Saturday, August 19, 2006

I'm a bad blogger, I know...

I've been taking evenings off and spending time with Matt and Tally. It's been nice but leads to not much internet time because when I am online I'm working on CT pages.

Went to a crop last night and had a lot of fun! Worked on 4 2-page spreads. Finished 3 of them when I got home, with journaling and titles. Worked on a previous spread this morning. I hate doing journaling in a public place so I like to work on those when I'm alone at home and the titles because I wasn't sure what words I was using for each letter, since this is a ABC's album of Tally's first year. As soon as I complete the journaling on a few more spreads, I will be completely done with A-T! Then I will only have 3 more spreads left. So Tally's first paper album should be done by my next crop on Sept 9th which will be a 12hr crop. Can't wait!

Great news for me... we changed from low grade cable internet connection to a cheaper but faster dsl connection! Cable connection has been acting wonky on us lately so switching seemed like the right thing to do since they kept saying it was something on our end. Which is bull since my neighbor had the same problem and changed to dsl too because of it. So no more 30 min + downloads of my digital kits!

Has it been forever since I posted a LO or what?!? So here are some, I'll continue on a seperate post too. Look at one of my galleries for credits.


  1. I had fun too! Definitely getting excited about it!

    I understand about journaling in public as well.. I feel that way about crops with the scrapbook

  2. Can't wait till the next crop! Counting days now..hee hee.. Well you both know I don't care to journal in long as i don't have any over the shoulder readers!