Wednesday, April 5, 2006

I'm a mess...

Not spending as much time online today. My main goal that I am trying to reach is to be off the computer no later than 11 at night. I have been breaking that for a while now and it's hurting me in many ways. Would go much better if my daughter didn't wake up between 7-8 am. Hopefully it will help my attitude more.

Did a lot of things on my to-do list today. Laundry being at the top of that list. So far 3 loads. Still have some to fold and hang. So that straightened the bedroom a bit. Get some more things trashed and moved around, then my craft/sewing area will be ready. I ordered some book binding tape from eBay today, should be here next week. Excited about that, now I need to pick up the other supplies for my first project. Still waiting on my scrapbooking books from Amazon to come in and my Appetizer Recipes cards from Winkflash. Then I need to start thinking of another project to hold them. Getting excited just thinking about all the fun little crafts. I took a Picture frame that my grandmother got me for Tallys baby shower, it's one of those ugly heavy gold and black things, I am going to spray paint in white or cream and do some simple ribbon and maybe flowers on it. I don't know exactly, just going to make it pretty for Tallys room. So those are some of the projects I plan to work on in the next couple of weeks.

I picked up the books I had on hold at the library, 2 toddler recipe books and Donna Downeys Photo Decor (one of the ones on its way from Amazon right now). One of the recipe books is awesome, it's called "The Baby Bistro Cookbook" Has tons of great toddler friendly recipes. I have had such a problem with lunches for Tally. Hopefully this will fix it, since I can make a batch of a couple of them, then have her lunches for a week. She has some great freezeable meals. May have to buy this book too.

Tally has something new she likes to do... bang on my keyboard, her leapfrog lulu spider, me, and everything else with one of those lovely drumsticks that go with her music band set that Nana got her.... thanks NANA! I won't let her near my keyboard/mouse area, so now she stands next to me with that stupid drumstick and beats the keyboard with it before I can get her. Those things are going to disappear soon.

Think we are having a breakfast night. Scrambled eggs, toast and turkey bacon. Might make some pancakes if I'm up for it. That or we are having leftovers, might leave that for tomorrow though. So I already started making my grocery list... fun fun stuff! Might have a playdate on Friday, waiting for the ok on if she is having one. Ended up not raining today so she might. It doesn't matter either way to me on Fridays, I have plenty to do otherwise. It would be nice though to get Tally around the other kids.

Ok I made this a lot longer than planned, Have a nice evening!


  1. Hope you have a great evening, too!!! I'm still stuck on what to do for Friday....I haven't seen a lawn mower around here anywhere....I'll know for sure tomorrow. :-D

  2. I got to your blog through Angela's. I saw that you live in Tulsa! I live in Edmond! Small world!
    I totally need to check out that book. I was just thinking last night about how my poor baby dosen't have much variety for lunch & thinking that I needed some help in that area.
    Have a great day!

  3. Gotta love those grandparents and their noisy gifts. I want to leave them at their house sometimes! Sounds like you had a good day.