Thursday, May 4, 2006

Another lazy day!

I had so many things going on in my head yesterday on getting some housework done today. Guess what ended up getting done.... NOTHING! Last night was horible, I didn't get any sleep. I shut everything down around midnight and I felt tired so I thought I would fall right to sleep and get at least 6-7hrs before Ms Tally woke up. That was so not the case, I just layed there and apparently had to many things going on in my mind plus the loudest storm in in all of Oklahoma decided to happen. After about an hour and half I decided to try and read the book that I picked up from the library yesterday. Lisa Scottolines new one, "Dirty Blonde", it's good and I wasn't sleepy so I continued to read for a while longer. Next thing I know Matt is telling me it's 4am and I needed to go to sleep. LOL Put the book down after I finished the chapter and layed for at least another half hour before I decided to take some Tylenol PM. Finally 20-30 more minutes and I was out.

Tally woke me around 8am, changed her diaper and went into the playroom and layed on the floor to take a nap. If you've seen pics of the office/playroom there are pillows in the corner and that's where I nap... well try! It's hard to do that when you have a 14 month old jumping around on you, poking you in the eye and belly button. So finally I got off the floor at 10 and turned on my computer. Talked to Ms Jeanne for a little while... you know while she was "working" LOL or not! Finally realized we hadn't had breakfast at around 10:45am. (oops) So we ate, she had oatmeal and I had Cheerios.

Fun Fun Day of not doing anything. Well I did finish a page for Gina's Sketch Challenge at SBB.

This Saturday is National Scrapbooking Day, lots of events going on in the scrapbooking community. Going to try and check some of those things out this weekend. Mindy just finished a new kit that will be coming out in the next couple of days. Can't wait to work with it. So be looking out for a layout with that tomorrow or Saturday. Still making plans for our vacation next week, will update when I know more of which days we are going. So other than that it's been a boring day. Talk to you ladies tomorrow!


  1. not boring at all - sounds perfect!! I hope to have about 5 of those next week! again - the lo is so sweet!

  2. Congrats on being Digi Pick of the's a GORGEOUS layout!