Sunday, May 28, 2006

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!

It's been fun so far for me. Pretty lazy yesterday. I went grocery shopping, which is always fun. "rolling eyes" Stopped by Target and picked up Scrapbook Answers "How to Guide" which has an awesome kit in it from ScrapArtist. Love it!! Made a LO with a picture of me only... rarely ever do that. I like it though and it's to Tally. I really hope she has more confindence in herself than I did growing up. Hope I give that message to her over the years! So here is the page.
Friday I got my hair trimmed and put some extra highlights in it, got to love my David! So a little more blonde for the summer.

Going to the parents tomorrow for bbq'ed brisket. YUM! Had ribs at their house yesterday. My dad is getting grill crazy this weekend which is fine with me, less cooking on my end! So that's pretty much all that's been going on. Lazy day here today, making some roasted chicken breast for dinner. Might go shopping tomorrow, Matt broke our trash can lid off, so i need to get another one. Needed a new one anyway he broke the spring off months ago. TTFN!


  1. I like the new LO. Your hair is cute. :)

    Can I come eat with you? hehe. j/k. Sounds yummy though.

    Happy shopping tomorrow. ;)

  2. You're hair looks very good. I'm jealous cuz I don't have th $$ to get mine done right now...AGAIN!

    Anyway, have fun with the folks today. :-D

  3. I love your new hair.. it looks great!! and love the layout as well.. great job!

  4. your hair is fab!! I'm jealous of the ribs and brisket! YUM!!

  5. Like the new LO, like the hair too. It's fun to be blonde...and then go back when you want. Cute pics also...