Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I was a good girl today

So I'll start with what I ate yesterday. Breakfast I had my Multi Grain Cheerios with 1% milk. Lunch I had my leftover lunch from the day before so, Lemon Pepper Chicken with rice and steamed broccoli. Had a snack of whole wheat ritz crackers with 1 oz colby/jack cheese and no sugar added hot cocoa. ( reminds me of my GD days while preggo ) Dinner I had 6 in Sweet Onion Chicken sandwich on wheat with baked doritos from Subway. Handful of pretzels as a after dinner snack. So those were my meals from yesterday which were pretty good. IMO I didn't exercise though because I wasn't feeling well.

Today... Breakfast again was my Multi Grain Cheerios with 1% milk. Lunch McDonalds Caesar Salad with the light balsamic dressing instead of the caesar and a small sprite. A snack of whole wheat ritz with 1 oz of cheese again. Dinner I made Hamburger Stew and had one bowl and 1 biscuit. After dinner snack couple of cups of popcorn and a hot cocoa. I did exercise today. Matt, Tally and I went for a walk today. Walked a mile to the light then tracked back through the houses. So I'm thinking a little over 2 miles since we went through the neighborhood.

I am really hoping that I lose at least a pound or two when I weight myself this Saturday. So everyone needs to keep their fingers crossed for me. LOL

I scrapbooked a little bit yesterday too. So here they are.

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  1. I still kinda follow the GD diet...
    It wasn't that bad for me to adjust to when pg and it kinda became routine...of course it helps that if I want the sugar I can eat it!

    cute page!