Thursday, August 31, 2006

On a roll today...

Look at me... 3 times in one day. LOL

Well Tally's appt didn't go as well as I would of liked. She screamed and clung to me the entire time. She does not like the doctors office, she knows exactly why she is there and she let us know that she was not happy about it. While talking to the doctor after he looked her over, she fell asleep in my arms. So sweet. She is my BIG baby girl 34"(97%) in height and 27lbs (95%). He asked me today how tall her father was, told him 6'4" and he said yeah that's definitely it. So we talked about her talking and he said she is fine and it's not unusual, by kindergarten she'll be right there with the other kids. We also talked about potty training since Matt is pushing us to start. The doctor asked me if she tells us after she has gone, does she get upset or anything with a dirty diaper... Nope. So he said to take it at her pace and we will know when she is ready. He said there are 4 yr olds not potty trained and thats fine, it has to be on there time. So we will be waiting and just setting her on there at bathtime and stuff like that. Matt's bummed but OH WELL! ;)

Not sure if I mentioned this but my parents are finally building a house. They should be breaking ground by next week and if all goes well they might be in before Christmas. I am so excited for them, this will be their first HOUSE.

Ok need to wake Miss Tally up from her nap (late because of her appt) and head out of here. Have a great evening!

LO post!

Ok on this first one I'm not sure if I am done yet. This is what I have so far and I'm loving it. Those are the letters I made in the spring. I used Mindys Baby Breath kit again. (Love it)

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Now we have one with Miss Mints new  Oopsy Doodle  Kit, I love this kit! It has so many cute embellishments!

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I usually don't like contest but challenges I don't mind everyonce in a while. So this is what the next one is. Jen Wilsons Meaningful contest, haven't even posted this one in my gallery, only the Jen Wilson one.

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The Mint Chicks have been doing scraplifts of eachother and this is my take on one of Colleens pages.

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Another scraplift this time one of Joanns pages, I think I'm next weeks... eek

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So then Jasabeanie had a birthday a few days ago and made some cute doodled brackets/arrows/fun shapes. So I used them in these last 2 LO's along with her Jellybeanie and Minty Passion kits.

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That's all folks! Hope everyone has a great Thursday and I'll try to post again later this afternoon on how her appt went!

G'Morning my friends..

Well we have good news on the homefront! Matt and I are going to start TTC baby #2 now. Mostly we were waiting until we could add me onto his insurance. After I stopped working when Tally was born, my insurance went bye bye with the job. LOL So we made it a point to fit insurance into the budget for me this year and now I am officially covered! WOOHOO!!! We both have baby fever right now, so I'm definitely ready :D

Today we have Tally's 18 month check up to go to. My sweet girl still doesn't say many words so I'm a tiny bit worried on what the Peditrician is going to say. She is babbling more and more each day but actual words are still not coming out. She understands perfectly though so that is what is keeping me from worrying to much. I was trying to think of what she has said and here is what I have come up with Mama, Daddy, Hi, Bye, Thank you, I Love You (more like I uv oo), What, No and the newest Uh Oh (which is used daily) So cute! She has been yelling something at the dogs when they bark which she most likely gets from me since I yell CHANCE CARAMEL QUIET! LOL not sure if that is what she is trying to say or what. I might update later after the appt on what the doctor said.

Ok I was going to show a few pages but blogger is being a @*$&! so I'm going to upload to photobucket and make a post from there. I have more than 5 LO's anyway and we know how blogger doesn't like more than 5 pictures. BBS

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Some layouts...

Nothing much has been going on. Tally is at my parents house. About to take a shower and get ready to head over there for family night. Just a few layouts to share, first 2 are Atomic Cupcake and then the last is Mindys new Babys Breath kit that is at the Sweet Shoppe. I have about 4 other pages in the works, just can't show them yet or haven't perfected them just yet!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

More pages...

I'm a bad blogger, I know...

I've been taking evenings off and spending time with Matt and Tally. It's been nice but leads to not much internet time because when I am online I'm working on CT pages.

Went to a crop last night and had a lot of fun! Worked on 4 2-page spreads. Finished 3 of them when I got home, with journaling and titles. Worked on a previous spread this morning. I hate doing journaling in a public place so I like to work on those when I'm alone at home and the titles because I wasn't sure what words I was using for each letter, since this is a ABC's album of Tally's first year. As soon as I complete the journaling on a few more spreads, I will be completely done with A-T! Then I will only have 3 more spreads left. So Tally's first paper album should be done by my next crop on Sept 9th which will be a 12hr crop. Can't wait!

Great news for me... we changed from low grade cable internet connection to a cheaper but faster dsl connection! Cable connection has been acting wonky on us lately so switching seemed like the right thing to do since they kept saying it was something on our end. Which is bull since my neighbor had the same problem and changed to dsl too because of it. So no more 30 min + downloads of my digital kits!

Has it been forever since I posted a LO or what?!? So here are some, I'll continue on a seperate post too. Look at one of my galleries for credits.

Friday, August 11, 2006

I guess it's recap time...

I took some time away from the internet this past week. I just needed some me time I guess. I used to play The Sims2 all the time and after I got into digital scrapbooking I stopped playing. Well I saw the preview for the new expansion pack, Pets, and decided I wanted to load the game back onto my computer. I only had 1 expansion pack, University, so I went and bought NightLife and Pets comes out in Oct. So from now on I may be taking a day off here and there to play! Tally likes sitting in my lap and watching it, so it's a big plus with her not feeling left out!

So today I went to the Creating Keepsakes Convention. Ended up buying SEI's Paisley & Petals collection pack and 2 sets of foam stamps. I could have been a lot worse but luckily it was crowded and it was hard to push a umbrella stoller through tons of ppl! So this also means I shouldn't have to spend a lot of money next week at the crop I'm going to.


I'll be back with scrapbook pages later tonight or tomorrow!

Friday, August 4, 2006


So glad it's the end of the week. I am ready to sleep this weekend! We went grocery shopping today, Tally whined through half of the store because she was ready for her nap. Poor girl was tired before we even left the house but I needed to stop off at a playdate to give something to somebody. As soon as we headed home from WalMart she was OUT. Successfully transfered her into the house and she has been napping in her bed since. Bad news is I didn't get by the Tag Agency to renew my tags, which are already a month behind. Shhhh... don't tell the cops!

I bought her new paci's, I said I wasn't going to buy her anymore but she really isn't attached to anything else. I read an article that said that it doesn't hurt them and if she is still sucking on it at 3 yrs old, to start trying to take them away at time. I hope that she weans herself off of them by anytime between now and 2 1/2. The only way it will hurt her is if she was still sucking on it at 6 yrs old, I would have burned them all way before that age!

So check out the new Free kit at Peppermint Creative Miss Mint out did herself this time! Isn't it awesome! Remember she is also having a 35% off sale until Monday, if you haven't gotten that new Recycle Bin and Bits set,run over there and get it!

Mindy also has an adorable Quickpage set with the Bohemian Garden kit that can be picked up at Scrapbook Graphics Oh and who is that cutie down there in the bottom right hand corner???

Enjoy your Friday because thats all folks!

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Update on Caramel


It's been a lazy week, still in the 100's around here and I'm not really wanting to get out in the heat. Today I will though, we need it. My mom is off work this week getting ready to go to her new store. Hours are going to be changing so we are trying to spend some time together before it goes all wacky! So she is going with me to drop off my Caramel at the groomer. I'm going to get a before and after shot and show you maybe later today. LOL It's crazy, almost like getting a new dog. Then we are heading to lunch, I think Olive Garden was mentioned. After that my mom is going to see my friend David for a cut and possibly color. The best part of this day is that my mom is taking Tally tonight, so Matt and I can have some couple time. WOOHOO

So in my previous post I directed you to a blog, which is my new CT! Need to update my links again! Possibly make a new banner if I have time before I have to leave. Here is my first page with Jasmine's new kit, Amy's Team Escape available at her SBB store.

Miss Mint's August kit will be up on August 4th, she will also be having a 35% off sale at that time also! So you need to go check it out Friday @ Peppermint Creative

I think that's all for now folks! Have a great day!