Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Soooo tired!

I am still not getting any sleep. I lay down and stare at the ceiling every night. I do this for hours. What is wrong with me. Friends keep telling me I need to see a doctor and I wish I could. Problem.... I don't have insurance at the moment and I don't have the extra $80 that it would cost just to see her. So I need to try and figure this out on my own. So what I've come up with is that I'm stressed!

Probably obvious to alot of people considering my temper lately. I'm constantly yelling and have caught myself in tears twice in the past couple weeks over nothing major. I think the stress comes in from money and things related to money. lol So pretty much money, money and definetly money. Where is the lotto when you need it. lmao

So what I've decided to do is meditation before I got to bed and I'm also going to try and do some yoga some nights. I'll keep you updated on how that is going.

Getting our home studio set up to take pictures. Mostly of Tally right now. We decided we are doing her 6 months pictures instead of having Sears or someplace else doing it. So we broke down and bought some black fabric for a backdrop and plexi glass. We are going to try that sometime in the next couple days. Then we have a place here in town to have them printed out into wallets and bigger pics for family. I'm not to sure how this will go but I know Matt can take awesome outdoor pics so hopefully these will kick ass too.

Time to try my meditation and get some damn sleep! Have a good evening and I'll try to update tomorrow on if it worked. lol

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