Friday, August 4, 2006


So glad it's the end of the week. I am ready to sleep this weekend! We went grocery shopping today, Tally whined through half of the store because she was ready for her nap. Poor girl was tired before we even left the house but I needed to stop off at a playdate to give something to somebody. As soon as we headed home from WalMart she was OUT. Successfully transfered her into the house and she has been napping in her bed since. Bad news is I didn't get by the Tag Agency to renew my tags, which are already a month behind. Shhhh... don't tell the cops!

I bought her new paci's, I said I wasn't going to buy her anymore but she really isn't attached to anything else. I read an article that said that it doesn't hurt them and if she is still sucking on it at 3 yrs old, to start trying to take them away at time. I hope that she weans herself off of them by anytime between now and 2 1/2. The only way it will hurt her is if she was still sucking on it at 6 yrs old, I would have burned them all way before that age!

So check out the new Free kit at Peppermint Creative Miss Mint out did herself this time! Isn't it awesome! Remember she is also having a 35% off sale until Monday, if you haven't gotten that new Recycle Bin and Bits set,run over there and get it!

Mindy also has an adorable Quickpage set with the Bohemian Garden kit that can be picked up at Scrapbook Graphics Oh and who is that cutie down there in the bottom right hand corner???

Enjoy your Friday because thats all folks!


  1. Your scrapbooking is incredible! I pased on your link to a friend who is really into it - I'm sure she will be thrilled to see your layouts. I will be checking back for ideas too :)

  2. Eventually when you child starts trying to talk the pacifier becomes a pain in the butt and they'll toss it. usually
    We went camping and lost the only one we brought... after that we never used another one again. LOL!
    I hope you have a smooth transition.
    The paper kits are lovely!