Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Been shutting down early...

I've been shutting the computer off semi early lately and reading and stuff. Trying not to live on the computer! It's semi worked. It helps that a certain friend is MIA from the computer until next week too. ;) It's not her fault that I stay up late but when she's on I usually do. LOL

So us girls went shopping today (My mom, Tally and I) We went to the mall and bought some stuff and ate lunch. Afterwards we heading to ScrapHappys to pick up the papers for Tallys letters! This is a interesting project and it looks like I'm heading to the shabby chic look. lol My craft knife is a p*i*t*a and wasn't cutting good, then my xyron was being sucky and my sanding is a whole nother paragraph. LOL So my point is it's going to be worn and shabby! Hopefully I'll have something to show tomorrow when I can get some natural light in to take the pictures.

While at ScrapHappys I also picked up the papers to start my friends Mother Journal. The papers I bought, I have had before and I really liked them for girl or boy LO. Will show that when I'm done, probably won't be until next week sometime. No scrapping, I tried yesterday and couldn't get anything together I was satisfied with.

So after the scrap store we went to BRU and bought Tally a couple of outfits from GG and then went to Target and bought her some plain white sandals and some groceries. Busy day I guess you could say. So now I'm ready to go to bed and I finished sanding and painting the edges of another letter so here is a picture of the TA.



  1. Sounds like you had a pretty busy/productive day.

    Cute letters. :)

  2. Your letters are turning out wonderful. I am just a lurker so don't get too excited that you don't know who the heck I am. I am trying to get busy and get some of these done for my kiddos. I guess it would help if I would get off the computer! HEHEHE! Julie