Monday, April 10, 2006

Actually did something...

Ok first thing I would like to say is that things did not exactly go according to plan. I did accomplish some things on that list today though.

The List

1. Whink on light clothes- tried to do this and found out I need total concentration and Matt is going to have to be home. The phone rang while I was doing this and it's hard to get those gloves off and on. This is going to have to be a weekend project!

2. Laundry-I did 3 loads of laundry, found out that I must have another rust area in my dryer because the 1 shirt I put whink on developed another stain while in there. ARG... So other than getting a new dryer, which isn't going to happen for a while, I'm going to have to put up with this crap.

3. Straighten both rooms- HA didn't touch mine and barely touched hers so this is going to be worked on tomorrow, I do have an excuse as to why I didn't have time for these extra things so keep reading.

4. Finish coaster project- Done! Now to decide if I want to add ribbon to hang them on the wall and where! Picture will be after #5

5. Frame and letters- Decided to wait on the letters but did work on the frame! Bought the ink too! Still debating on adding some embellishments on the outside! But here is the coasters and frame on Tally's dresser!

6. Staying within points-Didn't happen, No excuses here. :(

7. Make Ham- Done (ate it too) ;)

Weight Loss

Ok tomorrow is a new day and a new day of points! So I will work on staying within points range. No plans to leave the house tomorrow and I am out of cookies, now if this will control it... only time will tell! Going to try and fit in a small workout tomorrow during one of Tallys naps. I'm thinking something easy to get my off my butt, Walk Away the Pounds maybe. If I can't fit one in we might take a walk to the park after she wakes up.

Mothers Journal Project

I worked on the mothers journal a little bit more tonight after I got the ink. So I inked the edges added a paper trim, a ribbon and white book binding tape. Put the printed out inside cover on. Still need to ink that section. So it is almost done. I am still debating adding a couple of inked papers on the back cover. So while I'm talking about inking... I've never done this! It's not to hard but it is a bit messy. Yet.. I LOVE IT! LOL Ok now onto the pictures of what I've done, remember the before from yesterday.

Poem on inside is the same one Donna Downey used in the one she made. It's very pretty!

Reason I wasn't home to finish other things on my list... was out looking for a birthday gift for my dad with my mom. I already kind of know what I am getting him, they were out at Target so Matt and I are going to go pick it up this week sometime. My mom picked him up some clothes for the summer, apparently he needed new ones. Did a little shopping for Tally while we were out. She got some new shoes and a new dress. Pictures...

Ever notice how toddlers shoes don't look new anymore after they have worn them only for maybe an hour. LOL Ok so this is all I'm going to post tonight, seeing as I've been rambling here for a while. Night and I'll see you back here tomorrow!


  1. Good Job! on your list...mine happened about the same today. Got some done, got some left to do. Isn't that the way it goes?

    Tomorrow's a new day with new points, like you said. You can do it!

    All your projects turned out beautifully!

  2. You did so well with those projects, they are so pretty!! I wish I had the time and energy to work on mine, but I don't even know where to start!

  3. The coaster's are so cool! Love them! You are so creative!! I also totally love the mother's journal - I think that's a great idea! You're inspiring me!!
    You'll have to tell me how to make one!

  4. Oh yeah, I soooo need to lose weight too! I've been working out, but having cake in the house DOES NOT WORK!!!

  5. I loved the dress and sandals She'll look so cute on easter! I liked all your projects. Hope you get the rust thing fixed, its no fun to wash clothes over and over...