Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mini-vacation recap and other news...

So I'm back, I hope some of you missed me. LOL It was a great trip. We had a great time and nothing went wrong. We finally got out of town around 9am Tuesday and got into downtown OKC close to 11am. Our first stop was of course the Memorial! Matt took tons of pictures. It really made me think back to that day. I was at school in drivers ed and someone called my teacher and he turned on the news. We watched the news all day at school as well as that night, watching the death toll rise as the days went on. We went into the museum and there is a part were you sit in a room and actually hear a tape that was being recorded at the time of the bombing across the street. Sad to hear it and then to look at the pictures of the victims, especially the children.

So after the memorial visit, we decided to eat something for lunch. We headed towards our hotel. Ended up eating at a Chinese Buffet inside the mall then went and checked into our room. Unloaded cooled off a bit then headed back out. I wanted to check out the area I used to live in as well as the old TJMaxx I worked at so we stopped by those places. Then headed to Myriad Gardens. Got tons of cute pictures of Tally there. Which the scrapbook pages I show towards the end of this post will show a few of them. Well as we are wondering around and taking pictures Matt decides to fill me in on the fact that I am sweating and my tush is wet... NICE! It was humid, what can I say. So we head back to the hotel and I take a shower and change for dinner.

We head out again this time towards Bricktown. We are searching for a place to park and end up spending $5 to pack in the area where the game was going on. Yeah we looked like stupid tourist! So we don't know where to board the water taxi and we left the stroller in the car because we didn't want to lug it onto the water taxi with us. Stupid! Stupid! This kid is heavy ;) So we walk the canal until we find the taxi then ride through the canal which is nice and instead of letting it drop us off back at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill we walked back around. Sat outside at I Love This Bar & Grill right off of the canal, ordered our dinner. Tally was becoming fussy, by this time it was getting close to 9. So we had them box up our dinner to-go after having our salads. Matt still wanted to take a few pictures of the Memorial at night. So we headed back there, at 9pm. Tally fell asleep in the car so we put her in the stroller while he took his pictures and I followed him around. Finally getting back to the hotel at 10pm. Woke Tally up and fed her then put her back to sleep. The end of Day 1!

So we had breakfast at the hotel Wednesday morning. Checked out and headed towards the Buddhist Temple Matt wanted to take pictures of. It wasn't what he was wanting so we passed it and headed back into town. Not completely sure of what we wanted to do. Decided he wanted to take a few pics of the capital, so we did that. Then decided to go to the Omniplex, I haven't been there since highschool and Matt has never been there. It has changed a lot. They have added things since I was in highschool. lol There was a fun toddler/childrens area and Tally just loved it. Matt of course loved the photography section. Afterwards we headed back to Tulsa! Arrived home around 4pm yesterday.

That was long huh... LOL!

So I came home to an email from Miss Mint at Peppermint Creative, I am now on another Creative/Design Team! Miss Mint is new on the scene and seems like a sweetie! I have already done 2 layouts using her stuff, 1 of which I bought Saturday! Here they are and expect to see more in the coming days with products made by her.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Mindy has a new kit coming soon, most likely Friday. So expect a new page made with that kit on Friday night but if I don't get to it then, it'll be Sunday! It's beautiful, just like all of her stuff! Can't wait to work with it.
Well today has been interesting. Tally has been running a fever, 100.5 under the arm. Burning up to the touch. Hopefully it's just teething and will go away. I'll keep you updated! I think I've typed enough this afternoon, so TTFN!


  1. I'm glad you had fun...I think i've been to that it on the way to spencer??? it seems like it's east of town...hope tally feels better

  2. Yea!! Sounds like your trip was a hit! I'm so glad ya'll had a good time. The pictures of Tally at the Myriad Gardens are great! We should have met you there for Matt to take some of JAx...Maybe next time!


  3. Sounds like a great little getaway! Sorry T is down. It seems like one of the girls always has something like that going on. Hope they both feel better at the same time, soon, so we can get together.

  4. Sounds like a great trip. The pictures are beautiful.

    I hope Tally gets to feeling better soon.....poor girl. :(