Sunday, September 25, 2005

It's working!

Today I felt the burn. LOL My workouts with Maya are working. My thighs and abs are a little sore today. I still did my workout today. I love how everyday the workout is a little different. Some of the same exercises but different variations and everyday I learn a new exercise. Once again this is a great program when you don't have the money for a personal trainer or the time to get to the gym. :D

Tally is back home. Spent the weekend with my parents. It's so nice to have that once a month break. As usual I bring something new home that she didn't have when I dropped her off. This time a winter outfit. You just got to love grandparents.

Tomorrow we are going to get her Halloween outfit from The Childens Place. She's going to be a butterfly. I can't wait until I can gets some pics of her in it.

Ta Ta for now!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

I'm getting there!

I bought a program yesterday, it's called Yourself Fitness. A lady on one of the mommy boards I'm on that is doing WW also and she recommended it. It is a fitness program on XBOX, I didn't even know that there was such a thing until she mentioned it. They also have in for PS2 and PC. It is like having a personal trainer in your living room. It rocks. I am really pleased with it so far. You do a fitness evaluation when you first start. This includes 2 mins worth of jumping jacks (keeping up with the model) a lot harder than it looked also how many of each of the following you can do up to the max amount of squats, push-ups, and crunches. Lets just say other than squats I need help. LOL So she set up my workout routine for losing weight. 15 mins of exercise 6 days a week. She has choices that she recommends from cardio, upper body, core, lower body and flexibility. You can choose what you wish or go with what she says. 15 min workout is not always 15 mins, it can vary about 5 mins. It's ok with me though. So I did two more today, it's not even my day to work out. I took Saturdays off since that is my busy day usually. Anyway just wanted to give it a plug! LOL It's a awesome program and so far works great.

I did an unofficial weigh in last night and had lost another 2 lbs. Tonight is my official so we'll see if it's still the same. I had McD's nuggets and half a thing of my french fries for dinner last night. Hopefully it didn't kill my loss. LOL We'll see!

It's Subway tonight. Yummy Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki on wheat and some baked lays. Also one of those great Parfaits my mom made last week. We are back to playing cards. It's been a couple of months since we've played. Hopefully I can kick some a$$ tonight. :D

Until next time....Enjoy life and all it has to offer!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I've been slacking...

I know it's been a week since I posted last. Most weeks I don't have plans to do anything on Wednesdays. I haven't been spending that much time online lately. Trying to spend more time with Matt when he's home. Tally is starting to become more mobile so it's hard to sit online all day and take care of her.

So here is the update from the last week.

I've been keeping with my healthy eating for the most part. That's what the flex points for Weight Watchers is for though. :D Oh I forgot I didn't post that I finally joined. LOL I joined WW on Thursday of last week. I need the guidelines or I won't stick with it. Knowing how tight money has been lately, I know since I paid $65 that I will keep up with this and lose the damn weight!!! I had my first WI (Weigh In) on Saturday since I started unofficially on the Sat before last. I LOST 2 LBS!!! I'm pretty excited because it's a start. So 2 down and 57 more to go... If things work out I'm hoping to be down at least 40 by next spring, if not the whole amount.

Tally has been doing great the past week. She is talking up a storm ALL the time. She's so cute. When Matt gets home today he's going to take some pictures of her. I can't wait. We need to print out the 6 months pictures of her but we are waiting to see which ones to print. The originals or the edited ones, with her a little darker. We also bought her new carseat. It is so much easier now. Matt is happy that he doesn't have to carry her in that carrier anymore.

Alright that is all for now. I'll try to update again soon...

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I was a good girl today

So I'll start with what I ate yesterday. Breakfast I had my Multi Grain Cheerios with 1% milk. Lunch I had my leftover lunch from the day before so, Lemon Pepper Chicken with rice and steamed broccoli. Had a snack of whole wheat ritz crackers with 1 oz colby/jack cheese and no sugar added hot cocoa. ( reminds me of my GD days while preggo ) Dinner I had 6 in Sweet Onion Chicken sandwich on wheat with baked doritos from Subway. Handful of pretzels as a after dinner snack. So those were my meals from yesterday which were pretty good. IMO I didn't exercise though because I wasn't feeling well.

Today... Breakfast again was my Multi Grain Cheerios with 1% milk. Lunch McDonalds Caesar Salad with the light balsamic dressing instead of the caesar and a small sprite. A snack of whole wheat ritz with 1 oz of cheese again. Dinner I made Hamburger Stew and had one bowl and 1 biscuit. After dinner snack couple of cups of popcorn and a hot cocoa. I did exercise today. Matt, Tally and I went for a walk today. Walked a mile to the light then tracked back through the houses. So I'm thinking a little over 2 miles since we went through the neighborhood.

I am really hoping that I lose at least a pound or two when I weight myself this Saturday. So everyone needs to keep their fingers crossed for me. LOL

I scrapbooked a little bit yesterday too. So here they are.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Long Busy Weekend

Well it's been almost a week since I posted an actual entry. Nothing much has been happening. LOL

Saturday we went to the Bluegrass~Chili Festival in Claremore. It was so HOT. We were constantly in and out of the Expo looking at the same old boring crafts but at least it was cool. I had my turkey leg and way to much Pepsi, considering I'm trying to cut it out completely. Also bought the chili kit to taste all of the chili contestants samples. It was not worth the $3 since I only got to try 2 of them. The cups were the size of shot glasses. LOL We left shortly after the chili part and went back to my parents for our usual dinner night. Once again we watched a movie. "Hitch" this time. It was pretty funny. We had chinese take~out for dinner. Yummy!! I had the sweet & sour chicken, I know ..... not the best choice. It was good though. hehehe

Weighed myself and got my official weight for the start of my Weight Watchers Journey. It's the same as my weight for the journey I took and never finished at the Digi Chick a couple of months ago. This time I am serious. So the official weight I'm not going to post the cyber world but I will let you know that I am going to be losing 59lbs. So make your own guess on how much I'm weighing these days. LOL

Being on WW will help me still have what I want but in moderation. Yesterday I was a good girl. I had my shredded wheat, Chicken sandwich at Braums without Mayo (don't like the stuff anyways) and chicken spaghetti for dinner with one piece of garlic bread. I'm sure I snacked also but not alot.

Today I didn't have breakfast (I know... bad me) because I didn't have time. Shortly after I woke up and fed Tally my mom called and wanted me to go to the store with her. So I had to get us ready for that. We ended up having lunch at Cheddars. I had the Lemon Pepper Chicken w/ rice, green beans, and steamed broccoli. I put half into a to~go container. I splurged a little bit and shared the Cookie Monster with my mom. See I knew there was a reason I didn't get to eat breakfast. LOL Ok on to dinner we had a Chicken Kabob (one each) with brown rice and green beans. It was good. So other than the Cookie Monster I think I did pretty good today. I even exercised. I got on my eliptical machine for 10 minutes and let me just say that, that thing can kick my ass. My heart was going super fast. So I'm going to leave it at 10 minutes for a little while and then I'll do my videos in the morning.

So here is my latest layout I scrapped, it's of my and my baby girl. Taken today infront of the upstairs bathroom. I was trying to show my new haircolor, but it didn't work out that way. So you can't see my highlights but it's good enough.

I know I didn't really talk about Sunday to much. I wasn't feeling good. Mostly just took care of Tally and worked on my scrapbook pages that I posted earlier. So tomorrow I have NO plans as of this moment. That could easily change but I doubt it. So I hope to scrap some more and maybe get some pics of T playing, who knows tomorrow may be the day she crawls. LOL We'll see!

Tah~Tah for now!!!

Just a few more pages...

Just adding a couple more scrapbook pages for now. I'll be back to post more about the weekend later tonight.

Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Finally finished a couple of pages.

I made two scrapbook pages today. I still have some more pics I could do so I'll try and make a couple more tomorrow. I don't want to get to far behind on her baby book.

New look!

As some noticed I changed the look of my blog again. Had to showcase a new pic of my babygirl! I also changed my look again. lol People who know me... know that I change my hair every 2 months. I've been almost every color. I went blonder after having Tally and now that Fall is arriving I'm going back to dark. Of course I went to my good friend David and he fixed me up good as usual. Darkened my hair to a dark brown and put in some awesome copper highlights. I love it as usual. Let me just say that I've been unhappy with my hair once with him. At that time I was unhappy in general because it was shortly after my second miscarriage. I might take some pics later and update my profile with a new pic. We'll see!

Tally is loving her solids and not fighting us as much lately. Started her on applesauce yesterday morning. She likes it mixed with her cereal. She LOVES squash!!! I hope she likes it all, I am not looking forward to her being picky. Sweet Potatoes are next, she'll be starting them this weekend.

So on to scrapbooking....

I have been so bad lately. I have some pictures I could scrap but I just can't get my mind set. It just wanders and I can't seem to scrap anything that I like. I'll start on something and half way through I won't like it so I delete it. Thank goodness I don't do actual scrapbooking. I would waste so much stuff. This is why I like digital scrapbooking. Make a mistake you don't kill more trees until you print the page.

Ok on to Matt....

He took Tallys pictures this past weekend. As you can see on my banner. lol I am so proud of him. He is getting better everyday. I have always loved his nature pictures, even have a couple of them framed around the house. I even have a picture that he took with his Minolta before we got married. It was taken at Woodward Park behind the fountain with me holding Chance when he was just a small puppy. (before we got Caramel) It is a great picture. Ok I'm done bragging about my husband. *for now*

Mom is coming over to visit today and bringing a healthy lunch. Have no idea what yet but it's going to be healthy. I know that much. I've been doing good the past couple of days. Not overeating and I haven't had a pepsi in a couple days. I changed to Diet Dr.Pepper, I need my caffeine since I don't drink coffee. Only one a day the rest is water. Now if I could make myself exercise I would be set. So that is what I'm working on now.

Getting close to lunchtime and Tally is calling...

Friday, September 2, 2005

It's working!!!

Finally getting a little sleep. The first night I went straight to sleep and last night it took a little bit but no where near as long as before. So my meditation/breathing exercises are calming me down enough at night to get me to sleep. Which puts me in a better mood during the day. Obvious I know. lol

Now to get back on track with my exercising. I have like 3 pairs of pants that fit me and a closet full of clothes. It sucks!!! I open my closet and it kills me to see all those capris and jeans that I can get over my fat hips. If I can get them that high I can't button them. If I can button them I have that annoying bulge above them. I refuse to wear pants that make me look fatter than I already know I am. ugh So here I am wearing the one pair of jeans that don't make me feel like a hippo and the capris that when I first put them on they bug me. Otherwise I wear my pajamas all day. lol Granted I don't go in public with them on. Matt is probably happy about that.

I need to start taking care of myself. My feet are looking terrible. I need a pedicure desperately. Might have to break down and use some grocery money and go see my Joyce so she can do my toes. Might get a manicure while I'm at it. lol We'll see! Some other things need to be bought before I can do that!

Tally is doing great with her solids still. She has her moments when I want to stop feeding her and just give her the damn bottle. Most of the time she eats though. Now on her bottle she is starting to bite down on it at the last couple of ounces. It's kind of annoying. I'm not sure if she is telling me she is done or what. So I hold it back and she grabs it, so I give it back and then a minute later she starts doing it again. Weird child... That's all I can think of. lol

We are taking her pictures tomorrow and I can't wait to see what we come up with. Bought her a cute outfit today to wear for them. Can't wait!!!!!!!! Sooooo Excited! hehehe

Tomorrow is also game night but this week it will be at my house. I will also be cooking. I have only entertained once since I had Tally and that was Fathers Day and it stressed me out. Hopefully that will not be the case tomorrow. I will be making Raspberry-Balsamic Glazed Chicken and as a side I'm thinking green beans of some sort. I think we are also going to rent a couple movies instead of a game. Sounds good to me.

Today was Matt's b-day and he turned 27. Getting old. lol I keep reminding him 3 more years until the big 3-0 then he reminds me that I am only 4 years away myself. So I guess I need to stop teasing him. lol He got a couple of presents from his parents. New polarizer filter and camera backpack. He was excited, even though he told them what he wanted. lol I am sorry to say we couldn't really afford to get him anything. BUT we did buy stuff to start fixing up his home studio. Sooooo in my opinion that is his gift and I am sure he would agree. :D We also went out to Camerellis, damn I love that place. It's a little italian restaurant on Historic Cherry Street. Yummy.

I think I typed enough for tonight and as usual Matt is passed out on the couch. But I am going to add a sweet pic of my baby girl!