Sunday, April 30, 2006

Quick update

I'm going to bed in a few, just wanted to give a quick update. I haven't been feeling to well this weekend. Have a nasty cold and it's kicking my rear. Hopefully I'll be back to myself tomorrow. Today we went to the park and had a nice time. Matt took pictures and I had tissue shoved up my nose the whole time. I'll show those pics tomorrow. Did a couple of layouts this past week and I'll show those tomorrow also. So goodnight and I'll make a real post sometime tomorrow while I'm doped up on Nyquil!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Water... water...water...............

That is what I keep having to tell myself. WATER not Diet Pepsi all day. I've been doing better, still have to have some each day. My main problem is not drinking anything for most of the morning. So now I am trying to get in some water before Matt gets home with my Diet Pepsi instead of not drinking anything. Which I do have a 2L in the house of that and Diet Dr Pepper with Raspberries and Cream, way to sweet IMO! Which is a good thing I guess. So the diet is going ok, going a little over the past two days. Not to bad as long as I keep track of it. I am changing my WI day to Friday morning instead of Saturday since we usually go out for Chinese on Friday nights. I just really hate weighing in on a morning after I've ate out.

Glad this day is almost over and tomorrow is Friday. Time to pick up groceries again already. Have to make that trip to Sams I've been putting off to pick up diapers, dog food and trash bags. You know... all the fun stuff. I am trying 2 new recipes this next week. One is a BBQ Chicken Pizza that Lisa and Misty recommended and the other is from my recipe journal, Veggie Tacos. Can't wait to try both.

Oh and Misty... just cause I got a pedicure doesn't mean I'm going to take a picture of my toes ;)

I am sure I was going to type more when I started this post earlier today but got distracted and now I don't have a clue. Maybe in the morning I will remember and do an early post... we'll see. Night folks!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Been a couple days since I posted...

Sunday was a boring day at home and there was nothing much to say and last night I was going to post but we had some bad storms with tornado warnings so I had to shut my computer down. So here I am with my update on the past couple of days.

So yesterday Tally turned 14 months old. So one more month for her appt and shots. Ugh I hate appts where shots are involved. We were going to go out with my mom, shopping. That changed with the weather and I left her home with daddy. Made some run in trips to Target, Lowes, Albertsons, the library and Toys R Us. Mom wanted to stop by Gordmans for some shirts and I picked up a black photo box to alter for my Recipe Circle Journal, oh and I got a new purse also. ;)

Picked up bbq on the way home. It was yummy especially since I hadn't had lunch, just popcorn from Target which was to salty. So I started back to tracking my points for Weight Watchers, except for dinner I'm just guessing since it's a local restaurant it's a pain to figure points. I made myself a WeightLoss and Food Journal with Mindys "Christy Loveable" kit available at the Sweet Shoppe plus a few other digital things, if you want to know what just ask. Ok this isn't the greatest picture but you get the point!

So I set some small goals for myself. I have become very lazy when it comes to exercising and my elliptical kicks my booty! So I have started with 4 mins every day just like Holly had started, going up to 6 mins next week and so on. I am also trying to drink more water. I am journaling everynight, my thoughts on how the day went and what I ate. My main goal for this year is to lose 20 more lbs before we start trying to conceive baby #2 towards the end of the summer. I think that is a reachable goal if I stick to the plan for the next couple of months. I'm not trying to lose everything because that would be stupid considering I am looking at getting pregnant semi-soon. Ok enough about the weight loss journey.

I worked on 2 pages over the weekend but I haven't posted them to my galleries. Here they are...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

So here I am today being lazy. Doing Laundry and put one of those recipes from the recipe journal in the crockpot "Chicken & Wild Rice Soup" Thanks Jeanne for reminding me about it or we would be having canned soup instead. ;) Deciding how I'm going to decorate the photo box. Tally has a nice cold that started yesterday, still not sure if she is teething or actually sick. Please let it be teething. Now I'm off to start a new load of wash...

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Hi my name is Trisha....

and I'm a magazine junkie. I can not go to the store without picking up a magazine lately. I need to subscribe to each of the scrapbooking magazines as well as Weight Watchers. I buy them anyway why not save a few bucks. Ugh... what is my deal. If Matt actually knew how many I bought each week, he would stop letting me go to the grocery store. LOL So I got the new Creating Keepsakes for May, It is awesome... love everything in it this month. I love the product reviews and decided that I need to make a necklace like they did on page 61. You know... cause I need another project to work on! We'll see if I can find the glass without having to order it offline.

So I decided what else I am doing with Tally's letters for her wall. I printed out 7 pictures of her, one alone and then with me, daddy, grandma, grandpa Howard, Nana and Grandpa Mike. Then with each picture with a member of the family I am going to put a tag with it held on my a ribbon and on the tag each one of us is going to write a little note, quote or something to her. I think it will end up being great, it came to me while I had the letters on the ground in front of me last night with the pictures and some tags. I just couldn't figure out the details until I had it all sitting there in front of me and moving the pictures around. I'm going to attach the pictures with moveable tape so we can change them as she grows. I also started on the Mothers Journal that I am making for my friend Sabrina. Since he isn't born yetI am going to put some photo corners on the front so that she can add a picture next month. Here is the preview...

Friday was a fun day. Went to the playdate at Mistys and let the girls run around for a while. Also gave Misty a break on unpacking. We decided to go eat lunch and were deciding if we were going to split up since we both had things to do. The thing we both had to do was get groceries, so we decided just to go together and then transfer everything when we got back to the house. So that's what we did, went to WalMart together. Fun exciting SAHM stuff ;) So at the end of the shopping trip Misty always lets Ann Marie ride the horses if she is good. So we decided to see how Tally liked it.... SHE LOVED IT. LOL Big smile the whole way around. Here are some pics...

Well it's 11 and I'm going to try and start on a scrapbook page before I go to bed. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend! TTFN

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Almost finished...

her letters...
Image hosting by Photobucket

I am still thinking about putting pictures of her with family members(us, grandparents and great-grandparents) Also adding some ribbon and tags with quotes on them. Haven't decided exactly how far I want to take it. I almost want to leave them as they are except adding some ribbon in places. I'll figure out what I want to do over the next few days.

I finally finshed that book I got at the library, I actually finished it yesterday. So I need to return that, plus I requested some children cd's that Suzanne suggested "Lauren Berkner" but they aren't in yet. My Donna Downeys "Creative Albums" is finally in transit though. Hopefully it will be in tomorrow or I might wait on returning the other books. If I like that one I'm sure I will go ahead and look into finding it around town since Amazon has a 1 month wait on shipping it. Ugh thats the only reason I didn't order it when I ordered the other 2 books.

Still no scrapping, but I've been doing house work. So that's my excuse. Tomorrow I have a playdate and I just remembered that I need to make a meals recipe for the recipe journal. So I might put that together real quick while I'm thinking about it! I haven't even ordered prints of the salad recipes yet. I did get them uploaded to winkflash though, just haven't had my card sitting next to me to order, so I better run downstairs and do that while I'm thinking about it. (ok I went and got my wallet) ;)

So Matt's dad sent him $1000 dollars to buy photography stuff. Matt decided on a Canon 20D, which is a little better than his Digital Rebel. We kind of discussed that I would get the Rebel but Matt decided he is going to sell it to a guy he works with along with an extra lens and some other things and he is thinking he can get around $1000 for everything together and he will get me the Digital Rebel XT. I would have been fine with just keeping the Rebel but if he insist on the Rebel XT, I'll take that too. I haven't decided what I'm doing with my Canon Powershot S60 that I got last summer, it has the video feature and unless he is getting me a video camera also (which I WOULD like) I may just keep it for those shots when I'm not carrying the Rebel.

Well I've babbled long enough. One thing before I go... thanks for the nice comments on my letters yesterday. Julie... thank you for coming out of lurkdom and saying Hi!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Been shutting down early...

I've been shutting the computer off semi early lately and reading and stuff. Trying not to live on the computer! It's semi worked. It helps that a certain friend is MIA from the computer until next week too. ;) It's not her fault that I stay up late but when she's on I usually do. LOL

So us girls went shopping today (My mom, Tally and I) We went to the mall and bought some stuff and ate lunch. Afterwards we heading to ScrapHappys to pick up the papers for Tallys letters! This is a interesting project and it looks like I'm heading to the shabby chic look. lol My craft knife is a p*i*t*a and wasn't cutting good, then my xyron was being sucky and my sanding is a whole nother paragraph. LOL So my point is it's going to be worn and shabby! Hopefully I'll have something to show tomorrow when I can get some natural light in to take the pictures.

While at ScrapHappys I also picked up the papers to start my friends Mother Journal. The papers I bought, I have had before and I really liked them for girl or boy LO. Will show that when I'm done, probably won't be until next week sometime. No scrapping, I tried yesterday and couldn't get anything together I was satisfied with.

So after the scrap store we went to BRU and bought Tally a couple of outfits from GG and then went to Target and bought her some plain white sandals and some groceries. Busy day I guess you could say. So now I'm ready to go to bed and I finished sanding and painting the edges of another letter so here is a picture of the TA.


Monday, April 17, 2006

Quick post then off to bed...

Not feeling very well today so I'm going to make this quick! Nothing special today. We didn't get out to any of the stores, my mom wants to go with us and she had other things to do so it's been pushed to tomorrow or possibly Wednesday. I really want to get to the scrap store to pick up papers. Depending on how I feel or if my mom wants to get out, I'll go and pick some papers out. I thought about using digital but some of these wood letters are bigger than my paper so it looks like I will need 12x12 papers.

I worked on one page today, using Gina Cabrera's new kit "Hello Chickee"

Misty~I hope you getting settled in and enjoying that jacuzzi tonight!!! Call me tomorrow or check in online with me... (((Hugs)))

Ok like I said, this is quick and I am heading to bed before 11 like a good girl lets just hope I'm not up sick all night. Have a good night...

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Our Easter celebration!

Well GG left to go back to Texas this morning. We went shopping and celebrated Easter yesterday. Tally had fun picking up the eggs that we stuck around my parents living room. We didn't really hide them but put them where she kind of had to look to see them. She had a lot of fun and enjoyed the new books and stuffed animal she got. GG is buying her some outfits for Easter but with all the other shopping we did yesterday we didn't have time to do that, so we are going out tomorrow and picking her some outfits up with the money her GG left her. While we are out we are going to stop by ScrapHappys and pick up some papers and tags to decorate her wood letters for her wall and I hope to start that project tomorrow. I also want to pick up some stuff to make a friend of mine in Austin a Mothers Journal for a baby gift, her son is due May 14th. Another project for me to work on this week. I need at least a couple of week lately to make me feel like I'm productive, well that and CT projects.

We went to the park today and took a couple of pictures of Ms Tally. Here are a few of my favorite ones!

There are more pictures I just haven't gotten that far on changing them to jpegs yet. I also did a LO yesterday with Mindys Christy Loveable Kit, here it is...

I might try and work on some Easter LO's tomorrow, we'll see how much time I have left. So I am waiting for the zip of Salad recipes and still trying to decide how to hold them. I'm been seriously thinking about a altered photo box to since there will be so many but that is just one of the numerous things running through my mind! Target has some recipe type stuff on their $1 area but it's pretty ugly but can be altered so that's another thought. I need to decide and do something though. Ok I am extremely tired and going to bed. I'll be back to my daily posting tomorrow so if I forgot something I'll put it in tomorrows post!

Friday, April 14, 2006

I dislike suprises...

Everything was going fine this morning. Tally woke up at 9am! Great! Great! Great! We had breakfast, took a shower and gave Tally a bath. Our usual Friday routine, it's grocery day. Now friends know that my mom is a scan coordinator for Albertson's so I usually go up there before she leaves around noon on Fridays. So like usual, I go up there and she meets me at the door. Takes Tally and walks off while I'm getting the cart and wiping it down. No biggie, right? Well I see her at the end of an isle and it looks like she is talking to someone, figured it was a co-worker. I was WRONG... it was my grandma, in from Texas. I was stunned for a good couple of minutes, gave her a big hug and got all the details. She came up with her boyfriend, which she usually does come up with him. They've been seeing eachother for a while now, he is 80 something. Nice man. Still can't believe my mom kept that secret and my grandma coming up for Easter has become a tradition now. This is the third year in a row.

Now I love my grandma and am excited she made it up for the weekend. It's just we had plans this weekend to do some other stuff and now I need to spend it with my grandma. I'll survive and I'll even enjoy it but I still don't like suprises. lol So while I was at Albertsons I noticed some 2 year planners for $1 so I bought 2. One for my mom and one for my grandma. Now I liked my siggie that I showed yesterday so much, that is what I decorated the cover like. I am loving them and now I need to go back and pick me one up and possibly make a few more as gifts for friends. Now I don't know why I would need a 2 year planner considering I carry a big zip up one around, that's not the point though... It's cute! So here are the pics of them(not the greatest pics but oh well)...
Great Grandma's


The back of both of them

So this weekend I will be spending time with the family, so I better get started on my salad recipes and get them sent in to Tiff! If I don't get to post much until Sunday night, everyone have a nice Easter!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Good Evening!

So we bought Tally some new earrings yesterday. Little pink hearts. I tried to take a picture but you can't really tell in the pictures that they are hearts. Never found the backing to the other earring. No clue what happened to it. Not to worried about it either since it was just the backing, the earring was still in her ear.

Well both of my designers came out with kits in the past two days. Sara came out with 3 of them. 1 named after her daughter and the other 2 are pet themed. You can view them on her blog here and purchase them here. So I did finish 2 layouts with Grace and Widget. Still working on a layout for Smitten Kitten. So here they are...

Slow Down Credits

Tummy Time with Chance Credits

So Mindy also has a new kit out called Christy Loveable which you can see a preview of here. It will be available at the Sweet Shoppe tonight or tomorrow. I haven't had a chance yet to start a page with it but hope to tonight.

So here's a couple of pictures from today. She is wearing the dress that Nana(Matt's mom) bought her while in Hawaii last summer. In the first picture she is cheezing for me lol and in the second she was talking to grandma (my mom)

One more picture from Tuesday night at Abuelos. This is that dress we bought Monday. Doesn't she just look adorable! Love the bandana on her head, she didn't know it was on there until half way through dinner. Then she ripped it off. LOL (I snuck it on her while she was still half awake)

So thats been our pretty boring day. Might get another page finished before bedtime. We'll see! Oh I did make a new siggie for my mothers message boards. So I'll leave you with a picture of that, which you've seen the picture in a page I did last week but you can still enjoy the style ;) I made it with Studio Chic by Shabby Princess. Need to make an actual page with it. I get so caught up in my creative team assignments I forget about the stuff I buy. So heres the sig and I'll check in tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A new day and a new mood ;)

So I am feeling better today, which is good since nobody likes when I'm down. LOL It was something small that I would get over anyways, I just have those times when I don't know what to say.

So we did go out for my dads birthday. We went to Abuelos (Can we say buh-bye diet) so needless to say I wasn't good. Had the steak and enchiladas. I wasn't buying so I had the good stuff. Then we got dad the birthday nachos, baby girl loved them and so did we. Matt was able to pick up dads gift for me, even got the bag/tissue paper and a bow. (yes a bow, you know for wrapping a gift teehee silly man) I stuck the bow on the bag anyway though. Baby girl got it at the end of dinner anyway.

So Tally decided to take off her pants this morning and when I went to put them back on I noticed the backing to one the earrings was missing. Can we say OH CRAP. I did a little searching but there is no telling when it came off. So I took out the earring and we are going to get a backing or new earrings as soon as grandma gets here. Which should be soon and I need to dress Tally. So I might be back later to post more, cause I didn't even talk about how early I went to bed. LOL

Ta Ta!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Going to try and keep this post positive...

It's amazing how I can be in an ok mood one minute and it turn to crap the next. Not going to get into it all but I am working on putting a smile back on my face.

So today is my dad's 55th birthday. Which we weren't supposed to get together but that has possibly changed. No definite yet if we are going out but I should have an answer to that within the hour. I'm hoping to get Tally down for a short nap so I can at least jump in the shower soon. Matt won't be home until around 6 but he has a few minutes before his meeting at 5 to run by and pick up my dad's present from the Target near his work. Hopefully that all works out.

I made a scrapbook page but I can't show it to you because it's for a special project I'm working on for someone and I'm not sure if she reads my blog or not.

I totally finished my mothers journal. The couple of small things I had left to do are finished. I also put my second journal entry in it. I hope I continue to write in it and make more as she grows older and eventually have one for my next child also.

I have a book I need to read since its due back to the library in a week. Haven't really even gotten into the first chapter yet. Less time on here and more time reading is my goal this week.

TaTa... hope to be in a better mood tomorrow.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Actually did something...

Ok first thing I would like to say is that things did not exactly go according to plan. I did accomplish some things on that list today though.

The List

1. Whink on light clothes- tried to do this and found out I need total concentration and Matt is going to have to be home. The phone rang while I was doing this and it's hard to get those gloves off and on. This is going to have to be a weekend project!

2. Laundry-I did 3 loads of laundry, found out that I must have another rust area in my dryer because the 1 shirt I put whink on developed another stain while in there. ARG... So other than getting a new dryer, which isn't going to happen for a while, I'm going to have to put up with this crap.

3. Straighten both rooms- HA didn't touch mine and barely touched hers so this is going to be worked on tomorrow, I do have an excuse as to why I didn't have time for these extra things so keep reading.

4. Finish coaster project- Done! Now to decide if I want to add ribbon to hang them on the wall and where! Picture will be after #5

5. Frame and letters- Decided to wait on the letters but did work on the frame! Bought the ink too! Still debating on adding some embellishments on the outside! But here is the coasters and frame on Tally's dresser!

6. Staying within points-Didn't happen, No excuses here. :(

7. Make Ham- Done (ate it too) ;)

Weight Loss

Ok tomorrow is a new day and a new day of points! So I will work on staying within points range. No plans to leave the house tomorrow and I am out of cookies, now if this will control it... only time will tell! Going to try and fit in a small workout tomorrow during one of Tallys naps. I'm thinking something easy to get my off my butt, Walk Away the Pounds maybe. If I can't fit one in we might take a walk to the park after she wakes up.

Mothers Journal Project

I worked on the mothers journal a little bit more tonight after I got the ink. So I inked the edges added a paper trim, a ribbon and white book binding tape. Put the printed out inside cover on. Still need to ink that section. So it is almost done. I am still debating adding a couple of inked papers on the back cover. So while I'm talking about inking... I've never done this! It's not to hard but it is a bit messy. Yet.. I LOVE IT! LOL Ok now onto the pictures of what I've done, remember the before from yesterday.

Poem on inside is the same one Donna Downey used in the one she made. It's very pretty!

Reason I wasn't home to finish other things on my list... was out looking for a birthday gift for my dad with my mom. I already kind of know what I am getting him, they were out at Target so Matt and I are going to go pick it up this week sometime. My mom picked him up some clothes for the summer, apparently he needed new ones. Did a little shopping for Tally while we were out. She got some new shoes and a new dress. Pictures...

Ever notice how toddlers shoes don't look new anymore after they have worn them only for maybe an hour. LOL Ok so this is all I'm going to post tonight, seeing as I've been rambling here for a while. Night and I'll see you back here tomorrow!

Sunday, April 9, 2006

A normal lazy Sunday

It's been one of those Sundays that planned tons of things to accomplish but didn't get half of them started much less finished. Laundry was on my list and I didn't start one load. Working on Tallys room... didn't even start. My room... HA... didn't start. I did put another coat of spray paint on my projects, but only 2 have at least 1 more to do. I started on my Mothers Journal, not totally satisfied with it but it needs some inked edges and I don't have any ink at the moment. So I may be making a trip to the store tomorrow for some. Trying not to be to harsh on myself since this is the first one I've done. Not really liking the cranberry colored binding so I am thinking about changing that to the white. I am also needing to find a matching ribbon to add along the binding on front. I have already made my first entry to Tally. On the cover is one of my favorite photos of Tally that Matt took of her in the hospital. Such tiny little fingers she had. Here is what I have so far..

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for finishing what I planned on doing. Before I start my light load of clothes I need to put Whink on the ones with rust marks on them. Should probably do that while Tally is napping, since it's poison and very dangerous if gets on skin or in the eyes. When the last coat of spray paint is on the frame and coasters I will get my LO's on the coaster and decide what the exact plan is with the frame. On the way to my parents house Saturday night we stopped by Garden Ridge to see if they had wood letters for Talesia, last time we went each size was missing at least one letter to complete Talesia or Tally. So I am happy to say that I was able to pick up the 9" letters for Talesia! While picking up ink tomorrow, I am going to looks at some papers and decide what colors I want to go with. Something pink, I am sure. I'm all about pink for her, something soft and girly.

We are wanting to paint her room pink to so it will have to blend! The yellow in her room right now just isn't cutting it. We had different plans last year when I was pregnant and now it's time for a change. We were going to move her into here (the office/playroom) when I become pregnant again but I think she is fine where she is at and the baby will be put in here. Matt swears there isn't a difference in size, just layout of the room. I can't believe I am already thinking about being pregnant again, which we aren't seriously going to start trying until August/September. Tally's room will be free'd up of baby type furniture, so her toys will be moved into her room and her baby toys will be transfered into the babys room. The office will be moved into our bedroom next to my scrap area. I think it will all come together nicely in the end or at least in my dreams. LOL

Ok enough about the future addition to the family in over a year. LOL So I didn't make my ham tonight that I bought, to late by the time I remembered I was going to bake it. So we ended up with Taco Soup. I need someone to kick my butt back onto Weight Watchers. Not sure if it's the stress or what but I have been craving sweets. I have got to get control over my body. I'm never going to get anywhere if I keep letting my taste buds get what they want. I CAN DO THIS!!!

So to-do list for tomorrow...

  1. Apply Whink to rust marked light clothing
  2. Laundry
  3. Straighten both rooms
  4. Finish coaster project
  5. Make a plan for frame and letter project, buy supplies for both, plus ink.
  6. Control food intake tomorrow (stay with-in points for the day)
  7. Make ham (refer back up to #5) ;)

I'll post tomorrow to let you know if I did any of the above! HA!

Saturday, April 8, 2006

Lazy spring day!

It's beautiful outside, yet a little nippy. I'm inside though being lazy ;) Tally stayed at my moms house last night and is still there. I didn't wake up until around 10:30-11. Been pretty lazy ever since. It's almost 5'clock and I'm still in my jammies. LOL Supposed to by at my moms for dinner around 6pm so after I post this, I'm jumping in the shower real quick.

My Scrapbooking Made Easy book came in today as well as my book binding tape. Such exciting stuff! Tomorrow will be filled with crafting.... I hope! I already gave that ugly frame a coat of cream spray paint and the coasters too. Give it one more coat before we head to my parents house. Then tomorrow I'll get busy altering them! So on scrapbook pages, I actually did 2 digital pages. One is for Mindys new mini kit and the other is for one of Michelle Colemans mini "gifts". Check out of of my 5 galleries for credits.

So the recipe journal is coming along great. We are finishing up soups today and I just saw that this week is Salads. Hopefully I can get the jpegs for Soups up on Winkflash by tomorrow evening so I can get them ordered and shipped on Monday. Still haven't found an album to display them in but I am working on it. I want something cute and alterable.

Time for that shower and then off to my moms! Enjoy your Saturday and I'll be back tomorrow for more of my boring life ;)

Friday, April 7, 2006

New hair, tornado sirens and a beautiful day so far...

Well I got my hair trimmed, he took off about 1 1/2 inches to even up some of my layers. Also touched up my highlights, added a few more. Looking pretty nice, I'll really be able to tell after I fix it myself! So while I'm at the salon with foil on my hair, Matt calls " Tornados in Bixby" is about all I heard. So of course I started freaking out, my mom went outside where she could hear and called him back. There was rotation and not 10 mins after he called we got hit with a great little hail/rain storm! Should have seen all of us ladies in tin foil freaking out about tornados and our hair! Where we all going to pile into the 2 bathrooms in the salon. LOL The storm went fast and no tornados touched down that I am aware of in the area.

It's beautiful outside this morning. Going to start getting ready pretty soon for my errands. Trips to Albertsons (groceries), Sams (laundry deteregent) and possibly Home Depot for some spray paint. Depending on how my moms day goes, she might be taking Tally for the night. Nothing planned if she does, just a nice evening at home with Matt. Maybe a movie!

Need to take that shower and get ready for shopping. Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, April 6, 2006

Lovely day... other than the rain!

Woke up to the rain but it seems to have stopped for now. Tally and I went to lunch with my mom. It was nice. Tally was a good girl for the most part. Afterwards we went stopped by Catos to kill some time before my mom needed to return back to work, I bought 1 shirt. Also stopped by Albertsons, needed to pick up some Whink rust remover. My dryer has been leaving rust marks on my light colored clothing, not good. So going to fix the dryer and my clothes. While there I also picked up Tally a stuffed pug, it is so cute. She kept giving it hugs then when we got home she was petting it. LOL

So 2 of my 3 books came in from Amazon, the other was shipped yesterday. My Appetizer recipe cards arrived also. They look awesome, other than a little bit cut off on the edges. The zip of the soups will be sent on Saturday.... and I'll be waiting again. teehee My book binding tape is in the mail too, so hopefully should be in by the beginning of the week. So I can get started on my altered mothers journal!

I did a little bit of shopping this past week on digital stuff. Bought 5 alphas from CG Essentials and I bought Shappy Princesses new kit as well as Taran Conyers new font. Can't wait to get some pages started this weekend. Here is the preview of the stuff I got. (didn't have the pink embroidered alpha preview so TOO is it!)

Well I am going to get my hair trimmed, maybe make a new avatar tonight for my boards. Have a nice evening!!!

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

I'm a mess...

Not spending as much time online today. My main goal that I am trying to reach is to be off the computer no later than 11 at night. I have been breaking that for a while now and it's hurting me in many ways. Would go much better if my daughter didn't wake up between 7-8 am. Hopefully it will help my attitude more.

Did a lot of things on my to-do list today. Laundry being at the top of that list. So far 3 loads. Still have some to fold and hang. So that straightened the bedroom a bit. Get some more things trashed and moved around, then my craft/sewing area will be ready. I ordered some book binding tape from eBay today, should be here next week. Excited about that, now I need to pick up the other supplies for my first project. Still waiting on my scrapbooking books from Amazon to come in and my Appetizer Recipes cards from Winkflash. Then I need to start thinking of another project to hold them. Getting excited just thinking about all the fun little crafts. I took a Picture frame that my grandmother got me for Tallys baby shower, it's one of those ugly heavy gold and black things, I am going to spray paint in white or cream and do some simple ribbon and maybe flowers on it. I don't know exactly, just going to make it pretty for Tallys room. So those are some of the projects I plan to work on in the next couple of weeks.

I picked up the books I had on hold at the library, 2 toddler recipe books and Donna Downeys Photo Decor (one of the ones on its way from Amazon right now). One of the recipe books is awesome, it's called "The Baby Bistro Cookbook" Has tons of great toddler friendly recipes. I have had such a problem with lunches for Tally. Hopefully this will fix it, since I can make a batch of a couple of them, then have her lunches for a week. She has some great freezeable meals. May have to buy this book too.

Tally has something new she likes to do... bang on my keyboard, her leapfrog lulu spider, me, and everything else with one of those lovely drumsticks that go with her music band set that Nana got her.... thanks NANA! I won't let her near my keyboard/mouse area, so now she stands next to me with that stupid drumstick and beats the keyboard with it before I can get her. Those things are going to disappear soon.

Think we are having a breakfast night. Scrambled eggs, toast and turkey bacon. Might make some pancakes if I'm up for it. That or we are having leftovers, might leave that for tomorrow though. So I already started making my grocery list... fun fun stuff! Might have a playdate on Friday, waiting for the ok on if she is having one. Ended up not raining today so she might. It doesn't matter either way to me on Fridays, I have plenty to do otherwise. It would be nice though to get Tally around the other kids.

Ok I made this a lot longer than planned, Have a nice evening!

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Recipe Journal and some other boring stuff...

Another boring day in the Burton house. Tally woke up around 8 so while she played, I napped on the floor. She got sleepy around 11 something, so down for a nap she went. During all of this I made my second recipe card for the Recipe Journal, this week is Soups. So here is my Chipotle Chile Pepper Soup!

I am also working on another one for Hamburger Stew. Which is what we are having tonight so a picture will be on that card. If you want this recipe and you aren't in the recipe journal, email me and I will send you a copy if you can't read this one.

So Matt just brought me my Diet Pepsi for the day, he stopped by the house to pick up the movies we need to return this week since he is going by Albertsons to pick up dog food and milk. When he gets back I think I'll start dinner and then I might sneak out to the library to pick up some books I have on hold. I said this yesterday but tonight I might do it, go for a walk after dinner. Last night we got started on a movie and by the time that was over it was after 9pm. So tonight maybe we can get one in before American Idol.

Didn't get my scrap area organized so it looks like I might start a digital page instead. If I do, I'll post it tonight. TTFN

Monday, April 3, 2006

LO's, Pictures and a boring day!

First the LO's. 2 of them from our trip to the parks... plural cause we went to 2 parks. One from each! First one here was taken at Woodward Park.

Spring Blooms

Second one was taken at Whiteside Park.

Fun at the Park

As usual if you want to know what I used check out my galleries or email me.

Ok now onto some pictures...

So onto the boring day... Woke up around 9, had breakfast. My mom calls around 11 and needs someone to talk to about her day, really I think she just wanted to see Tally. lol I'm all ears, she leaves around 2pm. I put Tally in her bed for her nap shortly after and she sleeps until close to 6pm. Most of that time is spent on here making those LO's. Made Spaghetti for dinner, it was yummy. Tally is drank from her Princess sippy cup, trying to get her off those Nuby brand sippys. So that's good news since she screamed at me yesterday when I gave it to her. Bye Bye Nuby's!!! See I warned you this was a boring post, should have taken the warning ;)

Been in a mood the past couple of days. Trying to keep myself locked up in this house, must be P.M.S'ing, I know TMI but oh well. Still debating on ordering those book binding tapes off eBay, going to butter up Matt soon. It's not like it's bukos of money... we'll see. I'm going to try and paper scrap tomorrow if I can get my table cleared off and organized in the morning. Well I'm going to get those layouts posted to my galleries and then chat a little and hit the hay by 12am. ~Night~

Sunday, April 2, 2006

Pretty uneventful

Nothing much happened yesterday. Went running around with my mom. Various shopping. I returned my Xyron and picked it back up at Hobby Lobby for the $20 cheaper. While there I bought some scrapbook papers since they were 1/2 off. I also picked up Provo Crafts Silent Eyelet Setter. Kind of excited to start paper scrapping again or doing some altering. I looked at several places for Making Memories Book Binding Tape. It looks like I'm going to have to order some online. So now I need to start looking. I am so ready to make the Mothers Journal in Donna Downey's Decorative Journals book. Arg... book binding tape. I might find another little book to alter since I have to find that tape.

My parents came over to our house this time for family night. They brought some bbq and we got the movie. Watched Memoirs of a Geisha. I read the book in February and I liked it, the movie was ok. If I wouldn't have read the book, I might have thought it was great. Interesting about reading books and then seeing the movie is that it's like I've already seen some parts because it was so well explained in the book. The Sumo match part, really felt like I had seen the movie already. I also picked up Just Friends but we haven't watched it yet. We will leave that for Monday night, since Desperate Housewives and Greys Anatomy is on tonight.

Well I'm going to jump in the shower and then we are heading to the park for some pictures. Might post some pictures tonight after DH and GA!