Wednesday, September 7, 2005

New look!

As some noticed I changed the look of my blog again. Had to showcase a new pic of my babygirl! I also changed my look again. lol People who know me... know that I change my hair every 2 months. I've been almost every color. I went blonder after having Tally and now that Fall is arriving I'm going back to dark. Of course I went to my good friend David and he fixed me up good as usual. Darkened my hair to a dark brown and put in some awesome copper highlights. I love it as usual. Let me just say that I've been unhappy with my hair once with him. At that time I was unhappy in general because it was shortly after my second miscarriage. I might take some pics later and update my profile with a new pic. We'll see!

Tally is loving her solids and not fighting us as much lately. Started her on applesauce yesterday morning. She likes it mixed with her cereal. She LOVES squash!!! I hope she likes it all, I am not looking forward to her being picky. Sweet Potatoes are next, she'll be starting them this weekend.

So on to scrapbooking....

I have been so bad lately. I have some pictures I could scrap but I just can't get my mind set. It just wanders and I can't seem to scrap anything that I like. I'll start on something and half way through I won't like it so I delete it. Thank goodness I don't do actual scrapbooking. I would waste so much stuff. This is why I like digital scrapbooking. Make a mistake you don't kill more trees until you print the page.

Ok on to Matt....

He took Tallys pictures this past weekend. As you can see on my banner. lol I am so proud of him. He is getting better everyday. I have always loved his nature pictures, even have a couple of them framed around the house. I even have a picture that he took with his Minolta before we got married. It was taken at Woodward Park behind the fountain with me holding Chance when he was just a small puppy. (before we got Caramel) It is a great picture. Ok I'm done bragging about my husband. *for now*

Mom is coming over to visit today and bringing a healthy lunch. Have no idea what yet but it's going to be healthy. I know that much. I've been doing good the past couple of days. Not overeating and I haven't had a pepsi in a couple days. I changed to Diet Dr.Pepper, I need my caffeine since I don't drink coffee. Only one a day the rest is water. Now if I could make myself exercise I would be set. So that is what I'm working on now.

Getting close to lunchtime and Tally is calling...


  1. I love the new look and the colors! It looks great!

    delaney loves squash too..

  2. love the new look. the color is my favorite!!!

    and highfive to Matt. I love potograghy and love to see others work.