Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Is it Wed night ... already?

This week is going by pretty fast. Monday we did not have the brisket. My dad changed his mind and we had burgers and hotdogs. I guess he didn't want to mess with the brisket. Which was fine with us, it was still yummy. We had a great family day, always do though!

Yesterday was Tally's 15 month appt. She is now 25lbs and 9ozs and 32" long! Momma's big girl... screamed the whole time the doctor was examing her. Probably scared all of the other kids! She got 2 shots, so now we are waiting for the side effects which can be a week or two away. UGH! Baby girl also fell on her Little People barn and we now have a little bit of a black eye. So yesterday was not the best day!! She slept well though ;)

Today we had a playdate @ Misty and Ann Marie's. Pretty good day!!!

So now some pics...
Kind of see the black eye here..

Loves this stroller... I'm going to have to buy her one

The girls playing nice!

A cute little pic of Ann Marie

Finally both girls looking at me!


  1. Sweet, sweet girls! Someday they will both want to go in the bedroom and they won't even want us in there.. ;)

  2. Cute girls. Looks like they were having lots of fun. :)

  3. cute cute! I'm sorry about the black eye..Hopefully shell do well with the's strange that they have reactions to some and not to others. Logan gets knots where his are...yeah i can see you and misty commiserating about your teenage girls later ha ha...course I will have a whole other set of probs with L.

  4. aww poor girl has a black eye!! The pictures are great and looks like they were having fun!! and ohh at the hotdogs and hamburgers.. What i would give for some of that.. geez they dont eat that sort of thing over here I dont and a BBQ!! that only makes it more