Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I sooo blame dh for this one!

Still sick here and it's all my husbands fault. Seriously... he had it first, then Tally and now ME! I hate colds. They make me feel like I'm on my death bed. Need to blame someone, so Matt you are it! Drives me nuts since he only feels like crap for maybe 2 days then is fine. I on the other hand feel like crap for a week. Ugh him and his good immune system. teehee Poor Tally must be like me, cause she's been fighting this for a while now. Still no naps on the home front either.... she had one tiny nap in her bouncy chair yesterday but none... zip... zero... in her crib. I am going to miss those.

So Miss Kim is having a scraplift challenge on her blog. And I love scraplifts so I have to join in. I scraplifted her "Buds" LO.

Ok on the food issue. I have not been counting points since being sick. Hopefully it's not going to hurt me in the weightloss front but we will see on Saturday. Which hopefully for Matt's sake, I am feeling better by then. If not... he better start praying is all I'm going to say ;)

Ok since starting to write this post, Tally was put in her crib for a nap. She cried for a minute but it's now quiet. So I am assuming that she is napping... but shhhh don't tell her thats what she is doing. ;) So with that, I am going to try and take one myself or at least read some of my book. Wish me luck, I'm going to need it.


  1. It'll get better....soon! Hang in there. Sounds like Miss T is already on her way up. :D

  2. Who takes care of mommy when she's sick????

    I'm sorry you're not feeling well! Get better soon!