Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Is it Wed night ... already?

This week is going by pretty fast. Monday we did not have the brisket. My dad changed his mind and we had burgers and hotdogs. I guess he didn't want to mess with the brisket. Which was fine with us, it was still yummy. We had a great family day, always do though!

Yesterday was Tally's 15 month appt. She is now 25lbs and 9ozs and 32" long! Momma's big girl... screamed the whole time the doctor was examing her. Probably scared all of the other kids! She got 2 shots, so now we are waiting for the side effects which can be a week or two away. UGH! Baby girl also fell on her Little People barn and we now have a little bit of a black eye. So yesterday was not the best day!! She slept well though ;)

Today we had a playdate @ Misty and Ann Marie's. Pretty good day!!!

So now some pics...
Kind of see the black eye here..

Loves this stroller... I'm going to have to buy her one

The girls playing nice!

A cute little pic of Ann Marie

Finally both girls looking at me!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!

It's been fun so far for me. Pretty lazy yesterday. I went grocery shopping, which is always fun. "rolling eyes" Stopped by Target and picked up Scrapbook Answers "How to Guide" which has an awesome kit in it from ScrapArtist. Love it!! Made a LO with a picture of me only... rarely ever do that. I like it though and it's to Tally. I really hope she has more confindence in herself than I did growing up. Hope I give that message to her over the years! So here is the page.
Friday I got my hair trimmed and put some extra highlights in it, got to love my David! So a little more blonde for the summer.

Going to the parents tomorrow for bbq'ed brisket. YUM! Had ribs at their house yesterday. My dad is getting grill crazy this weekend which is fine with me, less cooking on my end! So that's pretty much all that's been going on. Lazy day here today, making some roasted chicken breast for dinner. Might go shopping tomorrow, Matt broke our trash can lid off, so i need to get another one. Needed a new one anyway he broke the spring off months ago. TTFN!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Blog slacker!

I am sorry... I am so bad. Just haven't had the energy to post a lot this week. We are still in teething hell! Even though she was at my parents for 2 days so that can be a big excuse ;) Yet tonight the first night I've had her back she didn't want to go to sleep. Found 2 more teeth and 1 that is cutting so that will make 11 when it does. So then we'll have just one more molar to make it's debut :)

I've updated the blog banner as you can see. My next project is updating my side bar (updating links and blinkies). Then I'll start looking into possibly going into a 3 column. Just haven't been in the mood to mess with all the work that ends up being for me. You know since I'm not great at html!

Scrapping news!! (Not in the mood for links tonight so if you have a question email me)
Mindys new kit is out Enjoy Life at the sweet shoppe. Here is my first page with it, it's also used in the banner!

Sara has a new kit coming out on Tuesday and I'll have a page made by Monday afternoon to post.

Miss Mint at Peppermint Creative has a sale this weekend starting tomorrow she will have 25% off until Monday. New stuff will be added also!

Atomic Cupcake also has a sale going on. All actions are $2.50 until Monday then they will go back up to $3.99 I believe. Here is a page made with her stuff. Featuring Mistys darling daughter Ann Marie too!

So I guess that's all I have to say for now. I'll try to get back into posting a short post daily. We'll see if I keep that up!

Monday, May 22, 2006


Just a quick post before I go to bed. No new LO's, been working on a few, just haven't finished up yet. It's been a full weekend.

Friday was great, the playdate was fun. Will have a LO to post tomorrow sometime with the girls in it. Saturday we went to Mayfest with my parents. Walked around for a few hours, it was fun. Will probably have a LO with a picture from that sometime this week. Today we went to the zoo. Had some fun, will probably have a LO with a pic from that too.

A little story to share about today. After the zoo we went to dinner and when we got home I tried to lay Tally down for a nap. Cause she was exhausted. Well she didn't go down so I brought her into the office while I was working on a page. I got tired so layed in my pillow area to take a nap. Woke up a little while later. Tally was covered in black ink from my calligraphy pen. LOL I guess I left one of the pockets to my crop bag unzipped when I was looking or my scissors earlier. She also got into my purse and pulled out my gum. I think she only got a hold of a few pieces and I will be watching her carefully to make sure she is ok. Still in shock over that incident! Here is a picture, wish I would have thought about it while she was still dressed!
So that was my weekend. I haven't been sitting on the computer constantly. Playdate tomorrow at the park but I'll try to finish some LO's tomorrow to get posted. Night!!!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sit back and relax... I have a lot to say!

Ok here is the deal, I started this post this morning and it's now 6:30 pm so ignore the it's still early thing and all that stuff. Pictures won't upload so if you want to see my LO's click on the name of it. Thanks! Now to my original post.....

Not really important stuff but it's been a few days ;) plus I forgot some things on Tuesday when I did post.

So we'll start with life first... it's been good. Nothing to exciting. Tally is still teething and having a hard time with naps at times, I've started medicating. She woke up before 7am yesterday and whined the whole time she was up. Finally took a nap around 9:30 but it was only an hour so we went to the playdate yesterday at the park. She didn't run around to much but it seemed like she had fun. I had fun too. She fell asleep in the car on the way home but woke up as soon as I put her in the bed. So she stayed up for another couple of hours before finally taking a good nap until 7:30pm. Put her down for bed at 9:30 and she slept until 9am this morning. So it was a good night.

Today so far has been a lazy morning, it's still early though. After this post I need to hit the shower. I am waiting for a package for my mom, that she sent here since apparently I have no life and can wait around the house for her packages. She is coming over with lunch, so I guess it's worth it since I didn't really have plans to begin with. Tomorrow I have a playdate at a friends house and some grocery shopping to do. So it'll be a nice day, getting out of the house.

So onto some scrapping! The other day I forgot to post Mindys new kit A Mother Is Here is the page I did with it...
She also has a new one that will be done soon. Sara Carling is in the process of a new 2 scoop with Christy Lyle which I believe will be out the beginning of next week. So I will be getting 2 new kits to work with soon from them.
Miss Mint of Peppermint Creative has a gallery contest going on. Post your Peppermint Creative layouts in our gallery. Each month someone will win a $10 Gift Card to the store! 2 more pages to show you that I did with her stuff!
BriAnna of Atomic Cupcake has opened up a message board on her site. She has some tips and general chit chat. 1 new page with her stuff!
I am working on changing my blog a bit. I am wanting a 3 column blog and it took me long enough to figure out how to design this one. So you might get a shock sometime this weekend and everything look different. So that's all I have to say for right now.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Can I have just 5 more mins....

I am so tired this morning. Went to bed around 1:30am and Tally woke up a little before 8am, I could have used a little extra sleep. Maybe a little nap later in the day.

Wow it's Tuesday and my last past was Friday, seems like I posted Saturday but I guess I never actually got around to it. Saturday was the lake. It was fun, Tally especially had fun. Running around and looking at the other kids. LO's will be coming this week with some of the pictures. Sunday for Mothers Day I took my mom to lunch and a movie. I am also working on a 6x6 album for her that I will add a page to every month for her. She can never say she doesn't have a current picture of Tally ;) Tally and Daddy sent me a card and added money to my paypal account for my scrapbooking. That is what I asked for, Matt isn't very good at picking stuff out so I just tell him what to get me for the most part. HA!

So we are to yesterday... I've been working on my moms album and hope to finish it by tomorrow night. I have done 6 pages and am doing a total of 15 by the time I give it to her so I only have 9 more to go and started it on Sunday night. So I think tomorrow night or early Thursday is a reasonable thing! I got my bathroom cleaned yesterday, I know you care ;) Today and tomorrow will be the master bedroom. Finally going to get everything moved around and organized with my scrap table. Matt has his last Condo meeting as President tonight, he is resigning and giving it to his retired Vice President. Just to much going on for someone that works full-time to deal with and still have time for his family.

Ok time to feed the kiddo so have a nice day, hopefully I'll have exciting stuff later this week!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Still in shock!

I have been accepted to Atomic Cupcake's Creative Team also. I seriously did not think I would be accepted to both of those teams. Figured maybe one. So I'm still in shock and am now up to 4 Creative/Design Teams. I'm done... NO MORE! Ok well... if certain designers ever came out and asked me without me doing a call, I might have to say yes. Other than that... DONE! LOL Ok so I finished my first LO for AC, I've been wanting to scrap this picture since I took it and just couldn't find the right kit to use and BriAnna aka AC had the perfect kit. Here is the LO... Bathtime!

We went to the zoo today. Haven't checked out the pictures but I know there are a couple of cute shots of Tally so expect some layouts with those soon. Tally still isn't feeling well, with all of the extra drool that's been soaking her shirts, we think she is definitely teething. She was fighting her nap so instead of taking her with my mom and I shopping, she stayed home with daddy and eventually took a small nap. Picked up an outfit from Lerner's to wear to the lake tomorrow. You know... have to look stylish at the lake playing bingo and eating catfish and bbq ;) Also bought Tally this cute little fold up lawn chair to sit in. I should be set for pictures for a little while by the end of this week. Matt's been a picture taking fool, opposed to just being a FOOL!

So time to end this little post and you might hear from me tomorrow night after the lake, might even have a few pics to share! TTFN!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mini-vacation recap and other news...

So I'm back, I hope some of you missed me. LOL It was a great trip. We had a great time and nothing went wrong. We finally got out of town around 9am Tuesday and got into downtown OKC close to 11am. Our first stop was of course the Memorial! Matt took tons of pictures. It really made me think back to that day. I was at school in drivers ed and someone called my teacher and he turned on the news. We watched the news all day at school as well as that night, watching the death toll rise as the days went on. We went into the museum and there is a part were you sit in a room and actually hear a tape that was being recorded at the time of the bombing across the street. Sad to hear it and then to look at the pictures of the victims, especially the children.

So after the memorial visit, we decided to eat something for lunch. We headed towards our hotel. Ended up eating at a Chinese Buffet inside the mall then went and checked into our room. Unloaded cooled off a bit then headed back out. I wanted to check out the area I used to live in as well as the old TJMaxx I worked at so we stopped by those places. Then headed to Myriad Gardens. Got tons of cute pictures of Tally there. Which the scrapbook pages I show towards the end of this post will show a few of them. Well as we are wondering around and taking pictures Matt decides to fill me in on the fact that I am sweating and my tush is wet... NICE! It was humid, what can I say. So we head back to the hotel and I take a shower and change for dinner.

We head out again this time towards Bricktown. We are searching for a place to park and end up spending $5 to pack in the area where the game was going on. Yeah we looked like stupid tourist! So we don't know where to board the water taxi and we left the stroller in the car because we didn't want to lug it onto the water taxi with us. Stupid! Stupid! This kid is heavy ;) So we walk the canal until we find the taxi then ride through the canal which is nice and instead of letting it drop us off back at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill we walked back around. Sat outside at I Love This Bar & Grill right off of the canal, ordered our dinner. Tally was becoming fussy, by this time it was getting close to 9. So we had them box up our dinner to-go after having our salads. Matt still wanted to take a few pictures of the Memorial at night. So we headed back there, at 9pm. Tally fell asleep in the car so we put her in the stroller while he took his pictures and I followed him around. Finally getting back to the hotel at 10pm. Woke Tally up and fed her then put her back to sleep. The end of Day 1!

So we had breakfast at the hotel Wednesday morning. Checked out and headed towards the Buddhist Temple Matt wanted to take pictures of. It wasn't what he was wanting so we passed it and headed back into town. Not completely sure of what we wanted to do. Decided he wanted to take a few pics of the capital, so we did that. Then decided to go to the Omniplex, I haven't been there since highschool and Matt has never been there. It has changed a lot. They have added things since I was in highschool. lol There was a fun toddler/childrens area and Tally just loved it. Matt of course loved the photography section. Afterwards we headed back to Tulsa! Arrived home around 4pm yesterday.

That was long huh... LOL!

So I came home to an email from Miss Mint at Peppermint Creative, I am now on another Creative/Design Team! Miss Mint is new on the scene and seems like a sweetie! I have already done 2 layouts using her stuff, 1 of which I bought Saturday! Here they are and expect to see more in the coming days with products made by her.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Mindy has a new kit coming soon, most likely Friday. So expect a new page made with that kit on Friday night but if I don't get to it then, it'll be Sunday! It's beautiful, just like all of her stuff! Can't wait to work with it.
Well today has been interesting. Tally has been running a fever, 100.5 under the arm. Burning up to the touch. Hopefully it's just teething and will go away. I'll keep you updated! I think I've typed enough this afternoon, so TTFN!

Monday, May 8, 2006

Cropping fool!

Saturday was NSD (National Scrapbook Day). I would like to start by saying I spent way to much money for what it was on. Don't even want to really add up the totals. First stop yesterday morning was to Gina Millers chat at SBB. I got another coupon for $2 to add to the $3 that I got from her Sketch challenge last week. So I picked up 3 paper packs from her. Then stopped by ScrapArtist for there NSD freebie kit, luckily that one was free ;) I went to the Shabby Shoppe for a day of crops, there were 5 total I believe. I attended the first 3 completely then I left the chat open at home for the last two during to evening. All 5 chats contained great freebies from Shabby Princess! I attended a chat at 1:30 to see Miss Mint. I applied for her CT last week, she still has a few days left. I picked up her new freebie plus a kit. Had to pick up a little gift from Gina Cabrera plus I bought a new alpha from her which came a long with a little gift also. I couldn't end the day without hitting The Sweet Shoppe and picking up some goodies from there plus the freebie for spending $10. So all in all I think I have 5-6 new kits plus some extra elements to use. So I'll be on a spending hold for at least a couple of weeks. ;)

I was going to work on Mothers Day albums for grandma and nana but that just isn't going to happen this week. We are leaving for OKC tomorrow morning and won't be home until late Wednesday. Today I have to prepare for that trip. Get a few groceries, return a library book, laundry then packing. I just don't see a lot of spare time to work on 20 scapbook pages. Thursday is looking like the only day that I don't have something planned. Friday night is undecided on staying at the lake before my dad's company picnic Saturday. So then of course I'll be at the lake all day Saturday! Then Sunday is Mother's Day. Whoa... sneaking up me. So anyway I won't be posting again until late Wednesday night, possibly Thursday.

Have a great Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!

Friday, May 5, 2006

Interesting day!

First of all "Thank You Emily" for letting me know that my layout from yesterday was chosen for the Digi Pick of the Day. You can read about it here. That's just awesome! Even though it was a sketch, it makes me feel great that I got some recognition. lol I don't like to be in the spotlight most of the time but it's nice when it happens.

Mindy put out an awesome new boys kit called Mommys Lil Boy, its adorable and here are two layouts I did with it.


So I stayed up way to late last night chatting again. This is where Misty says "It wasn't me" LOL So I finally went to bed, not sure exactly when I got off here, it was shortly after I finished chatting. Ms Tally woke up at 9, which was nice. Let me sleep in a little bit. I worked on the two layouts today and chatted a bit with Jeanne again ( she was she says) and been chatting on and off with Mindy. Still haven't done anything having to do with the house.

In news today... My new crop bag is in the mail! Fed Ex has it in their possession and it should be here anytime between tomorrow and Tuesday (the day we are probably going on vacation) ugh, so I have to call FedEx and tell them to hold it until I get back.

Well I have 20 things going on at once and it's taking forever for me to finish this post so I'll come back later.....

Thursday, May 4, 2006

Another lazy day!

I had so many things going on in my head yesterday on getting some housework done today. Guess what ended up getting done.... NOTHING! Last night was horible, I didn't get any sleep. I shut everything down around midnight and I felt tired so I thought I would fall right to sleep and get at least 6-7hrs before Ms Tally woke up. That was so not the case, I just layed there and apparently had to many things going on in my mind plus the loudest storm in in all of Oklahoma decided to happen. After about an hour and half I decided to try and read the book that I picked up from the library yesterday. Lisa Scottolines new one, "Dirty Blonde", it's good and I wasn't sleepy so I continued to read for a while longer. Next thing I know Matt is telling me it's 4am and I needed to go to sleep. LOL Put the book down after I finished the chapter and layed for at least another half hour before I decided to take some Tylenol PM. Finally 20-30 more minutes and I was out.

Tally woke me around 8am, changed her diaper and went into the playroom and layed on the floor to take a nap. If you've seen pics of the office/playroom there are pillows in the corner and that's where I nap... well try! It's hard to do that when you have a 14 month old jumping around on you, poking you in the eye and belly button. So finally I got off the floor at 10 and turned on my computer. Talked to Ms Jeanne for a little while... you know while she was "working" LOL or not! Finally realized we hadn't had breakfast at around 10:45am. (oops) So we ate, she had oatmeal and I had Cheerios.

Fun Fun Day of not doing anything. Well I did finish a page for Gina's Sketch Challenge at SBB.

This Saturday is National Scrapbooking Day, lots of events going on in the scrapbooking community. Going to try and check some of those things out this weekend. Mindy just finished a new kit that will be coming out in the next couple of days. Can't wait to work with it. So be looking out for a layout with that tomorrow or Saturday. Still making plans for our vacation next week, will update when I know more of which days we are going. So other than that it's been a boring day. Talk to you ladies tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Back again....

So first of all I hope everyone missed me! teehee

I'm still not 100% but I am definitely on the mend. Thank you for all the get well wishes over the past weekend. On my post from Sunday, I said that we went to the park... I was so doped up on Benedryl that I meant to type Zoo. Oops! Here is a picture of Ms Tally cheezin' (her new look, especially when she is eating) Also the last scrapbook layouts I did before I was sick as a dog.

We had a couple of rough nights, with me having trouble sleeping and Tally kept us up one night. Not sure how I got through the day yesterday after having no sleep and then I stayed up chatting like an idiot. Luckily I am feeling better and it was great to get out shopping today. So onto the good stuff...

First we went to lunch at Joe's Crab Shack and I think I did alright but I'll never really know since they don't do nutritional info. I got the soup and salad/dressing on the side and Gumbo for the soup. It was yummy. Then we stopped off at the scrap store, I originally went in to price a Crop in Style bag that I am wanting.... will go into more detail on that in a little bit ;) Instead of getting that, I picked up 2 6x6 albums to make for our Mothers for Mother's Day, some photo corners, a magazine (Scrapbook Etc. May/June). Then we stopped off at Payless so Tally could get some new shoes, her feet are growing fast so we bought her one pair a 1/2 size bigger than her sandals since she is going to be wearing socks with them and then the same pair in a size bigger than that for later in the summer. After that on to Hobby Lobby, looking for some mirror hangers to hang Tally's letters on the wall, found them and bought them ;) Also picked up another magazine (Memory Makers June) see the trend there. LOL Also picked up some ribbon. Then onto Super Target... where I got another magazine... just kidding ;) Instead I bought some undershirts and stuff for Matt since he could care less if ALL of the ones he owns have holes in them . UGH MEN!!! I also finished picking up some things for my friend who is having her baby soon, my mom bought a couple of things too. So... that was my fun shopping trip, I was just glad to get out. If you kwim!

So onto my Crop in Style bag, this is in lieu of getting Rebel XT for me since Matt sold his Rebel. I really didn't need it, I am fine with him taking pictures of Ms Tally! So I decided I wanted a bag to carry all my scrap/craft supplies in. I found this one. I bought it when I got home from shopping, free shipping and in the stores it was more, so I figured why not... Should be in sometime next week. I can't wait, I just hope it doesn't come while I'm away.

Speaking of away... Matt is on vacation next week and we are taking a mini trip to Oklahoma City for a couple of days. Neither of us have been to the bombing memorial and it will give Matt a chance to take some great pictures! The Riverwalk there wasn't finished when I lived there so we plan to check that out too. This will be the first time Matt has really been to OKC, where he could look around. I'm excited and ready!

Well I guess that's enough for now! I'll leave you with another cheezy pic of Tally taken today! Until tomorrow, have a nice night!

I'm back...................

Finally feeling a little better. I've been around the computer just didn't want to actually get on here and type that I still didn't feel good and life was blah... I'm going to make this 2 post because I am going shopping with my mom in an hour and don't have time to type and upload pictures and pages to show. Just wanted to tell you I am alive and I will have a real post coming to you later this afternoon possibly later tonight. TTFN!