Thursday, August 31, 2006

On a roll today...

Look at me... 3 times in one day. LOL

Well Tally's appt didn't go as well as I would of liked. She screamed and clung to me the entire time. She does not like the doctors office, she knows exactly why she is there and she let us know that she was not happy about it. While talking to the doctor after he looked her over, she fell asleep in my arms. So sweet. She is my BIG baby girl 34"(97%) in height and 27lbs (95%). He asked me today how tall her father was, told him 6'4" and he said yeah that's definitely it. So we talked about her talking and he said she is fine and it's not unusual, by kindergarten she'll be right there with the other kids. We also talked about potty training since Matt is pushing us to start. The doctor asked me if she tells us after she has gone, does she get upset or anything with a dirty diaper... Nope. So he said to take it at her pace and we will know when she is ready. He said there are 4 yr olds not potty trained and thats fine, it has to be on there time. So we will be waiting and just setting her on there at bathtime and stuff like that. Matt's bummed but OH WELL! ;)

Not sure if I mentioned this but my parents are finally building a house. They should be breaking ground by next week and if all goes well they might be in before Christmas. I am so excited for them, this will be their first HOUSE.

Ok need to wake Miss Tally up from her nap (late because of her appt) and head out of here. Have a great evening!

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  1. Glad to hear that she had a good appt....well with the exception of her not wanting to be there. Sounds like she is growing and doing well. Congrats to your parents on their new house. :D