Thursday, October 20, 2005

I've become a weekly blogger...

Yeah I know, it's been a week again. I'll try and work on that but I'm not promising anything. ;)

On the weight loss front I did hit my 10 lb goal, actually I am down a whole 11 lbs. Doubt I'll get my pedicure though. There are to many other things that I would rather have now. Nobody is going to be looking at my toes anymore anyways. So I am going to buy me some more scrapbook kits.

Tally is doing good. Alot of stuff has happened the past week though. She is still getting over her first cold. She is also sooooo close to crawling, just hasn't gotten her arms in on the action. Two teeth cut this week also. So I have been a busy scrapping momma!

So I leave you with a few pages. I'll try to post again soon...

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