Monday, September 26, 2011

Menu Plan Monday 9/26/2011

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

I promise that I am still alive!

I have no real reason for not posting for so long. I started to several times and got side tracked, very easy to do these days. So here is a quick recap of the past few months.

  • Devlin turned 4 and is potty trained.
  • Both kids started school. Tally 1st grade and Devlin Pre-k. Pre-k was a rough week and half before we decided to pull Devlin because he was regressing on his potty training. He wanted to stay home with me and we decided it was best considering he turned 4 the weekend before school started and if his birthday was just a week and half later he would have had to wait another year anyway. 
  • Matt and I are both taking college courses. Matt's been doing it for a few years now and I'm just starting after a 10 yr break ;)
  • Tally has lost her 3rd tooth.(picture to the right)
  • I've taken up crocheting. (pictures below)
  • Our neighbors condo flooded recently, we are in the process of shopping and installing new floors due to the damage.
That's pretty much been our Aug/Sept. I'm ready for Oct and cooler temps and getting my house back in order, including menu planning and blogging regularly.
Two of my crochet projects I've completed in the past month.