Monday, June 25, 2007

Quick 31 week update

So I am 31 weeks now. Getting closer and closer. I was blessed when pregnant with Tally to not get any stretch marks but not so blessed with baby Devlin. I am starting to notice a few under my belly button, hopefully they won't get to bad. I am also starting to get an outtie belly button, not sure if it will pop all the way out eventually or not but it's a halfie right now. LOL Thinking Matt needs to set up the backdrops for my photo shoot really soon, not sure how much longer I'm going to want a picture of myself. Matt is taking his vacation the 13th-24th of August so he'll definitely be off for the birth since I will most likely be induced my 38-39th week. Dr is going to set that up when she moves to her new office Aug 1st. Had an excellent appt today. Devlin is weighing in around 3lbs 4 ozs and I did not gain any weight again this past 2 weeks, so I'm still at +8lbs. I have an NST (Non-Stress Test) next Thurs (July 5th) and then I see the doctor again on the Monday after that (July 9th) Here is a little pic of the cutie from today!

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My blood sugars have been under control. Almost to a point that I'm worried because they are doing better....aren't they supposed to get worse. LOL I see my endocrinologist tomorrow afternoon for a check up. I might have a mini update after that. Nothing more to say right now so have a good evening!


  1. sounds like a great update! He is a cutie..looks like chubby cheeks! i've been checking your blog..just not hitting refresh lol.

  2. Glad everything is going well in your corner of the world. Stretchmarks aren't bad. I'm quite fond of mine. Just hang in there, looks like you'll have a cutie pie on your hands in no time!

    Oh and I 2nd the refresh thing....I forget to do that.

  3. That's so cool. Isn't it amazing what they can do with technology these days?

    Wow, I didn't know it was possible to get through a pregnancy with no stretch marks!