Saturday, April 8, 2006

Lazy spring day!

It's beautiful outside, yet a little nippy. I'm inside though being lazy ;) Tally stayed at my moms house last night and is still there. I didn't wake up until around 10:30-11. Been pretty lazy ever since. It's almost 5'clock and I'm still in my jammies. LOL Supposed to by at my moms for dinner around 6pm so after I post this, I'm jumping in the shower real quick.

My Scrapbooking Made Easy book came in today as well as my book binding tape. Such exciting stuff! Tomorrow will be filled with crafting.... I hope! I already gave that ugly frame a coat of cream spray paint and the coasters too. Give it one more coat before we head to my parents house. Then tomorrow I'll get busy altering them! So on scrapbook pages, I actually did 2 digital pages. One is for Mindys new mini kit and the other is for one of Michelle Colemans mini "gifts". Check out of of my 5 galleries for credits.

So the recipe journal is coming along great. We are finishing up soups today and I just saw that this week is Salads. Hopefully I can get the jpegs for Soups up on Winkflash by tomorrow evening so I can get them ordered and shipped on Monday. Still haven't found an album to display them in but I am working on it. I want something cute and alterable.

Time for that shower and then off to my moms! Enjoy your Saturday and I'll be back tomorrow for more of my boring life ;)


  1. sounds like you've had a nice relaxing day! Mine was not relaxing AT ALL, but fun! This recipe journal thing sounds cool - what is it exactly? My email is suzannewinn at yahoo if it is easier to explain it that way.

    I hope you have fun crafting tomorrow!

  2. What a nice day! I had a sitter today too...worked on a few projects. Can't wait to see how all your projects turn out.

  3. Love the new always, so adorable=)