Wednesday, August 2, 2006


It's been a lazy week, still in the 100's around here and I'm not really wanting to get out in the heat. Today I will though, we need it. My mom is off work this week getting ready to go to her new store. Hours are going to be changing so we are trying to spend some time together before it goes all wacky! So she is going with me to drop off my Caramel at the groomer. I'm going to get a before and after shot and show you maybe later today. LOL It's crazy, almost like getting a new dog. Then we are heading to lunch, I think Olive Garden was mentioned. After that my mom is going to see my friend David for a cut and possibly color. The best part of this day is that my mom is taking Tally tonight, so Matt and I can have some couple time. WOOHOO

So in my previous post I directed you to a blog, which is my new CT! Need to update my links again! Possibly make a new banner if I have time before I have to leave. Here is my first page with Jasmine's new kit, Amy's Team Escape available at her SBB store.

Miss Mint's August kit will be up on August 4th, she will also be having a 35% off sale at that time also! So you need to go check it out Friday @ Peppermint Creative

I think that's all for now folks! Have a great day!


  1. I was wondering where you where today. I forgot about Caramel. I hope he looks pretty. :) I can't believe you're going to OG without me. You know that's our special place. ;) Talk to you tonight sometime!

  2. You are so creative!!! I need to get going on my scrapbooking.

  3. great are a ct queen huh?

    Hope you had fun with matt tonight!