Monday, April 3, 2006

LO's, Pictures and a boring day!

First the LO's. 2 of them from our trip to the parks... plural cause we went to 2 parks. One from each! First one here was taken at Woodward Park.

Spring Blooms

Second one was taken at Whiteside Park.

Fun at the Park

As usual if you want to know what I used check out my galleries or email me.

Ok now onto some pictures...

So onto the boring day... Woke up around 9, had breakfast. My mom calls around 11 and needs someone to talk to about her day, really I think she just wanted to see Tally. lol I'm all ears, she leaves around 2pm. I put Tally in her bed for her nap shortly after and she sleeps until close to 6pm. Most of that time is spent on here making those LO's. Made Spaghetti for dinner, it was yummy. Tally is drank from her Princess sippy cup, trying to get her off those Nuby brand sippys. So that's good news since she screamed at me yesterday when I gave it to her. Bye Bye Nuby's!!! See I warned you this was a boring post, should have taken the warning ;)

Been in a mood the past couple of days. Trying to keep myself locked up in this house, must be P.M.S'ing, I know TMI but oh well. Still debating on ordering those book binding tapes off eBay, going to butter up Matt soon. It's not like it's bukos of money... we'll see. I'm going to try and paper scrap tomorrow if I can get my table cleared off and organized in the morning. Well I'm going to get those layouts posted to my galleries and then chat a little and hit the hay by 12am. ~Night~


  1. Boring Days are what make up life...there is only so much fun and excitement one can handle right? Sounds like you had a good boring day at least. You got some cute pics and your pages look great as always!

  2. Great pictures. Looks like you guys had a great time at the park.

    I actually like boring days. Things have been so crazy around here that I am ready for a boring day. Maybe next week sometime. ;o) :p