Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Has it been forever....or what?

Pregnancy update...

I am 29 weeks now. Looking at about 10 weeks left since I will most likely be induced the week before. I have gestational diabetes again and am controling it with insulin. Diet control was not helping since it's my fasting number that is out of whack...same issue I had with Tally. We officially decided on Devlin Matthew for baby boys name. I had an appt yesterday and he is about 2lbs 15 ozs at the moment and BREECH, Tally was to at this point so I'm not to concerned since she moved into position on time. So that's all on that for now. Maternity pics are in the works and hopefully will have some posted in the near future.

Tally is doing good. A little turkey at times but we are dealing with it. I want my baby back but am stuck with a whiny toddler ;) who likes the word NO. lol

Here are a few pages from the last month!


  1. I'm so glad you posted...I've been thinking about you! I'm sorry you're dealing with the diabetes thing! Jax is monster someday too!!! As always, your scrapbook pages are amazing!

  2. I hear ya on the Gestational Diabetes, I had it really bad with both pregnancies (started the shots at 10 weeks with Nolan!!! ick!!)
    You look absolutely wonderful!! Do you ever play music to your belly?? That ought to get Devlin movin and shaking into position!
    And what a WONDERFUL name!!! I love it!
    Great to see you posted a blog, I was missing hearing about the pregnancy and seeing your wonderful layouts.

  3. I always love your scrapbook pages. I esp. like the baby name debate one. Stand you ground, and btw you are right about kids finding things to tease about, even if your name happens to be John or Mary. ;-)

    BTW, Happy Birthday!

  4. Oh Trisha - i would love to email you - i have gestational diabetes too, this is the first time - i also have to take insulin and would love to ask you some more questions - will you email me at gingervoth dot comcast dot net ????