Thursday, August 31, 2006

G'Morning my friends..

Well we have good news on the homefront! Matt and I are going to start TTC baby #2 now. Mostly we were waiting until we could add me onto his insurance. After I stopped working when Tally was born, my insurance went bye bye with the job. LOL So we made it a point to fit insurance into the budget for me this year and now I am officially covered! WOOHOO!!! We both have baby fever right now, so I'm definitely ready :D

Today we have Tally's 18 month check up to go to. My sweet girl still doesn't say many words so I'm a tiny bit worried on what the Peditrician is going to say. She is babbling more and more each day but actual words are still not coming out. She understands perfectly though so that is what is keeping me from worrying to much. I was trying to think of what she has said and here is what I have come up with Mama, Daddy, Hi, Bye, Thank you, I Love You (more like I uv oo), What, No and the newest Uh Oh (which is used daily) So cute! She has been yelling something at the dogs when they bark which she most likely gets from me since I yell CHANCE CARAMEL QUIET! LOL not sure if that is what she is trying to say or what. I might update later after the appt on what the doctor said.

Ok I was going to show a few pages but blogger is being a @*$&! so I'm going to upload to photobucket and make a post from there. I have more than 5 LO's anyway and we know how blogger doesn't like more than 5 pictures. BBS

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  1. Congrats on trying for baby 2!!! I hope that all goes well at the doctor's office this morning! Let us know.