Thursday, November 10, 2005

It's been a while....

I've been pretty busy here lately. Not sitting about the house like the past couple of months. We've been going to some playdates from my message board in this area. I've met another nice mommy that has a 14 month old daughter and we've become pretty good friends. I joined an actual playgroup that she is in that has weekly playdates and also a MNO (Mom's night out) once a week. First one is coming up next weekend and I'm pretty excited about it. We've also been hanging out outside of playdates which is nice. She also got me into paper scrapping, Yikes, like I didn't have a bad enough habit with digital before. LOL We have another playdate today and a scrapbook/playdate tomorrow. I can't believe tomorrow is Friday again already.

I lost another pound the past couple of weeks. I've been slacking on my exercise but trying to get back into it. It's hard though, I'm so tired in the evenings so I've been trying to go for walks in the morning. These playdates are helping by getting me out of the house. Mom bought be a WW scale and I'm really starting to like it since I can get so close on my "actual weight"

Ok on to Tally... She is officially crawling! Has been for a week now. My big girl is also pulling up on everything including my desk chair, that is driving me nuts now though. We moved the desk back up into the spare room next to Tallys room and moved all of her toys in her so I can do my normal stuff on the computer and she can play and crawl all over the place. So far it's working for us.

Holidays are coming up! Like you didn't know. LOL Thanksgiving will be held at my house like it is every year. I am partially thinking my mom should have it at her place because my grandmother is coming in with her "friend" and I really don't want to cook for an couple of people. With Tally being here now, M helps me with her but I don't know, we'll see. I am thinking maybe we could do Tally's first Christmas here and that way it won't be a big deal for Thanksgiving over there. We are going to Texas the week before Christmas for my moms side of the familys "Christmas" we haven't attended in years, this year is different because Tally is here. It will be nice to see the family again on a happy note instead of it being because something happened. I always love those types of trips. I also am meeting a good online friend and her family while I'm down there. She is going to come up and see me. I'm definetly excited to finally meet her and her cutie pie who is 2 days older than T.

Need to get off her for a bit and make Tallys breakfast and eat something myself and then get ready for our playdate. Hopefully it won't be to long until my next blog but I'm not making any promises!

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