Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Going to try and keep this post positive...

It's amazing how I can be in an ok mood one minute and it turn to crap the next. Not going to get into it all but I am working on putting a smile back on my face.

So today is my dad's 55th birthday. Which we weren't supposed to get together but that has possibly changed. No definite yet if we are going out but I should have an answer to that within the hour. I'm hoping to get Tally down for a short nap so I can at least jump in the shower soon. Matt won't be home until around 6 but he has a few minutes before his meeting at 5 to run by and pick up my dad's present from the Target near his work. Hopefully that all works out.

I made a scrapbook page but I can't show it to you because it's for a special project I'm working on for someone and I'm not sure if she reads my blog or not.

I totally finished my mothers journal. The couple of small things I had left to do are finished. I also put my second journal entry in it. I hope I continue to write in it and make more as she grows older and eventually have one for my next child also.

I have a book I need to read since its due back to the library in a week. Haven't really even gotten into the first chapter yet. Less time on here and more time reading is my goal this week.

TaTa... hope to be in a better mood tomorrow.


  1. I hope you get your book read. I ahve to take one back to the library tomorrow & I get to pick up the baby bistro book you recommended!!

  2. The library...what's that, lol!!! Haven't been in soooo long...too long. Hope you have a better day=)

  3. I have those days too. Nobody is happy all the time so try not to guilt over it..Hope your dad had a good b-day