Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Back again....

So first of all I hope everyone missed me! teehee

I'm still not 100% but I am definitely on the mend. Thank you for all the get well wishes over the past weekend. On my post from Sunday, I said that we went to the park... I was so doped up on Benedryl that I meant to type Zoo. Oops! Here is a picture of Ms Tally cheezin' (her new look, especially when she is eating) Also the last scrapbook layouts I did before I was sick as a dog.

We had a couple of rough nights, with me having trouble sleeping and Tally kept us up one night. Not sure how I got through the day yesterday after having no sleep and then I stayed up chatting like an idiot. Luckily I am feeling better and it was great to get out shopping today. So onto the good stuff...

First we went to lunch at Joe's Crab Shack and I think I did alright but I'll never really know since they don't do nutritional info. I got the soup and salad/dressing on the side and Gumbo for the soup. It was yummy. Then we stopped off at the scrap store, I originally went in to price a Crop in Style bag that I am wanting.... will go into more detail on that in a little bit ;) Instead of getting that, I picked up 2 6x6 albums to make for our Mothers for Mother's Day, some photo corners, a magazine (Scrapbook Etc. May/June). Then we stopped off at Payless so Tally could get some new shoes, her feet are growing fast so we bought her one pair a 1/2 size bigger than her sandals since she is going to be wearing socks with them and then the same pair in a size bigger than that for later in the summer. After that on to Hobby Lobby, looking for some mirror hangers to hang Tally's letters on the wall, found them and bought them ;) Also picked up another magazine (Memory Makers June) see the trend there. LOL Also picked up some ribbon. Then onto Super Target... where I got another magazine... just kidding ;) Instead I bought some undershirts and stuff for Matt since he could care less if ALL of the ones he owns have holes in them . UGH MEN!!! I also finished picking up some things for my friend who is having her baby soon, my mom bought a couple of things too. So... that was my fun shopping trip, I was just glad to get out. If you kwim!

So onto my Crop in Style bag, this is in lieu of getting Rebel XT for me since Matt sold his Rebel. I really didn't need it, I am fine with him taking pictures of Ms Tally! So I decided I wanted a bag to carry all my scrap/craft supplies in. I found this one. I bought it when I got home from shopping, free shipping and in the stores it was more, so I figured why not... Should be in sometime next week. I can't wait, I just hope it doesn't come while I'm away.

Speaking of away... Matt is on vacation next week and we are taking a mini trip to Oklahoma City for a couple of days. Neither of us have been to the bombing memorial and it will give Matt a chance to take some great pictures! The Riverwalk there wasn't finished when I lived there so we plan to check that out too. This will be the first time Matt has really been to OKC, where he could look around. I'm excited and ready!

Well I guess that's enough for now! I'll leave you with another cheezy pic of Tally taken today! Until tomorrow, have a nice night!


  1. What a great shopping trip! Sounds like you found a lot of good stuff! Cute pics of T! And AM had outfit that was almost matching hers today.....Great minds ;)

  2. what a fun shopping day!

    Your layouts are great!

    Tally is precious & Jaxon has the same paci's!!

  3. Too cute. Her little personality is coming out more and more I bet. Sounds like you had a good shopping day.

  4. OMG Tally is just to gorgeous and is getting sooo big!! I love that first pic with the tongue.. too cute!! Im glad you are feeling better and it sure sounds like alot of shopping!! Love your layouts as well.. you are so talented!