Thursday, October 20, 2005

I've become a weekly blogger...

Yeah I know, it's been a week again. I'll try and work on that but I'm not promising anything. ;)

On the weight loss front I did hit my 10 lb goal, actually I am down a whole 11 lbs. Doubt I'll get my pedicure though. There are to many other things that I would rather have now. Nobody is going to be looking at my toes anymore anyways. So I am going to buy me some more scrapbook kits.

Tally is doing good. Alot of stuff has happened the past week though. She is still getting over her first cold. She is also sooooo close to crawling, just hasn't gotten her arms in on the action. Two teeth cut this week also. So I have been a busy scrapping momma!

So I leave you with a few pages. I'll try to post again soon...

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Long week!

It's been over a week since I posted last. Sorry about that. If you remember I had family in at the end of last week. Dinner at Camerellis was excellent, the fair on Friday was great but a little nippy. They left on Saturday morning. Saturday evening was my usual family night at my folks. I did my WI (weigh in) while I was there as usual and I lost 1 pound. Not bad considering I thought I wouldn't lose at all. So woohoo to me. LOL I have done really well managing my points this week. I think I might of hit my first goal of 10 pounds. We will see on Saturday night. :D

Matt has been on vacation all week. That is partially why I haven't posted until now. We have been spending time together and trying to get out of the house. Tally also has her first cold. So we've had the runny nose and now we are getting in to the congestion and coughing. Slowly but surely she is getting better. Clingy but I don't mind. I also took a little time off as mommy today and let daddy take care of her while I went to the movies with my mom. We saw "Just Like Heaven"! It was great! I highly recommend it to women who like funny/sad/happy movies. LOL

I did a little scrapbooking this past week also. Tally is so close to crawling just hasn't got the movements down without falling. It will be any day. So I scrapped a picture I took of that. My baby girl is almost 8 months. She is growing so fast and I'm starting to want another one. I'm crazy... I know. LOL

Oh before I forget... The cleaning thing. It is sort of working but not as I planned at the beginning. It seems like I am only going to get one room clean a week and then keep them clean. For instance my kitchen is clean, sink sparkling every night before bed. Tallys room is clean, all clothes put away and floor vacuumed. Upstairs bathroom is clean, counter is clear of clutter and toilet is sparkling. LOL See I got 3 rooms in my house looking great. Only 2 more upstairs and most of the downstairs other than the kitchen. Then my house will be clean. It's just taking me a little longer than planned. It's something since my daughters room looked like a war zone and she isn't even old enough to destoy things yet. :D

I'll try to post again maybe Sunday and let you know how my WI went.
~Buh Bye~

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

I think blog slacking is spreading. LOL

I to have been blog slacking lately. I just haven't been sitting at my computer as much lately. If I am online I'm on three sites. Both my message boards or my WW site putting in my Point Tracking for the day.

I've been exercising almost everyday and cleaning. It's hard to get your house in order when you've been slacking so much. I have many bad habits that I am trying to change. That was starting with my weight. Now it's my house. Granted we aren't total pigs around here. We do clean our kitchen, don't leave dirty dishes or food out and we do keep our house straightened. It's the deep cleaning that we don't seem to do. Vacuuming the living room is a must with dogs, but cleaning the baseboards... no. Keeping the toilet from getting that nasty ring we do, but cleaning the back of the toilet from dust and wiping down the counters is a rare thing only done when company comes. Again... in the kitchen we do wipe the counters daily. It seems like the only things we do around here is basic cleaning. Just what needs to be done.

SO I'M CHANGING THAT! From now on there will be cleaning of one room a day and straightening the rest. We have bad habits with paper clutter, not organizing it and putting it where it needs to be. Laundry gets cleaned but not necessarily put up. In Tallys room it gets put on her rocker instead of being put in her drawers or hung up. In our room the stuff gets put in drawers but hanging gets put on the cedar chest at the end of the bed. Why is it so hard to for us to hang up some clothes? Who knows, but it has to stop. So I joined FlyLady for her reminders. I'll update in a week and we'll see how we are doing.

So onto my weight... I think one of my last post I was at 4 lbs total weight loss. Well now I am at 7 lbs. That makes a 3 lbs loss last week and it also puts me in a lower weight class and put me down 2 pts a day. Which is fine by me! So I am only 3 lbs away from my first goal of 10 lbs and that means I will be calling Joyce for my pedicure soon. DH better have the money ready for me. LOL I've been trying to stay on track this week with points since my Aunt and Uncle are coming in tomorrow. We are going out to eat at Camerelli's which as I've said before is one of my favorite places. YUMMY I will definetly be putting half of my dinner in a to-go box that night and restricting myself to one peice of bread. I deserve at least that since I won't be getting my usual dessert. On Friday we are going to the State Fair! I can't wait... I love the fair, especially the turkeys legs. I look forward to them every year. This year isnt going to be any different so I will be having one. So needless to say I will be into my flex points by the end of the week and I would not be surprised if I didn't lose as much this week. We won't know until Saturday night though.

I bought a scrapbook magazine last night. Gave me a couple of ideas and I finished 3 pages last night. I also did some a couple of days ago. So I'm going to share a couple of them. I will try to post again this weekend sometime.