Monday, May 22, 2006


Just a quick post before I go to bed. No new LO's, been working on a few, just haven't finished up yet. It's been a full weekend.

Friday was great, the playdate was fun. Will have a LO to post tomorrow sometime with the girls in it. Saturday we went to Mayfest with my parents. Walked around for a few hours, it was fun. Will probably have a LO with a picture from that sometime this week. Today we went to the zoo. Had some fun, will probably have a LO with a pic from that too.

A little story to share about today. After the zoo we went to dinner and when we got home I tried to lay Tally down for a nap. Cause she was exhausted. Well she didn't go down so I brought her into the office while I was working on a page. I got tired so layed in my pillow area to take a nap. Woke up a little while later. Tally was covered in black ink from my calligraphy pen. LOL I guess I left one of the pockets to my crop bag unzipped when I was looking or my scissors earlier. She also got into my purse and pulled out my gum. I think she only got a hold of a few pieces and I will be watching her carefully to make sure she is ok. Still in shock over that incident! Here is a picture, wish I would have thought about it while she was still dressed!
So that was my weekend. I haven't been sitting on the computer constantly. Playdate tomorrow at the park but I'll try to finish some LO's tomorrow to get posted. Night!!!


  1. Glad you had a good weekend.

    Cute girl even with ink on her face. :)

    Looking forward to seeing the new LOs.

    See you later. ;)

  2. Waiting for those layouts..esp the one with my lil sweetie in it ;) The girls were having so much fun Friday...too bad we had to go run errands and ruin their fun...:(

  3. I like the new look...very purdy. Now about those layouts...and a new post. I've run out of reading material over here..;)