Sunday, July 29, 2007

35week update...almost 36

It's getting so close. I had an appointment this past Wed, the first of my weeklies. Not exactly sure on how many lbs I am up but I'm thinking 15lbs total. We did an u/s and Devlin is measuring around 6lbs and my doctor is guessing around 8lbs by delivery. We have a little problem at the moment, Devlin is breech/transverse still...We are all hoping that he has flipped back into position by my next appt Thurs. This appt will be the first in Dr Summers new office and it will also be the appt that we discuss the delivery day game plan. I am not sure at the moment if she does ECV's if he is still breech or if she'll just go ahead and suggest c-section. I'm hoping for a ECV even with only the 50% success rate. I can stand the pain for a little bit to get him into position so I can avoid surgery. If he has turned and is into position we'll discuss an induction date. This is the appt I've been waiting for. So if you can keep positive moved into position thoughts for me I would appreciate it ;) I may be back soon with a scrapbooking post! Hope everyone is doing well!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

33 Week update...almost 34

My appt on Monday got moved to Wednesday due to a emergency c-section my doctor had to do. So I went on Wednesday and I did gain a few pounds finally but didn't ask how much, she wasn't concerned and neither was I ;) She did a quick u/s of Devlin, said he was looking great and decided we would do one more 2 week appt before my weeklies start since I am already doing weekly NST's with her nurse. Those are not going so well though in the office. For some reason when they are done his heartbeat doesn't rise with his movements...or at least the machine isn't catching it peak. So after doing one of Thursday that was borderline ok, Dr Summers had me come back in yesterday and redo it. This one did not go well either soooo..... I was sent to the hospital for another NST and a BPP (BioPhysical Profile). After a few hours at the hospital and a stressed morning...he passed everything. It was all worth it since he was ok and I got to see a good u/s of him again. He has ... HAIR! This is big news since Tally is just now getting some length to hers after almost 2 1/2 yrs. LOL So after all that excitement yesterday I'm going to give the NST in my doctors office one more time before asking if I can have them done at the hospital.

And a few pages before I go....

Baby shower is today.... might have some pics of it next post. Have a nice weekend!

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