Saturday, April 22, 2006

Hi my name is Trisha....

and I'm a magazine junkie. I can not go to the store without picking up a magazine lately. I need to subscribe to each of the scrapbooking magazines as well as Weight Watchers. I buy them anyway why not save a few bucks. Ugh... what is my deal. If Matt actually knew how many I bought each week, he would stop letting me go to the grocery store. LOL So I got the new Creating Keepsakes for May, It is awesome... love everything in it this month. I love the product reviews and decided that I need to make a necklace like they did on page 61. You know... cause I need another project to work on! We'll see if I can find the glass without having to order it offline.

So I decided what else I am doing with Tally's letters for her wall. I printed out 7 pictures of her, one alone and then with me, daddy, grandma, grandpa Howard, Nana and Grandpa Mike. Then with each picture with a member of the family I am going to put a tag with it held on my a ribbon and on the tag each one of us is going to write a little note, quote or something to her. I think it will end up being great, it came to me while I had the letters on the ground in front of me last night with the pictures and some tags. I just couldn't figure out the details until I had it all sitting there in front of me and moving the pictures around. I'm going to attach the pictures with moveable tape so we can change them as she grows. I also started on the Mothers Journal that I am making for my friend Sabrina. Since he isn't born yetI am going to put some photo corners on the front so that she can add a picture next month. Here is the preview...

Friday was a fun day. Went to the playdate at Mistys and let the girls run around for a while. Also gave Misty a break on unpacking. We decided to go eat lunch and were deciding if we were going to split up since we both had things to do. The thing we both had to do was get groceries, so we decided just to go together and then transfer everything when we got back to the house. So that's what we did, went to WalMart together. Fun exciting SAHM stuff ;) So at the end of the shopping trip Misty always lets Ann Marie ride the horses if she is good. So we decided to see how Tally liked it.... SHE LOVED IT. LOL Big smile the whole way around. Here are some pics...

Well it's 11 and I'm going to try and start on a scrapbook page before I go to bed. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend! TTFN


  1. There are worse things than being a magazine! Love the altered stuff...gorgeous!

  2. okay it is just Julie again hehe! Your letters turned out great make sure and update after you finish them off!

  3. Hi Trisha :) It looks like tally had so much fun on the ride!! I cant believe how big she is getting :) Glad you posted on my blog so I was able to find yours :) *hugs*