Wednesday, October 3, 2007

and a few more pages...

Well the sniffles were gone but look like they may be back. Devlin had his 1 month appt 2 weeks ago and he was 10lbs 8ozs but I'm pretty sure he's over 11lbs now. He is starting to smile now but I have yet to get a picture of it but I've gotten tons of other cute ones. I also can't get Tally to hold him long enough to get a decent picture. She likes to hold him but when she is done....SHE'S DONE... time to start pushing him off her lap. lol Almost found that out while sitting in a chair but luckily I was paying close attention. Tally is good some days but most of them...not so much. I really could just fast forward over this 2 year old period of her life. Whining about everything! We are working on the potty training more now. She wore panties today and only had 1 accident, even did a #2 in the potty...I am so proud of her! Hopefully she will keep this up and be potty trained soon.

Things are going ok with me. I was given the ok on Monday to resume exercising and "other stuff" lol My diabetes doesn't look like it's leaving unfortunately. I won't know for sure if it's full diabetes or prediabetes until November 6th when I see the endocrinologist. So now starts the fun of getting my weight down. I lost all the weight I gained while pregnant but now is the time to get rid of those extra pounds I've had since Matt and I got married and maybe even more. Diabetes might help this since I have to cut those nice yummy carbs that I over indulge with.

So now a few pages.


  1. cute boy and girl..hes looks so chubby! hope to see you soon

  2. Love the scrapbook pages. They are just awesome. The are both absolute dolls! Good luck with the potty training, it's not easy with the turmoil of a new baby swirling around. Ava would keep telling us "later" and then one day, "later" finally came. Now she only has occasional accidents.