Monday, September 12, 2005

Long Busy Weekend

Well it's been almost a week since I posted an actual entry. Nothing much has been happening. LOL

Saturday we went to the Bluegrass~Chili Festival in Claremore. It was so HOT. We were constantly in and out of the Expo looking at the same old boring crafts but at least it was cool. I had my turkey leg and way to much Pepsi, considering I'm trying to cut it out completely. Also bought the chili kit to taste all of the chili contestants samples. It was not worth the $3 since I only got to try 2 of them. The cups were the size of shot glasses. LOL We left shortly after the chili part and went back to my parents for our usual dinner night. Once again we watched a movie. "Hitch" this time. It was pretty funny. We had chinese take~out for dinner. Yummy!! I had the sweet & sour chicken, I know ..... not the best choice. It was good though. hehehe

Weighed myself and got my official weight for the start of my Weight Watchers Journey. It's the same as my weight for the journey I took and never finished at the Digi Chick a couple of months ago. This time I am serious. So the official weight I'm not going to post the cyber world but I will let you know that I am going to be losing 59lbs. So make your own guess on how much I'm weighing these days. LOL

Being on WW will help me still have what I want but in moderation. Yesterday I was a good girl. I had my shredded wheat, Chicken sandwich at Braums without Mayo (don't like the stuff anyways) and chicken spaghetti for dinner with one piece of garlic bread. I'm sure I snacked also but not alot.

Today I didn't have breakfast (I know... bad me) because I didn't have time. Shortly after I woke up and fed Tally my mom called and wanted me to go to the store with her. So I had to get us ready for that. We ended up having lunch at Cheddars. I had the Lemon Pepper Chicken w/ rice, green beans, and steamed broccoli. I put half into a to~go container. I splurged a little bit and shared the Cookie Monster with my mom. See I knew there was a reason I didn't get to eat breakfast. LOL Ok on to dinner we had a Chicken Kabob (one each) with brown rice and green beans. It was good. So other than the Cookie Monster I think I did pretty good today. I even exercised. I got on my eliptical machine for 10 minutes and let me just say that, that thing can kick my ass. My heart was going super fast. So I'm going to leave it at 10 minutes for a little while and then I'll do my videos in the morning.

So here is my latest layout I scrapped, it's of my and my baby girl. Taken today infront of the upstairs bathroom. I was trying to show my new haircolor, but it didn't work out that way. So you can't see my highlights but it's good enough.

I know I didn't really talk about Sunday to much. I wasn't feeling good. Mostly just took care of Tally and worked on my scrapbook pages that I posted earlier. So tomorrow I have NO plans as of this moment. That could easily change but I doubt it. So I hope to scrap some more and maybe get some pics of T playing, who knows tomorrow may be the day she crawls. LOL We'll see!

Tah~Tah for now!!!

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