Thursday, April 27, 2006

Water... water...water...............

That is what I keep having to tell myself. WATER not Diet Pepsi all day. I've been doing better, still have to have some each day. My main problem is not drinking anything for most of the morning. So now I am trying to get in some water before Matt gets home with my Diet Pepsi instead of not drinking anything. Which I do have a 2L in the house of that and Diet Dr Pepper with Raspberries and Cream, way to sweet IMO! Which is a good thing I guess. So the diet is going ok, going a little over the past two days. Not to bad as long as I keep track of it. I am changing my WI day to Friday morning instead of Saturday since we usually go out for Chinese on Friday nights. I just really hate weighing in on a morning after I've ate out.

Glad this day is almost over and tomorrow is Friday. Time to pick up groceries again already. Have to make that trip to Sams I've been putting off to pick up diapers, dog food and trash bags. You know... all the fun stuff. I am trying 2 new recipes this next week. One is a BBQ Chicken Pizza that Lisa and Misty recommended and the other is from my recipe journal, Veggie Tacos. Can't wait to try both.

Oh and Misty... just cause I got a pedicure doesn't mean I'm going to take a picture of my toes ;)

I am sure I was going to type more when I started this post earlier today but got distracted and now I don't have a clue. Maybe in the morning I will remember and do an early post... we'll see. Night folks!


  1. I demand a pic! ;) And let me know what nights it is that you need to come over for dinner. :-D

  2. lol @ pics of your

    Trisha I am always trying to tell myself to drink more water as well. I like my pepsi max.. sugar free but I think its the carbonation that I am addicted too.. Good luck with your weigh in and keep thinking *WATER* :)

  3. I'm proud of you for all the water!!!

    I want a copy of the bbq chicken pizza recipe!!!

    Hopefully we can chat this weekend!

  4. yeah where are your pics. I totally understand about the water thing. I hope you had a good weekend and I miss reading updates. Pedicures are real nice btw...I hope you enjoyed the pampering.