Thursday, April 6, 2006

Lovely day... other than the rain!

Woke up to the rain but it seems to have stopped for now. Tally and I went to lunch with my mom. It was nice. Tally was a good girl for the most part. Afterwards we went stopped by Catos to kill some time before my mom needed to return back to work, I bought 1 shirt. Also stopped by Albertsons, needed to pick up some Whink rust remover. My dryer has been leaving rust marks on my light colored clothing, not good. So going to fix the dryer and my clothes. While there I also picked up Tally a stuffed pug, it is so cute. She kept giving it hugs then when we got home she was petting it. LOL

So 2 of my 3 books came in from Amazon, the other was shipped yesterday. My Appetizer recipe cards arrived also. They look awesome, other than a little bit cut off on the edges. The zip of the soups will be sent on Saturday.... and I'll be waiting again. teehee My book binding tape is in the mail too, so hopefully should be in by the beginning of the week. So I can get started on my altered mothers journal!

I did a little bit of shopping this past week on digital stuff. Bought 5 alphas from CG Essentials and I bought Shappy Princesses new kit as well as Taran Conyers new font. Can't wait to get some pages started this weekend. Here is the preview of the stuff I got. (didn't have the pink embroidered alpha preview so TOO is it!)

Well I am going to get my hair trimmed, maybe make a new avatar tonight for my boards. Have a nice evening!!!

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  1. What a nice day! Sorry I missed talking to ya tonight. Had a long evening of cleaning out at the house. Hope you're evening was nice!