Monday, June 27, 2011

Have I really not posted in 3 months?!?

I'm not sure how I let it go 3 months of not posting. I'm sure I started a post a few times and got side tracked, then forgot. Summer definitely has me off of a schedule. We only have one car and with gas prices I've only been taking Matt to work once a week. So we've had lots of boring stuck in the house days.

Tally has been sick and missed her last week of school, she had strep and then found out she had fifths during the same time. Luckily none of us got it.

I have had chest pains on and off for almost a year. At first the doctor was thinking I needed muscle relaxers and after them continuing for months she decided we needed to do some heart testing. I had an EKG and Stress test earlier this month. Both came back normal. Now she wants me to get into a chiropractor for a curve in by back that she thinks could be causing the chest pains. The pains are something I can live through, I mostly just want to know whats causing them and make sure it's nothing serious.

We are potty training Devlin. We've tried here and there in the past and it was extremely frustrating because he had no desire to sit on the potty. His pediatrician told us to not rush it so we haven't pressed it but I think he is finally getting it. I want him day trained before school starts in the fall so he can go to pre-k. It's only been a week in and for the most part #1 is making it to the toilet but we're still working on #2, hopefully it can be mastered by the end of August. He really wants to go to school with sissy.

I stepped down from Peppermint Creative for a few months and decided to go back last month. So I'll show some recent pages with new kits!

So that's all I have for now, I'll be back with a separate Menu Plan soon. Blogging will be on my new schedule so that it doesn't go 3 months again ;)