts. I will make it as soon as I have some park pictures to scrap with, hopefully will have a LO ready by Monday at the latest.

So this morning Tally woke up at 7am as usual and I came into the office/playroom and layed on the floor. I have comfy couch cushions across one of the walls in here. Well Tally played while I "rested" and then fell asleep next to me. Next thing I know it's 11:15am. Haven't had breakfast or anything and we usually get out for grocery shopping around 12. So I hurried and fed us breakfast and took a shower. This day could not have flew by any quicker.

Ok off to read some magazines and maybe do some scrapbooking. Have a nice evening!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

And she did it again...

Have I mentioned how I really really HATE waking up before 8-8:30, yet there I was at 7am getting out of bed. It's bad enough she's cut her naps back most days now she wants to be up at 6-7am. I'll get through this, not happy about it but I'll live.

Well I ended up not cooking last night because I started on a LO . Around 6-6:30 if I haven't started dinner, Matt gets ready to head to McD's or Taco Bell. LOL So I had some McD's chicken nuggets. So tonight will be the roasted chicken. Now to figure out lunch. I really like the idea of this recipe journal and I am really excited to see how many appetizer recipes I will have this weekend after Tiffany sends the zip with them all in it. Give me an idea if I should send them to be printed every week as I get the zips of each category or wait until the end to do them all. Now to find a cute way to display them, altered photo album or recipe box. Guess that also depends on the amount of them.

Ok so here is the layout that is not my usual style but it turned out great. IMO

I used Janel's flower template which can be found on her blog here. There is a great little gift over at Sweet Dreamers head on over if you love wordart! I seriously need to update my links and I'm thinking about new look here soon (for the blog) ;)
Ok heading off to work on that new look or maybe a page, you'll just have to wait and see!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I feel like I was punished today...

Tally woke up at 5:30 after I didn't get to sleep until 1 something. How does she know these things? LOL She wakes up early to punish me. So I've been out of it all day. Wanted to go to the playdate at McD's, you normally wouldn't hear me saying this but they re-did the play area at the one near my house. It is a one of a kind play area at the moment. I just wasn't going to be able to get a shower in time to go, Tally has been cranky and believe it or not, I have been too. :)

So I opened a scrapyourownwebsite today. Matt was supposed to design Tally's website a year ago, obviously that didn't happen. So... I took it into my own hands. He is busy and I understand that so that is why I did this. Plus it's pretty cool. If you pay a year in advance you get it for a deal at 5.95 a month, plus on certain blogs or if you were signed up to the newsletter you get an additional 15% off. So I spent a little over $60 to have this little site plus all the cool extras. You get a free kit a month, so it's all worth it! Tally's Webpage

I joined the Recipe Journal at ScrapArtist. The first recipe was for an appetizer which I did Weight Watchers Crab Rangoons.

Not sure whats for dinner tonight. Thinking about Roasted Chicken Breast or I could put some BBQ sauce on them. Not sure though, I might just have leftover Taco Soup. It was tasty last night, not sure what I did different but it was extra spicy. YUM

Not sure about AI last night. I don't think anybody blew me away. I'm thinking Lisa might be getting the boot tonight. We will see, after Bones. I'm not really a tv person anymore. I used to watch everything and now I just have certain nights. Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Awww crap, I missed Real World last night. ugh

Alright I'm off... if you stop by Tally's site, sign her guestbook!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Playdate and Taco Soup Recipe

We had a fun little playdate. The girls play so well together now that Tally is all over the place. Tally has been hugging lately and went to hug Ann Marie and knocked her down. LOL Here are some of my favorite pics from today.

Ok before I write out this recipe, a few things... I am on Weight Watchers, so it is healthy other than the sodium. I use low sodium stuff in it because of that. It can be altered to you taste on certain things. Original calls for 3 different cans of beans, I use 2. You can also add some lean ground beef, turkey or boca burger. I have done all of the above but for the most part I don't add meat. One of the reasons I like this recipe is because it's my didn't thaw anything meal. LOL

Taco Soup

  • 32 ozs Fat Free Chicken Broth or water
  • 1 diced onion
  • 2 cans diced tomatoes (I use the ones with chiles in it)
  • 2-3 cans of beans ( ok this is where you can vary to your taste, I use 1 can of Spicy Chili Beans and 1 can of black beans)
  • frozen corn or canned corn (I use frozen, I like corn so I throw the whole bag in)
  • 1 pkg taco seasoning mix
  • 1 pkg ranch dressing mix
  • optional 1/2-1 lb of cooked ground meat

Put all ingredients in large pot on top of the stove, bring to a fast boil and lower temp to low and simmer for 1 hour or put in crockpot on low for 4 hours.

There it is. Quick and Easy! Almost no prep ;)

Almost time for AI, ready to see how everyone does tonight. Not sure who I want to get voted off just yet. I think they all have potential. Even though I think Chris is going to win!

Oops missed a day

I was going to post last night and my cable went down. So here I am this morning. Tally and I are both feeling better. I actually worked out yesterday morning and my abs are killing me today. I'm looking into Turbo Jam, not sure if you've seen the informercial but it looks pretty cool. I want something fun that I will like doing. If I work on getting the moves down for a week or two, i should be able to keep up with it ;) So we'll see if I get it first, Matt and I talked and he's playing the maybe card right now. Going to try and fit it into the budget, since it's a $60 set. I'll let you know over the coming weeks, if I get it.

Going to a friends for a playdate today. We sooooo need to get out of this house. Get Tally around some other kids so on the way home she takes a nap. That's what I'm going for these days, at least 1 nap. Don't get me started on how she took 2 naps Sunday for daddy. So playdate today with friend, then playgroup Wednesday and possibly Friday. That is depending on how the week goes, since that's usually my grocery day.

Probably going to make some easy Taco Soup for dinner tonight. Hoping to get some pictures today of the girls for maybe some scrapbook pages. Not that I'm going to have a lot of time to do that today but we'll see. Alright... I need to get ready, I have and hour before I have to be there and I need a shower and the kiddo needs a quick bath.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Small scrapping vent....

This is just something that annoys me with the digital scrapbooking group... I seriously think that a lot of people get comments on there LO's, not because they are good but because of who they are. I have seen many LO's lately that aren't terrific from some known creative team members. I guess it's cause I'm jealous that I am venting right now. I totally believe that scrapbooking is for yourself and your family. It is still great to get comments when you post on boards though. There are a couple of LO's I've done lately that have gotten no comments but then somebody that is on 10 CT's with a semi close LO gets 10-15 comments. It just annoys the crap out of me and I just want to go back to posting my layouts here and my personal photo site instead of putting them in scrapbooking communties. I am so guilty about not posting comments myself and maybe I should take the time each day to start doing what I'm venting about. It's a good thing I'm on the two CT's that I want to be on and that I have to post these LO's. Now to stop whining and get to giving out those comments that I'm venting about other people not giving. ;)

Ok I'm done...

Sunday is going way to fast...

I can't believe it's already Sunday night. Waking up at noon does that to you, I guess.

So Saturday was fun. Went running around with my mother, mostly lunch and grocery shopping. Matt went and played pool with my dad. Then last night like every Saturday night, we went to my parents for dinner. We enjoy my parents company and they enjoy ours it seems. LOL So after dinner at my parents I get online as usual to chat with friends. Then end up getting out at 11pm to have a couple of drinks with the girls. Which was fun, just would rather leave out before 11pm next time ;) We went to Cozmos (a little bar/coffee/sandwich place with internet access) had a few drinks and then went over to Denny's to sober up a little before heading home. Time went fast and before we knew it, it was 2am. That is the latest I've been out in ages. I had fun ladies and we need to do it again soon. Here is a page I did with the pictures I took, good thing I brought my camera!

So now it's Sunday and time to make dinner. Haven't done much of anything, other than a little bit of cleaning and laundry. I am feeling 90% better, just a little bit of congestion left which I'm used to with my allergies. Better start dinner before Matt starts whining that he's hungry. Enjoy the rest of this lovely weekend!

Friday, March 24, 2006

I'm free... for a day ;)

Still not feeling well but I think I'm on the mend. Don't seem to be the faucet I once was. LOL So it looks like I might be able to enjoy this nice cold spring weekend. (Note the sarcasm)

I usually do my grocery shopping on Fridays around noon, I wasn't even showered at noon today. Needless to say... groceries will be taken care of tomorrow.

My mother picked Tally up around 1:30 to spend the night at her house. Explains the I'm free post title ;) Finally took a shower before Matt got home. We went to dinner and then picked up movies on the way home. Elizabethtown and The Longest Yard. The Longest Yard was hilarious of course. I wasn't to sure about Elizabethtown at first but I ended up getting in to it in the middle, pretty decent movie.

So a little bit of scrapping news. Mindy has a cute little paperpack gift of her blog, so go get it while it last and be sure to leave her a sweet comment. I also did a LO for the 3D Challenge at, so head on over and check out Angela and Emilys site and do the challenge yourself! Here is the one I did today...

Ok time to wake Matt up off the couch, I hate doing this and since it's the weekend I should leave him there. I won't though, cause I'm nice. LOL Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Not sure if it's my connection or what, but it looks like my template is messed up on blogger. I'll ask someone to check as soon as a friend comes on or email me and let me know if you can't see my messages.

Still sick, even worse today. I sound awful and can barely breath. I went to bed early last night or so I thought I was. Instead I layed in bed and couldn't go to sleep. It sucked! So even though Tally woke up at 10, I still feel like I didn't get any sleep. I didn't get anything done, at all. I'm going to try and start a load of laundry right now, so I have something to wear tomorrow. Tally didn't take one nap today, she feel asleep on the floor while I went to Target to get some Nyquil but woke up when I got home. So she finally went to bed at 10pm. She still has a runny nose and a occasional cough but I think it's starting to go away. I think we have another tooth cutting now too, on the bottom.

So while at Target, I picked up a new book. "Alone" by Lisa Gardner I'm hoping that I can get into it. I've read some of her books and I'm pretty sure I like them. lol We'll see.

I'm going to finish up my laundry and start on my book. Have a good evening.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I sooo blame dh for this one!

Still sick here and it's all my husbands fault. Seriously... he had it first, then Tally and now ME! I hate colds. They make me feel like I'm on my death bed. Need to blame someone, so Matt you are it! Drives me nuts since he only feels like crap for maybe 2 days then is fine. I on the other hand feel like crap for a week. Ugh him and his good immune system. teehee Poor Tally must be like me, cause she's been fighting this for a while now. Still no naps on the home front either.... she had one tiny nap in her bouncy chair yesterday but none... zip... zero... in her crib. I am going to miss those.

So Miss Kim is having a scraplift challenge on her blog. And I love scraplifts so I have to join in. I scraplifted her "Buds" LO.

Ok on the food issue. I have not been counting points since being sick. Hopefully it's not going to hurt me in the weightloss front but we will see on Saturday. Which hopefully for Matt's sake, I am feeling better by then. If not... he better start praying is all I'm going to say ;)

Ok since starting to write this post, Tally was put in her crib for a nap. She cried for a minute but it's now quiet. So I am assuming that she is napping... but shhhh don't tell her thats what she is doing. ;) So with that, I am going to try and take one myself or at least read some of my book. Wish me luck, I'm going to need it.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Pages of Ms.Tally!

Just a few pages real quick and I'll make a post later tonight after Real World. If you want to know what I used email me or check out my Gallery @ SBB.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Boring post

Not even sure why I'm doing this. LOL

It was a long night. I stayed up to late reading my book (Killer Smile by Lisa Scottoline) finally putting it down at 3a.m. and not 5 minutes later Tally woke up screaming. Would not go back into her crib for nothing... At that point I was so tired I just brought her back to bed with me. She couldn't get comfortable after an hour, so I rocked her for a bit and tried to put her back down when she looked like she was falling asleep. It didn't work. I left her there and layed down, I hate letting her CIO when she's sick. She still has this awful cough and it sounds even worse when she's crying. So I finally got up and sat next to her crib while she cried, Matt sat there with me. He finally took her out and calmed her down ( he can't stand to hear her cry either) then brought her back to bed with us. It took another hour or so and she finally passed out around 5:15. We woke up at 9. So I got a little less than 4 hours of sleep. Suprisingly I am in a decent mood considering.

She is still coughing and my throat still hurts. Now I've added runny nose and sneezing to my list of whining. ;) Naps are awful, I think she may be going down to one soon. She is fighting crib time. Hoping it's just because she is sick though.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Still feeling blah..

Don't even want to get started on what I ate today, meals were under control. It was all the snacking. Sometimes I wonder if I want to lose this extra weight. I want to blame it on not feeling well but not sure if that is really what it is. My throat is pretty sore now, the headache did go away though. I also have a popcorn kernel or something in my gums and it is bugging the crap out of me.

I made Enchilada soup tonight, which was pretty good. It made a ton! I had 2 bowls and Matt had, 3 I think. I still have like 14 cups of it left. That is a lot of soup to have leftover. Stuck most of it in containers for lunches and possibly leftover/take-out night. Haven't decided which night this week that will be yet, last week it was early in the week so who knows it may be early again.

Didn't get anymore pages started this afternoon. Just couldn't get anything to work for me, so I gave up. I'll work on more tomorrow. I'm a third of the way through a book that I need to finish. When I'm done with that one, I have another one. Hopefully Tally will be less clingy this week and I can relax and read while she plays.


Trying to move previous post down... teehee

Ok Mindy has a new kit at the Sweet Shoppe called Pocket Full of Posies... You know you want it so go buy it ;)

And here are 2 pages I did with it, first is a recent set of pictures Having Fun

And now Priceless the picture is from last May, look at how tiny she was. :(

So I woke up with a headache this morning, 11 is still morning right? lol It's still sort of there, and I'm not pleased with it. It's still raining around here. I'll probably be staying in the house today. I need to back up all of Tally's pictures and all of my scrapbooking kits after moving them over to my new external harddrive. I also need to make a LO for Sara Carling. Haven't done one for her in a couple of weeks. I got the April issue of ScrapbookEtc. and there is an article on decorating with your pages. The first one is like a huge page on the wall, I am seriously thinking about doing one eventually. Maybe with some huge pictures of us as a family. If you haven't gotten this issue, it's definetly worth checking out. (even if you only do it in the store)

Ok it's 1:30 and I'm hungry so I'm going to eat a Lean Cuisine and send dh to Quiktrip for a Diet Pepsi, so I can wake up! I'll be back later tonight or in the morning for my points calculation.

Warning!!! This is a depressing post...

well for me at least.

You ever feel like nobody likes you? I get this feeling from time to time. Not sure what brings it on but it's the way I'm feeling. I have a couple of friends that I consider close friends. They put up with me for the most part. Other than that, I'm not sure how many people like me. I'm nice to a point and really only people that are my close friends see my bitchy side. Which I'm suprised they are still my friends afterwards. I feel excluded a lot of times, I don't want to be clingy to the friends I do have either but I hate feeling like I'm not invited, whether it's chatting online or going out. I know it happens and deep down I know that it's not happening to hurt my feelings but it still does. Ok anyway enough about this crap... you are not my therapist, well not yet at least! ;)

I have another page to share before I go to bed. I did this one for Gina Millers sketch challenge at SBB. This is also a re-do of a previous page that I wasn't really feeling. So here it is... 7 Months and Counting!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Night! Will return tomorrow in a more chipper mood! (I hope)

Saturday, March 18, 2006

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

and it's going to stay like this all weekend. This is what I don't like about Spring. All of the rain, all though we do need it. We've been on high fire alert for the past couple of months.

So I weighed in this morning and I am down 3.6lbs. Big shocker after going out for chinese last night. So a pretty good start to my dieting this week. Hopefully I can get down at least 10 more pounds by summer. That would make my total loss since having Tally to close to 30lbs. Which would be nice. Not doing points today, I had the new Pulled Pork sandwich at TGI Fridays today and there is no telling how many points that thing is worth and I'm not going to bother figuring it out. I'll just play it safe the rest of the week and move on. LOL So food diary/points will resume tomorrow.

I did one quick page today with the Dream a Little Dream kit also used Holly McCaigs Pin Dates

Went to Sams Club with my mom today, had to pick up diapers. I also got Tally 2 new outfits. I'll take pictures later tonight and post them. I also picked up a cd labeling system, needed this so when I back up my Scrapbooking kits and pictures the cd's look better than marking them with sharpies. LOL Especially since I tend to erase and re-write them and it looks awful when you scratch out writing on the cd top. Installing the program as I type here and hope to print one off before I leave for dinner at my parents tonight.

Speaking of dinner at my parents, Mom is making gumbo and we are watching a movie. No game tonight, just a relaxing movie night. So it should be nice and I hope Tally behaves, she hasn't been the "angel" she normally is, since being sick.

Have a great night!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Ok I'm back up!

Blogger had me down for a day but I am back now. I am not posting my food diary from the past couple of days. Just to much work and I'm lazy. So I'll start again soon. I stayed within points so it's ok. My first weigh in is tomorrow morning. That will speak the truth on if I have been doing good.

Tally is still sick. If the cough isn't better by Monday it's time to go to the doctor. She's kept me up the past 2 nights so I DO have an excuse for being lazy.

Just wanted to give a little update since blogger messed up my daily post. UGH I'll check in tomorrow with my weigh in and maybe a new scrapbook page with the Dream a Little Dream Kit.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Quick little bit...

Just wanted to share pictures of the new kits. First Mindys new kit Sonoran Sunrise
Image hosting by Photobucket

And the first layout that I've made with it. (Yes I said first because there WILL be more, I love this kit)
Image hosting by Photobucket

And last but not least is the collaboration kit Dream a Little Dream Now if you haven't signed up for the Sweet Shoppes newletter, you need to get over there and do so. There is always a sweet little treat somewhere, usually hidden in the newsletter. The 3rd newsletter is going out today, so go.... run.... NOW!!! Ok now for the preview
Image hosting by Photobucket

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Glad this day is almost over!

Tally woke me up at our usual 7 something time, which wouldn't have been bad if I wouldn't have gone to bed at 1 something this morning. Notice my somethings.... since I have no idea what the tiny hand on the clock said, I don't pay attention to it. teehee

Went downstairs to make us breakfast and one of the dogs ate something he wasn't supposed to and decided to throw it back up onto the carpet, in 9 different spots. UGH So we will be renting a steam vac this weekend to clean our floors. Yeah I know you wanted to hear about that but at least YOU didn't have to clean it up ;)

Tally has yet another cold. Runny nose and coughing. If she keeps this up I'm going to have to take her in to see if it's allergies per Misty's suggestion. So she was fussy on and off today. Hopefully she'll feel a little better tomorrow.

Mindy has a new kit going up for sale tomorrow in the Sweet Shoppe plus the new collaboration kit will come out tomorrow also. So don't forget to check them out! I will hopefully have a page made tomorrow evening to show off the new kit, maybe even both kits.

Ok now on to my food diary for today. (Can you believe I'm keeping this up)
  1. 1 1/4 Honey Nut Cheerios-2.5pts and 1/2 cup milk 1pt = 3.5 pts total for Breakfast
  2. Lean Cuisine meal (chicken something) 3pts, 1 Vans yummy shrimp eggroll-2pts and 1 med banana-1.5pts = 6.5 pts total for Lunch
  3. 1 Roasted Chicken Breast 3pts, BBQ Sauce 1.5pts, and 1 cup corn 2pts = 6.5 points total for dinner
  4. Bag of light popcorn (during American Idol teehee) 2pts and 5 YES 5 Whole Wheat CC cookies for 5.5 pts = 7.5 points for Snacks

For a grand total of 24 pts for the day. Didn't count my water cause I had like 2-3 glasses, not sure but not nearly enough.... bad me!

So tonight while putting Tally to bed I pulled my back, not feeling to well right now. I'm thinking about taking a bath and relaxing for a bit before bed. In the middle of downloading that new kit and it still has a few minutes so I might go do that now. No plans for tomorrow especially since Tally is coughing and has that dreaded runny nose. As Misty would say TTFN!

Monday, March 13, 2006

See told you I would be back today...

Pretty un-eventful day here in the Burton house. Tally slept pretty well considering I wasn't to sure when I went to bed last night that she was going to. Luckily she did though. Went to lunch at Panera Bread and then to Target with my mom. Mostly groceries at Target except I did find a cute top for Tally for a whole $1.48, so of course I picked it up, then my mom bought her a little bikini. It was one of those Wee Wave ones that you don't have to put diapers on with. We bought her one last summer, you know when she didn't like the pool. LOL Here is what she did while in it last year...

So this year I'm hoping she actually likes the water.

So I did a couple of pages, one last night and then one today using some pictures from the park yesterday.

Used Mindy Terasawas BoysRawk kit which can be bought at the SweetShoppe

This was made with Holly McCaigs Spring is Coming which can be bought at Holly McCaig Designs

Now for my Menu for the day!

  1. 1 cup Honey Nut Cheerios-2pts, 1 1/4 cup 1% milk split between cereal and Chocolate Milk 3pts, and the SF Chocolate Syrup .5pts = Breakfast total 5.5pts
  2. Panera Bread French Onion Soup 4pts and Asian Sesame Chicken Salad w/ff Raspberry Vinegrette 5pts (used regular calculations even thought I substituted the dressing and no wontons, rather be safe than sorry) = Lunch total 9pts
  3. Taco Bell 2 Chicken Soft Tacos with lettuce only - 6.5pts = Dinner total 6.5pts
  4. 2 cups popcorn-1pt and 3 Whole Wheat CC Cookies-3pts= Snacks total 4pts

Points total for the day is 25 pts! If anyone was wondering what target daily points I am at it's 24, then I have 35 flex points for the week which I took a big chunk of on Saturday. eek So going over a pt here and there isn't a huge deal if you have flex points. Now to get my exercising and water intake under control. Might start logging in how many glasses of water I drink also, starting tomorrow.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Update for Sundays Points

Sundays Points and Menu

  1. 1 cup Honey Nut Cheerios 2pts with 1 cup of milk that I split between my cereal and chocolate milk 2 pts and then .5 pts for sf chocolate syrup = 4.5pts for Breakfast
  2. 1 med baked potato 2.5pts with 2% slice of cheese 1pt and 1 lemon pepper Fish 2pts = 5.5pts for lunch
  3. Chicken Cordon Bleu (adjusted for WW) 6pts and 1 cup steamed zucchini-0pts= 6pts for dinner
  4. 3 cups light butter popcorn-1.5pts, 4 whole grain cc cookies-4pts and Strawberry Cloud drink ( recipe is delicious) 2pts = 7.5pts for snacks

For a grand total today of 23.5 pts. Plus we did take that walk today to the park so I'll have some pictures tomorrow from it. Have a great night!

It's Sunday...

and I want to go back to bed! ;)

Friday was a nice moms night out. We went to Cheddars for dinner and drinks. We all had a lot of fun talking and hanging out. I'm sure they wanted us to hurry up and leave so they could have their booth back but we didn't care. We were there from 7:30-9:45, one long dinner eh? LOL We ended up walking over to the movie theater afterwards because someone had 4 long island ice teas, not going to name any names though... she knows who she is. ;) So we saw Failure to Launch because there was nothing else showing that we wanted to see and I didn't mind seeing it again. It was still hilarious the second time. LOL So I got home at 12:30 or so, not to bad.

Saturday Matt went fishing with my dad and my mom still had Tally from the previous night so I had the house all to myself. Did I accomplish anything??? NOPE!!! Did one load of laundry and that was it. Headed over to my moms around 4 to hang out with her and Tally until the guys got home, which was closer to 5:30. They had a great fishing trip. Matt caught 4 bass and my dad caught 2. I would show the pictures but Matt looks like a big goob holding up his fingers while holding the fish. Don't really want to admit that's my husband! LOL So after we heard their stories we decided it was time for dinner and went and got BBQ. Here is where the problem hit...

I decided to start another paragraph and first explain why dinner would have hit a problem. I re-started my WW diet yesterday. I have gained back almost 6lbs of the 20lbs that I have loss. I think that is a big problem with my moodiness lately! So up until last night I did pretty good. We went for bbq and I got chicken and sliced beef (should have stayed away from that one) then you get 3 sides so I got corn on the cob, green beans and fried okra (wth was I thinking?) I did share my dinner with Tally though so that does help a little! Then on top of that we went to Braum's for icecream. So I end up getting a Rocky Road 2 scoop. I think I used all of my Flex points just last night. So today is a new day and I am going to try to keep from going over points for the next week. Wish me luck!

So now it's Sunday and so far all I've done is wake up and have breakfast. Mom mentioned going to Target to pick up some stuff, not sure if she is still wanting to get out so we'll see. When Tally wakes up from her nap I'm thinking Matt and I should walk to the park, since its a nice warm day. Get a little exercise in and get Tally out for some fun.

I am going to start something new on here. Log my points for what I ate the previous day on here. Try and keep myself accountable! So yesterday.. 43 pts total for the day! I think I'm going to faint!

  1. Oatmeal Banana Bread 4 pts and 1 cup of 1% milk 2pts with 2tbsp sugar free chocolate syrup 1 pt = 7pt for breakfast
  2. Lean Cuisine Pork w/ Cherry Sauce 5 pts and baked potato 3 pts with 1 slice of 2% cheese 1pt = 9pts for lunch
  3. Chicken and Sliced Beef 9pts, Corn 1pt, Green Beans 1pt and Fried Okra 8 pts = 19pts (over guessing on some of them just to make sure)
  4. Rocky Road ice cream 2 scoops 8.5 pts

Thursday, March 9, 2006

I think it's time for MY nap!

Can't believe it's been almost a week since I posted last. Went by way to fast. I could soooo take a nap right now, yet I won't.

Friday we took a couple of pictures of Tally for her 1 year picture before she started spazzing on us. So when the weather warms up again we'll try again. Here they are...

Isn't she just the cutest thing ever? Used some photoblast filters on them (love them) So I also did a page with the first one, will be doing one with the second really soon. This was made with Gina Cabreras kit Daydreams which can be purchased at the Shabby Shoppe.

I haven't been very productive in my scrapbooking lately. Just haven't been in the mood to sit in front of the computer and scrapbook all day. I'll get back to it soon, just not sure when.

Tally had a fever earlier in the week, it finally was gone completely by Tuesday night. Oh btw... Tuesday night I went to the premiere of Failure to Launch and it is hilarious. I recommend everyone go tomorrow when it opens in theaters.

Tomorrow night I am having a night out with some friends (dinner and drinks) and my mom is taking Tally so Matt can have a break too. Should be a great evening. Hopefully I can keep my pms'ing to a minimum. ;) Might post tomorrow but we'll see, not promising anything!

Friday, March 3, 2006

Is it naptime yet?

So ready for this child to take a nap. She's been under my feet since she woke up. Now she did let me sleep in until 8:30 this morning, which is nice since she's been getting up early the past couple of days. Oh I can't believe how big she's getting. She is walking 95% of the time now. When she falls now, instead of just crawling to where she was heading, she goes ahead and gets up right where she fell. Which is great! Still a little shaky but she improving daily.

Yesterday we went shopping with grandma. Had to buy Tally some sandals and myself a shirt. My mom bought her a cute little outfit. I had to buy her some sandals since all of her cute outfits she got for her birthday needed to be worn with sandals. So now I can't wait to get her out in them. Which might be today! Maybe take that trip to Woodward Park to get some pictures done of Tally. No we didn't get out there the other day... don't get me started on Matt. lol

Well I finally decided on this Birthday Cake layout with Sara Carlings Funky Phresh which can be bought at the Sweet Shoppe... link to the left ;)

Mindy released a new kit called Beautiful Me which can be bought at the Sweet Shoppe also. Here is the preview of it.

I have not made a page with it yet but I will soon! Looking for the perfect pictures to use with it. Which is we get out and take pictures later today, I might have some.

Haven't really been in a scrapping mood lately. I've been spending my nights downstairs with Matt and Tally. I've also been going to bed semi early and reading.

So I'm going to cut this short and spend some time with Tally before her nap. If I don't post this weekend. See ya Monday!