Sunday, November 18, 2007

Is it really the middle of November

Time goes by way to fast. Just realized that I haven't posted since Oct. That's just messed up. lol

Things have been good here. Matt is out at the church with a customer getting ideas for her wedding this upcoming Feb. So it's just me and the kids at home right now...Devlin is sleeping and Tally is watching a Dora video(actually just checked and she's asleep too...I'm in heaven). I'm making cookies (pre-made dough from a friends kids fundraiser), pouching/shredding chicken for dinner tonight and clipping coupons. Fun stuff!

Few pages since last post..

Be back later this week for my babies 3 month post!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

This day started to early...

Is it to much to ask to be able to sleep in until at least 8:30?? I don't mind getting up feeding Devlin and then going back to sleep but actually getting up for the day before the sun is even out....crazy! lol Tally has not been letting me go back to sleep in the mornings, she's been waking up during or right after I feed Devlin which is anywhere between 5-7am..this morning 6:30. I could so go back to sleep right now!

Well I've decided it's about that time to start working on my weight/body shape. I can only use the "I just had a baby" excuse for so long. My diabetes appt is a week from today. I haven't totally restricted my carb intake just yet but the past few days I've cut back a little. Finding the time to exercise is my main problem right now. It's almost impossible to get time away from the kids until after 9pm and by that time I'm exhausted from the days events. I may just have to buckle down and do it matter how tired I am. This body isn't going to tone up on it's own.

We are trying to cut back on our spending too. So I decided to start coupon cutting. I love the ALL YOU magazine, it has tons of coupons on stuff I actually use and easily pays for itself in savings from the them. Need to get with my mom on her Sunday paper and get the coupons that she won't use that I could. My friend Suzanne gave me the idea of putting them in a photo album and that's what I'm using at the moment. I'm thinking about making an envelope album to hold them in though after the holidays are over. So many crafty gifts to do this time of year and most of my Christmas gifts to friends and family are going to be homemade...baked, crafted or digitally made. So if anyone has any ideas for homemade gifts for women, I am all ears (well eyes)!

And now it's time for a few digital pages for you...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

My baby is 2 months old.

Can't believe Devlin is already 2 months old. Seems like he was just born yesterday...ok not yesterday but definitely not 2 months ago! He's almost sleeping all night but unfortunately not sleeping in his crib at all. He's a mommas boy and loves sleeping next to me. He's sooo sweet, even right now when he's having a meltdown for no reason. lol He had his appt Friday and he's 11lbs 2ozs and 23" long now. Had 3 shots and the oral rotavirus vaccine, he took them like a champ with minimal crying.

My 10 yr high school reunion is this weekend, Friday will be our first kid free night since Devlin was born. Mom is pretty nervous about watching both and changing Devlin but I know she will do fine!

So here are a few pages I've done lately...

I've been busy...huh ;)

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sometimes I just want to strangle him....

I often wonder where my husband left his brain. Do they purposely not pay attention and make mistakes or are they just that retarded. Matt usually doesn't listen... like me calling and asking him to pick up butter, not stick margarine, butter...even stressed the NOT margarine yet he still brings margarine. This week he topped all his other bloopers by returning a Dora video to blockbuster, you wouldn't think he could mess this up but not my Matt. So I go to get movies together on Friday night after he took back the Dora video on Thursday night and I notice the movie he took back sitting with the others. So I said "I thought you took back this movie" he responds with "I did" ....ummm that's a negative Matt it's in my hands. "I know I took back a Dora video" Which he did but it was OURS, not a rental. These things drive me nuts! Luckily for him they still had our video but labeled it to be returned to Hollywood Video.

So do you have a goober hubby story?? Do tell so I know that I'm not alone!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

and a few more pages...

Well the sniffles were gone but look like they may be back. Devlin had his 1 month appt 2 weeks ago and he was 10lbs 8ozs but I'm pretty sure he's over 11lbs now. He is starting to smile now but I have yet to get a picture of it but I've gotten tons of other cute ones. I also can't get Tally to hold him long enough to get a decent picture. She likes to hold him but when she is done....SHE'S DONE... time to start pushing him off her lap. lol Almost found that out while sitting in a chair but luckily I was paying close attention. Tally is good some days but most of them...not so much. I really could just fast forward over this 2 year old period of her life. Whining about everything! We are working on the potty training more now. She wore panties today and only had 1 accident, even did a #2 in the potty...I am so proud of her! Hopefully she will keep this up and be potty trained soon.

Things are going ok with me. I was given the ok on Monday to resume exercising and "other stuff" lol My diabetes doesn't look like it's leaving unfortunately. I won't know for sure if it's full diabetes or prediabetes until November 6th when I see the endocrinologist. So now starts the fun of getting my weight down. I lost all the weight I gained while pregnant but now is the time to get rid of those extra pounds I've had since Matt and I got married and maybe even more. Diabetes might help this since I have to cut those nice yummy carbs that I over indulge with.

So now a few pages.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Few pages

We've had the sniffles lately, even poor little Devlin has been congested so we've had some long nights this past week.

Mainly wanted to share a few pages I've done lately.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

We are home...

Ok, we've been home for almost a week now but I am just now getting back into the daily groove of things. Devlin Matthew was born on August 20th @ 4:58pm weighing 9lbs 1oz and 19 1/2" long. I went in for my induction at 5am and almost 12 hours later pushed out the big boy who I didn't think was going to engage into my pelvis at first. lol Now if you remember at my last appt we were expecting a 8lb baby not a 9lb but with my GD I'm not totally surprised. Everything went smoothly though and he arrived without either of us having any problems. We are adjusting still since Matt went back to work yesterday, I am on my own most of the day. So far so good.

So I started scrapping again and have a few pages to share of the little guy and then one of Miss Tally swimming from a few weeks ago.

That's it for today, I'll be back soon with hopefully more pages.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

First let me say....We are fine!

Last night while carrying Tally downstairs after her nap, my foot slipped off one of the last steps and I landed on my rear pretty hard. (was carrying that extra 35lbs of toddler) It freaked us all out since I'm so close to the end here. I've already been tsk'd many times last night for carrying her in the first place so I don't need anymore of that. lol I called the on call doctor who had me sent over to Labor & Delivery to be monitored for a few hours. Got in there and hooked up, his heartbeat was fine. Even started moving around for us. I was having mild irregular contractions and was dilated to about a 1 1/2cm... so nothing that was going to keep me admitted. So I was ok'd to go home a little after 10pm. I have an appt tomorrow afternoon in which I'll probably be checked again to see if I've dilated more since. I realized something after what happened last night....I need to pack my freaking BAGS! So that is on my to-do list today. I have to get my bag together with his stuff and I have to get Tally a bag together for her night over at a friends house while I'm in labor. Might have one more post before Monday, otherwise I'll post as soon as I get settled in a room after his arrival!

Thursday, August 9, 2007


Just a fast update from today's appointment. I'm dilated to a measly 1cm and he's up high, so far up I think I was assaulted during the exam! ;) It's really no biggie though since I was the same way with Tally just a few days before I went into labor. So we are still a week from Monday unless something happens beforehand!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Oops kind of late for an update ... huh ;)

Devlin has moved into position as of last Thursday. I am scheduled for an induction on Monday August 20th @ 5am. Less than 2 weeks away. Eeek! Matt painted his room over the weekend, we still have to paint the chalkboard wall like Tally's room has. Matt starts his 2 week vacation next week so I hope to get a lot done before my induction. I have another appt tomorrow and hopefully I've started to dilate.

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Here are some LO's from the past couple of weeks.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

35week update...almost 36

It's getting so close. I had an appointment this past Wed, the first of my weeklies. Not exactly sure on how many lbs I am up but I'm thinking 15lbs total. We did an u/s and Devlin is measuring around 6lbs and my doctor is guessing around 8lbs by delivery. We have a little problem at the moment, Devlin is breech/transverse still...We are all hoping that he has flipped back into position by my next appt Thurs. This appt will be the first in Dr Summers new office and it will also be the appt that we discuss the delivery day game plan. I am not sure at the moment if she does ECV's if he is still breech or if she'll just go ahead and suggest c-section. I'm hoping for a ECV even with only the 50% success rate. I can stand the pain for a little bit to get him into position so I can avoid surgery. If he has turned and is into position we'll discuss an induction date. This is the appt I've been waiting for. So if you can keep positive moved into position thoughts for me I would appreciate it ;) I may be back soon with a scrapbooking post! Hope everyone is doing well!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

33 Week update...almost 34

My appt on Monday got moved to Wednesday due to a emergency c-section my doctor had to do. So I went on Wednesday and I did gain a few pounds finally but didn't ask how much, she wasn't concerned and neither was I ;) She did a quick u/s of Devlin, said he was looking great and decided we would do one more 2 week appt before my weeklies start since I am already doing weekly NST's with her nurse. Those are not going so well though in the office. For some reason when they are done his heartbeat doesn't rise with his movements...or at least the machine isn't catching it peak. So after doing one of Thursday that was borderline ok, Dr Summers had me come back in yesterday and redo it. This one did not go well either soooo..... I was sent to the hospital for another NST and a BPP (BioPhysical Profile). After a few hours at the hospital and a stressed morning...he passed everything. It was all worth it since he was ok and I got to see a good u/s of him again. He has ... HAIR! This is big news since Tally is just now getting some length to hers after almost 2 1/2 yrs. LOL So after all that excitement yesterday I'm going to give the NST in my doctors office one more time before asking if I can have them done at the hospital.

And a few pages before I go....

Baby shower is today.... might have some pics of it next post. Have a nice weekend!

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Quick 31 week update

So I am 31 weeks now. Getting closer and closer. I was blessed when pregnant with Tally to not get any stretch marks but not so blessed with baby Devlin. I am starting to notice a few under my belly button, hopefully they won't get to bad. I am also starting to get an outtie belly button, not sure if it will pop all the way out eventually or not but it's a halfie right now. LOL Thinking Matt needs to set up the backdrops for my photo shoot really soon, not sure how much longer I'm going to want a picture of myself. Matt is taking his vacation the 13th-24th of August so he'll definitely be off for the birth since I will most likely be induced my 38-39th week. Dr is going to set that up when she moves to her new office Aug 1st. Had an excellent appt today. Devlin is weighing in around 3lbs 4 ozs and I did not gain any weight again this past 2 weeks, so I'm still at +8lbs. I have an NST (Non-Stress Test) next Thurs (July 5th) and then I see the doctor again on the Monday after that (July 9th) Here is a little pic of the cutie from today!

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My blood sugars have been under control. Almost to a point that I'm worried because they are doing better....aren't they supposed to get worse. LOL I see my endocrinologist tomorrow afternoon for a check up. I might have a mini update after that. Nothing more to say right now so have a good evening!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Has it been forever....or what?

Pregnancy update...

I am 29 weeks now. Looking at about 10 weeks left since I will most likely be induced the week before. I have gestational diabetes again and am controling it with insulin. Diet control was not helping since it's my fasting number that is out of whack...same issue I had with Tally. We officially decided on Devlin Matthew for baby boys name. I had an appt yesterday and he is about 2lbs 15 ozs at the moment and BREECH, Tally was to at this point so I'm not to concerned since she moved into position on time. So that's all on that for now. Maternity pics are in the works and hopefully will have some posted in the near future.

Tally is doing good. A little turkey at times but we are dealing with it. I want my baby back but am stuck with a whiny toddler ;) who likes the word NO. lol

Here are a few pages from the last month!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I changed my blog. I'm going to leave it like this for a bit while I decide what template I want to customize.

I've subscribed to tons of recipe blogs lately and ran across this yummy Soft Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe that I made today. Even threw together a recipe card for it to print out next time I order pictures. If you would like the full version to print just leave me a comment with your email address, I'll be happy to email it to you!

Not surprising lately but this is the first time I've opened photoshop since my last sad!

It was a nice weekend and we got outside with a kite Matt got from one of his customers. Tally loved it!

That's all for today folks!