Tuesday, October 30, 2007

This day started to early...

Is it to much to ask to be able to sleep in until at least 8:30?? I don't mind getting up feeding Devlin and then going back to sleep but actually getting up for the day before the sun is even out....crazy! lol Tally has not been letting me go back to sleep in the mornings, she's been waking up during or right after I feed Devlin which is anywhere between 5-7am..this morning 6:30. I could so go back to sleep right now!

Well I've decided it's about that time to start working on my weight/body shape. I can only use the "I just had a baby" excuse for so long. My diabetes appt is a week from today. I haven't totally restricted my carb intake just yet but the past few days I've cut back a little. Finding the time to exercise is my main problem right now. It's almost impossible to get time away from the kids until after 9pm and by that time I'm exhausted from the days events. I may just have to buckle down and do it anyway..no matter how tired I am. This body isn't going to tone up on it's own.

We are trying to cut back on our spending too. So I decided to start coupon cutting. I love the ALL YOU magazine, it has tons of coupons on stuff I actually use and easily pays for itself in savings from the them. Need to get with my mom on her Sunday paper and get the coupons that she won't use that I could. My friend Suzanne gave me the idea of putting them in a photo album and that's what I'm using at the moment. I'm thinking about making an envelope album to hold them in though after the holidays are over. So many crafty gifts to do this time of year and most of my Christmas gifts to friends and family are going to be homemade...baked, crafted or digitally made. So if anyone has any ideas for homemade gifts for women, I am all ears (well eyes)!

And now it's time for a few digital pages for you...


  1. Trish, I coupon clipped up until I had Graysen, I really loved it and miss it a ton - I went to the store and bought baseball card sleeves, they are the perfect size for all the coupons - also, out local newspaper has a "couponers special" where we get 5 issues of the Sunday paper, plus 1 daily paper for only $16 bucks, when you do if faithfully, that amount is paid off with one trip to the store! Have you heard of pinchingyourpennies dot com ? Check it out if you haven't, enter your state and see whats going on, they do all the work for you!

  2. always great pages!!

    6:30..yikes. hope you can fin a solution for that soon. :)