Thursday, September 14, 2006


Tonight will probably be another early night for me. Wasn't feeling to hot yesterday so I went to bed around 10:30-11pm(early for me). Tonight will most likely be the same. We were supposed to go to a zoo members event tonight but they were jam packed and we aren't ones for a crowd so we turned around and came home after grabbing something for dinner. Matt is on vacation next week so we will go to the zoo at least 2 times, so no biggie!

Jasmine has a beautiful kit coming out tomorrow. Kewl Beans #7 - Fizzy Fusion Mix is going to be available at Jasbeanies shop and ACOT

Here is a page I did with it. Yum

G'Night folks!


  1. Pretty it made out of chocolate..and if so, can i eat it? ;)

  2. Lovely LO, Your photos are all so wonderful- what kind of Camera do you use??
    I know, I'm always so full of questions!!