Friday, May 5, 2006

Interesting day!

First of all "Thank You Emily" for letting me know that my layout from yesterday was chosen for the Digi Pick of the Day. You can read about it here. That's just awesome! Even though it was a sketch, it makes me feel great that I got some recognition. lol I don't like to be in the spotlight most of the time but it's nice when it happens.

Mindy put out an awesome new boys kit called Mommys Lil Boy, its adorable and here are two layouts I did with it.


So I stayed up way to late last night chatting again. This is where Misty says "It wasn't me" LOL So I finally went to bed, not sure exactly when I got off here, it was shortly after I finished chatting. Ms Tally woke up at 9, which was nice. Let me sleep in a little bit. I worked on the two layouts today and chatted a bit with Jeanne again ( she was she says) and been chatting on and off with Mindy. Still haven't done anything having to do with the house.

In news today... My new crop bag is in the mail! Fed Ex has it in their possession and it should be here anytime between tomorrow and Tuesday (the day we are probably going on vacation) ugh, so I have to call FedEx and tell them to hold it until I get back.

Well I have 20 things going on at once and it's taking forever for me to finish this post so I'll come back later.....


  1. Here you had a night where you could have gone to bed early. I see who is really to blame ;) I will not be taking the blame anymore...ever...LOL

  2. lol @ misti!!

    Love your new layouts!! They are gorgeous as always :)

  3. Yes, they are very pretty. I esp. lke the personality one! Very creative. And congrats! on being Digi Pick of the Day!