Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Who needs a title?!?

Haven't been feeling well the past couple of days. Not sure if it is because I've beem couped up in this house or what. Today is better though. We got out of the house for a few hours. Picked up some containers for my pantry. Not a fan of stuff in boxes and bags. My plan is to clean them and fill them with stuff this evening. I also need to clean out my freezer because I will be filling it with meals Thursday evening since I am doing one of those prep and freeze meal places. Oh I hope this works and we like the food and it cuts back on eating out. I am sooo excited!

While out today I also picked up some pictures to scrap on Saturday for the 12 hr crop I'm going to. Another thing I'm getting excited for! I am finally going to finish Tallys 1st year ABC Album. I've already started here and there on her 2 yr paper album, no theme this time though. I need to start looking for an album to hold the pages though.

I worked on a few pages this past week but I guess I'll have to use Photobucket or something, blogger isn't letting me upload. I'll do that tomorrow.

P.S. Those letters on Tally's wall are wood letters, with K&Company paper on them.


  1. im excited too...if it's really awesome you need to invite me over for dinner lol!

  2. Please tell me more about the Meal prep place... is this a business or do you do it at a friends house??? I soooo need to do something like that!
    I LOVE the paper over the letters idea... Mind if I copy it for my son and daughter's room??

  3. Tomorrow will be better! Cause we're scrappin!!!!