Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Recipe Journal and some other boring stuff...

Another boring day in the Burton house. Tally woke up around 8 so while she played, I napped on the floor. She got sleepy around 11 something, so down for a nap she went. During all of this I made my second recipe card for the Recipe Journal, this week is Soups. So here is my Chipotle Chile Pepper Soup!

I am also working on another one for Hamburger Stew. Which is what we are having tonight so a picture will be on that card. If you want this recipe and you aren't in the recipe journal, email me and I will send you a copy if you can't read this one.

So Matt just brought me my Diet Pepsi for the day, he stopped by the house to pick up the movies we need to return this week since he is going by Albertsons to pick up dog food and milk. When he gets back I think I'll start dinner and then I might sneak out to the library to pick up some books I have on hold. I said this yesterday but tonight I might do it, go for a walk after dinner. Last night we got started on a movie and by the time that was over it was after 9pm. So tonight maybe we can get one in before American Idol.

Didn't get my scrap area organized so it looks like I might start a digital page instead. If I do, I'll post it tonight. TTFN

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  1. Sounds like a good day overall. Thanks for the recipe card. It looks great!