Friday, September 2, 2005

It's working!!!

Finally getting a little sleep. The first night I went straight to sleep and last night it took a little bit but no where near as long as before. So my meditation/breathing exercises are calming me down enough at night to get me to sleep. Which puts me in a better mood during the day. Obvious I know. lol

Now to get back on track with my exercising. I have like 3 pairs of pants that fit me and a closet full of clothes. It sucks!!! I open my closet and it kills me to see all those capris and jeans that I can get over my fat hips. If I can get them that high I can't button them. If I can button them I have that annoying bulge above them. I refuse to wear pants that make me look fatter than I already know I am. ugh So here I am wearing the one pair of jeans that don't make me feel like a hippo and the capris that when I first put them on they bug me. Otherwise I wear my pajamas all day. lol Granted I don't go in public with them on. Matt is probably happy about that.

I need to start taking care of myself. My feet are looking terrible. I need a pedicure desperately. Might have to break down and use some grocery money and go see my Joyce so she can do my toes. Might get a manicure while I'm at it. lol We'll see! Some other things need to be bought before I can do that!

Tally is doing great with her solids still. She has her moments when I want to stop feeding her and just give her the damn bottle. Most of the time she eats though. Now on her bottle she is starting to bite down on it at the last couple of ounces. It's kind of annoying. I'm not sure if she is telling me she is done or what. So I hold it back and she grabs it, so I give it back and then a minute later she starts doing it again. Weird child... That's all I can think of. lol

We are taking her pictures tomorrow and I can't wait to see what we come up with. Bought her a cute outfit today to wear for them. Can't wait!!!!!!!! Sooooo Excited! hehehe

Tomorrow is also game night but this week it will be at my house. I will also be cooking. I have only entertained once since I had Tally and that was Fathers Day and it stressed me out. Hopefully that will not be the case tomorrow. I will be making Raspberry-Balsamic Glazed Chicken and as a side I'm thinking green beans of some sort. I think we are also going to rent a couple movies instead of a game. Sounds good to me.

Today was Matt's b-day and he turned 27. Getting old. lol I keep reminding him 3 more years until the big 3-0 then he reminds me that I am only 4 years away myself. So I guess I need to stop teasing him. lol He got a couple of presents from his parents. New polarizer filter and camera backpack. He was excited, even though he told them what he wanted. lol I am sorry to say we couldn't really afford to get him anything. BUT we did buy stuff to start fixing up his home studio. Sooooo in my opinion that is his gift and I am sure he would agree. :D We also went out to Camerellis, damn I love that place. It's a little italian restaurant on Historic Cherry Street. Yummy.

I think I typed enough for tonight and as usual Matt is passed out on the couch. But I am going to add a sweet pic of my baby girl!

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